Imran facing problems because, after getting considerable public support by invoking Islam, didn’t try for new global just Islamic order. By Hem Raj Jain


Whether Imran likes it or not his political future lies only through Islam (ii)- Imran can easily succeed in getting  “new global just Islamic order”  launched, if becomes leader of extended-SAARC by re-dedicating himself to the service of Islam (iii)- Imran should still talk about illegal removal of his government (iv)- Imran should launch his party ‘India Tehreek-e-Insaf’ (ITI) by mobilizing his friends in India  which will easily succeed in coming elections if works for getting insaf (justice) to Muslims, Dalits and farmers (v)- ITI Will click in India if tries to establish secular ‘Hindi Rashtra’ in place of being tried communal  ‘Hindu Rashtra’ (vi)- The ITI will gain political acceptability fast if works for farmers for recovering Rs 1,000 Lakh crore from one million fake farmers for providing legally enforceable MSP to 40 farm produce. 

– Though Imran could dodge his arrest at Lahore by Islamabad police on Sunday  but his problems are still not over as reported at . Moreover Imran may face problems on two more counts namely he didn’t  declare his daughter Tyrian White in the relevant columns of the nomination papers and about foreign funding case as said by prominent Pakistani Journalist Hamid Mir in an interview to Indian media ‘The Wire’ as given at .

This is surprising given the fact that after getting removed from power in a no-trust move in April 2022 Imran was attracting considerable  public support for immediate elections in his many public meetings and it was believed as was mentioned widely in the main-stram media too that he would return to power easily if elections were held. This only proves that Imran lacks political skills hence couldn’t capitalize on such large  public support. The reason for his such failure is simple which is the fact that after invoking Islam which brought large public support to him on ground,  Imran didn’t take this Islamic fervor to its logical end hence lost the steam and now finds himself mired in the said problems. Therefore if Imran wants to come out of these problems and in power again then he should re-dedicate himself in the service of Islam by trying to launch a new global just Islamic order as mentioned below because the old existent global order of the UN sponsored by the USA has been demolished by the UKraine war :➖

(1)- First it is to be understood that there is a fundamental difference between Iqbal - Jinnah and Imran. Iqbal & Jinnah were talking about Islam superficially in the air hence worked for ill-conceived idea of partition of India on the basis of religion which denied the benefit (not only to Indian Muslims but also to other Indians) of Islam, the most modern religion as worships the abstract and is commensurate with democracy because keeps State under influence of people through their religion.

(2)- Whereas Imran tried on ground (through anti-Islamophobia speech at 2019 UNGA, Riasat-e-Medina etc) to make Islam relevant to Pakistan in modern times though Imran also may be using Islam merely for some political gains. At the same time his behavior (also after he was dislodged from power by no-trust vote in April 2022) where he used Islamic symbols, imagery and slogans of Islam including ‘what is the meaning of Pakistan’ (‘Pakistan ka matlab kya’) ‘La Ilaha Illallah’ (which as per Imran - Pakistanis should fear only Allah and not the USA) by putting entire blame on the USA for installing so-called ‘imported’ government of Shehbaz Sharif supported by so-called ’neutral’ Pak military / ISI - has prepared a considerable section of Pakistan to shape Pakistan into a State which will truly follow the basic principles of Islam as given by Prophet Muhammad in Quran. Support of the entire Pakistan for this mission is not necessary because everyone in Mecca & Medina also didn’t support Prophet Muhammad , but Islam still succeeded. 

(2)- Therefore the people (Imran, PTI and Pakistan) were bound to  suffer the most if they ditched ‘La Ilaha Illallah’ (unlike Muslims of other countries who never invoked it) as they seem to be doing when Imran  stopped blaming the USA about dislodging his government by unfair means, as reported in his interview to Financial Times .  Imran seems to have taken this U-turn for the simple reason that Imran had realized that the Shehbaz-government which has been installed by super power USA can’t be removed by political gimmicks and elections will happen at scheduled time (near September 2023) and he / PTI is bound to come to power because people are with him / PTI and in that scenario the cooperation / help of the USA would be needed to run his government smoothly.But this is the folly which most of the shortsighted politicians commit because they neither understand the USA (which will always like to be with the leader / party which has mass following) nor the religion especially like egalitarian  Islam.

(1)- Presently there is one advantage to Imran.  NOW Pak military wants to become apolitical.  This apolitical nature of Pak military for the future doesn’t mean that its role in the past (including military take-over, martial law etc) shouldn’t be criticized. Rather Imran / PTI should keep on saying the following in public - .

 Imran & PTI should remind the people about removal of their government in a legally objectionable manner. Imran is accusing Pak military (and ISI) which as per Imran didn’t do the legally necessary to save Imran’s government. To some it may sound wrong on the part of Imran to have asked the military (of a democracy) to save his government but this issue is not that simple. The ISI (unlike the intelligence agency of any other democracy in the world) has plenary powers in Pakistan and it was very easy to locate (if this accusation by Imran of bribe is true when he says ‘Mandi lagi hui thee’) the money trail of the USA to defectors. But ISI didn’t do it. It has also been discussed in the media that - ‘had the ISI chief been not changed (by replacing pro - Imran ISI chief with pro - Gen Bajwa ISI Chief in 2021 end, out of courtesy ) this money trail during no-trust motion could have been easily unearthed ( this would have invoked article 6 of the Constitution about treason which would have made no-trust motion null & void). 

(2)- Imran / PTI should say that when they will come to power after election they will mobilize justice loving world community (and their governments) to put pressure on world body (the new world body which should come in existence because the UN is demolished due to Ukraine war) to devise effective with teeth mechanism to eliminate money laundering across countries, which is seriously harming the developing countries.

