JAINA can help USA in launching ENFORCEABLE “rule-based liberal new participatory global order” only when becomes representative body of Jains in USA. By Hem Raj Jain


US-administration will have to ensure JAINA starts working as per laws of the USA (ii)- Jains in the USA can easily rope-in millions of Jains in India in the service of ENFORCEABLE  “rule-based liberal new participatory global order of secular democracies”

The existing global order of the UN which was sponsored by the USA after World War -II has been demolished by permanent member Russia (with the support of another veto wielding country China and others) through the Ukraine war and without global order the inevitable (due to unprecedented progress of the last about 500 years in modern science and technology) globalization is impossible. 

When the world is inching towards nuclear catastrophic (as mentioned at https://www.pakistanchristianpost.com/exclusive-reports-details/261 ) some responsible & well meaning human group / community needs to come forward to establish ENFORCEABLE  “rule-based liberal new participatory global order of secular democracies”. One such community can be the followers of Jainism. 

This can be achieved if the JAINA (the Federation of Jain Associations in North America) realizes its responsibility towards Jainism, a religion based on State and non-violence the essence of Jainism through properly functioning modern human rights friendly State (which is nothing but national and international laws) because one can become non-violent only by giving monopoly of violence and physical coercion to State . 

But JAINA  can help the USA in launching  ENFORCEABLE “rule-based liberal new global order” only when US-administration ensures that  JAINA works as per laws of the USA so that JAINA  becomes the representative body of hundreds of thousands of Jains of the USA. .

The JAINA is a registered NGO in the USA which gets donations exempt from tax based on IRS subsection 501 (c). and has  affiliates in foreign countries too as mentioned at its website  The following organizations are JAINA affiliates- Jaina India Foundation (JIF), International School for Jain Studies (ISJS), International Alumni Association of Shri Mahavir Jain Vidyalaya (IAAMJV), Siddhachalam. JAINA also claims that it is an an umbrella organization of 72 Jain Centers representing 200,000 members in USA and Canada. But  what JAINA claims is factually wrong. Most Jains are in the USA  and they are supposed to be associated with JAINA through Jain centers in various States of the USA. One such is there in my State also namely "Jain Centre of Minnesota".(JCM)  But its office bearers are ‘swayambhu’ (self appointed) and are illegally in office without any organizational elections hence don't take interest in realizing the stated objectives of these organizations .  The Registrar of these NGOs is legally expected to ensure periodic organizational elections in both these NGOs (JAINA and JCM) but US-administration is derelict in ensuring periodic organizational elections in these NGOs after getting memberlist published on the websites of these NGOs along with voting rules for proportionate representation in executive bodies of these NGOs. 

Once the office bearers of JAINA become responsible towards Jains of the USA and towards US-Jainism through organizational elections,  the JAINA will ensure with the support of Jains in the USA and in India too(through its to be affiliate registered NGO, the  JAINA-India) that the US & INDIAN establishments work seriously for launching, running and protecting ENFORCEABLE  “rule-based liberal new participatory global order”.  

It is hoped the JAINA will be made (as representative body of Jains of the USA) 

to help the establishments of the USA and India too in launching ENFORCEABLE “rule-based liberal new participatory global order” so that mankind can be saved through Jainism from looming catastrophe.

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