Bloodshed in N-E never stopped after 1905 Partition of Bengal. Presently Manipur bleeding profusely. Time for ‘Greater Bengal’ in FSD- Extended SAARC. By Hem Raj Jain


Myanmar / China bordering 1 or 2 M.P States in North East of India are not politically viable (ii)- Bengalis will succeed only when work for new global order because existing inevitable & desirable global order of UN is demolished by Ukraine war (iii)- Bengalis will also have to be open to global religion necessary for global order 

In popular perception the ‘1905 partition of Bengal’ war done by Lord Curzon to divide (Hindus v/s Muslims) and rule as Bengal was at its peak of nationalist movement at the dawn of 19th century, which eventually emerged as a formidable threat to the British Raj. as mentioned at    and and Bengalis  regarded the 1905 partition as an attempt to strangle nationalism in Bengal, where it was more developed than elsewhere as mentioned at . Though this partition was revoked in 2011 by Lord Hardinge under pressure from Indians, but damage was done becauseMuslim separatism emerged as a political force  as the nationalists had feared which led to partition of India on the basis of religion which thoroughly communalized Indian subcontinent The people of East Bengal (East Pakistan) at least could get relief from rabid communism of two nation theory  when they gained independence and became Bangladesh but the real sufferers have been the people of North-East of India who are still bleeding also due to various separatist movements in the States of North East.

The problems of the people of North East are aggravated due to three reasons (i)- 1 or 2 M.P (Member of Parliament) States in North East are not politically viable and it leads to even separatist movements in the region (ii)- They share border with China and Myanmar (under influence of India’s enemyChina) hence separatist movements are encouraged by these countries in India which ultimately cost huge lives and blood to the people of North East (iii)-  The modern nation culture is  not strong in the tiny States of North East 

At the same time though East Pakistan has separated from West Pakistan but communalism is still there in Bangladesh (as reported at and ) and millions of illegal immigrants from Bangladesh to India specially in  its North East have created a big problem in the reported also at   

Moreover the USA is trying to rope-in India against China which has implications for North East of India . Ukraine should be a lesson to all that NATO gamble can be dangerous  for vulnerable countries. Hence before counting on India against China through NATO+5 etc the USA should realize that China can harass and harm India by creating huge military problems for India in the North-East of India (by first recognizing government in exile in Myanmar of government of Naga-Kuki Land) and as far as the  viability of independent Naga-Kuki Land is concerned  if defense of Japan could be responsibility of the USA after world war- II and of Bhutan for a long time for India then effective defense of viable Naga-Kuki Land can also be the responsibility of China. