Christian West led by USA seems to be empowering China to actualize Biblical prophesy of second coming of Christ during Armageddon of West v/s China. By Hem Raj Jain


Ref:- (i)- if not stopped, in the highly emotional desire to see the second coming of Jesus Christ the West led by the USA may plunge the entire mankind into catastrophe (ii)- Attack on Israel by Muslim world has now become a possibility with Saudi-Iran friendship (iii)- AS permanent member of the UN, China progressed in liberal global order but doesn’t mind demolishing it by supporting Russia (even militarily) in the Ukraine war (iv)- The USA should take ideological threat also as seriously as it took 9/11

Though the Chinese-negotiated agreement between Iran and Saudi Arabia to establish diplomatic ties, was called into question as “very troubling because  Chinese  are absolutely emerging as a military threat to the United States says US lawmaker and with this development, (where  It  seem to contain an element - the role of China as peace broker in a region where the US has long wielded influence)  which is sure to make officials in Washington deeply uneasy)” as reported at and but it is not the first time that China’s influence was allowed to increase. Even during US- EConomic crisis 2007-08 it was widely discussed in the media of the USA  the way USA allowed China to export so much that it created huge trade deficit which led to wrong US policy of attracting dollars from China by way of over financing of housing sector of the USA through untenable instruments which was known as subprime crisis.

To day the West led by the USA May be complaining that China has become over powerful and is threatening the existing global order of the UN which was established by the West led by the USA but the West knew all along that they were empowering China by allowing it to snatch manufacturing sector from the West despite the fact that China (itself practicing authoritarianism) was not interested in strengthening the liberal global order based on democracy. 

This raises an important question “why the West led by the USA did it and deliberately allowed China to become so powerful economically?”. It's answer lies in what all the religious leaders and experts of mind sciences say. “When you repeatedly express your fears / desire  the God or the “ultimate power of this universe” manifests it. THis is what has happened in the case of China. The Christianity the religion of the West led by the USA believes and repeatedly talks about Armageddon where The West will fight with China (which with about 200 million soldiers will cross dried-up river of Euphrates to attack Israel which has now become quite possible with Saudi-Iran friendship) and when Jesus Christ will come again Who will give victory to the West over China as mentioned also at Hence as per this theory (of mind sciences) the West has been  behaving and working in this way for empowering China which (hopefully for the Christian West) will make the  second coming of Jesus Christ possible through Armageddon.  

This raises another serious question. Can still the liberal democracy led by the leader of the free world the USA defeat the “authoritarian Chinese democracy”. Fortunately the answer is yes if the West led by the USA tries to launch a ‘new participatory global order of secular democracies’ in the interest of supporting the people who want self determination to opt for secular democracy, as mentioned at can only be one change in this possibility. Because US-Buddhism is not taking interest in ‘independence of Tibet’ it can be done through the US-Jainism’ ) 

This of course is possible only when the West led by the USA make it known to all the countries (as the USA did after 9/11 with Pakistan) that “either you are with us (liberal democracy) or with China (authoritarian democracy). To start with, the West led by the USA first should constrain the largest secular democracy India responsive to & responsible towards the necessity of launching and strengthening this ‘new participatory liberal global order’. 

It is hoped the Christian West led by the USA will spare the rest of mankind from the unprecedented destruction by the said Armageddon which the Christian West is evidently trying to precipitate in the hope of seeing the second coming of Jesus Christ as mentioned in the said prophecy of the  Bible.

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