[Here it is pertinent to mention that Imran has consistently raised the issue of money laundering by Nawaz, Zardari etc in foreign countries. This issue is a matter of concern for other countries too. In India also PM Modi before coming to power in 2014 in election campaign talked about depositing Rs 1 to 1.5 million rupees in the bank account of every family by recovering black money kept in the bank accounts of foreign countries. But due to the financial & economic system of the West led by the USA, Modi could do nothing. Modi and his party BJP and Hindu majority India do not have moral & political courage to take-on the West to eliminate this corruption / money laundering and it is precisely here that Imran / PTI / Pakistan, fired by the spirit of Islam, can provide the solution].

(3)- Imran should also realize that he has already become the unquestioned leader of at least Sunni-Muslims all over the world (the way he is trying to base Pakistan on Islamic principles) hence he need not worry about acquiring a particular position within the Party or in government. Hence to start with, Imran should ensure organizational elections in PTI where every territorial office bearer will be elected by territorial office bearers of one lower level (at local level by party members). At the same time election of party candidates should be financed by PTI because elected representatives tend to work for those who finance their elections. These steps will go a long way in ushering the people of Pakistan into Ummah, without which Islam has no meaning. 

(4)- Two major human groups Western Christians & Chinese have progressed economically but two others Hindus & Muslims (without petro-dollars) have lagged behind, hence need for SAARC

(5)- For materializing SAARC first of all Imran will have to get political support in India which he can easily do if launches his party ‘INdia Tehreek e Insaf’ (ITI) which will specifically work  for getting insaf (justice) to Muslims, Dalits and farmers,  as mentioned below, and which will bring ITI in power with this support base which constitute overwhelming majority of Indians where as BJP Is in power only with support base of about 31 % of Indians :-

(i)- The ITI should take  interest in solving the problems of beleaguered Indian Muslims by getting few petitions by INdian MUslims filed to establish secularism in India as mentioned at but before that the ITI should ensure that urgently two petitions are filed in the SCI by Indian Muslims by giving up un-Islamic cowardice one about BBC documentary and other about Babri Masjid in the SCI as mentioned at  

(6)- Because these petitions need global order for getting help from UNPKF and ICJ and the existing global order of the UN has been demolished by the Ukraine war hence the ITI will have to work for new global just Islamic order as given below. 

The unprecedented advance in modern science & technology has made globalization inevitable but without global order globalization is impossible.This new global order will have to be participatory where no where no country will have veto right and every member country will have voting right at its security council commensurate with its contribution of men (including military) money and material (including military) and its record about human rights.

(7)- At the same time in this new global body OP-1 of ICCPR Of UN should be replaced by Mandatory protocol MP-1 so that even citizens can move the HRC of new global body for military intervention in case of serious violation of their human rights and where HRC of new global body will work in close cooperation with NHRC of member countries. 

(8)- It goes without saying that about 1.9  billion people in extended- SAARC will be an effective pressure group to ensure a new global order. But SSARC will become reality only when first (i)- plebiscite is carried out in united J&K as mandated by IoA and Durand line is eliminated and Plebiscite is carried in Balochistan who’s IoA was taken by Pakistan by military pressure and (ii)- Dual citizenship  is provided to about 160 million Hindu / Sikhs and Muslims and their descendants who were illegally displaced during partition because there was no provision of population transfer in “Indian Independence Act 1947”. Imran may even think of working for SCATO on the pattern of NATO (if finds the  ‘Federation of Secular Democratic SAARC somewhat difficult to achieve)  as mentioned at

(9)- Imran should also know that the  ITI Will click in India if tries to establish ‘Hindi Rashtra’ and not ‘Hindu Rashtra’ as explained below-

"[Every economically developed country (like the USA, China, Japan, UK, France, Germany, Russia etc.) works in its native language (so they are economically developed). So India also (where most off its people speak / understand HIndi or its variants) if want to progress especially in crucial manufacturing sector then in all fields (including in science, technology, allopathic medicines etc.) will have to work  in Hindi with Devanagari script [except only for South India which in this case will be free to decide] (which also uses Hindi's mother Sanskrit with Devanagari script in its majority religion Hinduism]. Punjabi, Gujarati, Marathi, Bangla etc. are Hindi variant languages and Urdu also uses the syntax/grammar of Hindi , so the if Mini-SAARC region uses Hindi/ Devanagari-script of Hindi, there will be no problem. This Hindi-language-policy will also empower the economically humble population of Indian subcontinent  who are in overwhelming majority and are losing their economic battle in competition against those working in English. Moreover, the said policy has the potential to create the largest consumer market of about 1.9 billion  people in the SAARC region which will also motivate South India to be friendly with Hindi]”.

10)- The ITI will gain political acceptability quickly if  works (by 'dharnas' (sit-ins) at all the Tehsil / Taluka headquarters which will make the ITI  a formidable political force all across India because two third population of India is fully or partly dependent on farm-income and lakhs of farmers (mostly fro dalits and backward castes) have committed suicide due to non-remunerative price of farm produce) for retrieving about Rs 1,000 Lakh Crore (45 % of Rs ~ 2,200 Trillion and rising) of Income Tax from About 1 million fake farmers as discussed in Parliament in April 2016 as reported at (  and . This huge money should be used to provide legally enforceable prices (LEMSP) for at least 40 agricultural produce through an expanded public distribution system and for other economic developmental activities of India

It is hoped Imran will understand that his political future lies only through Islam and he can easily succeed in getting  “new global just Islamic order”  launched, if becomes leader of extended-SAARC or SCATO by re-dedicating himself to the service of Islam by first launching  his party ‘India Tehreek-e-Insaf’ (ITI) by mobilizing his friends in India

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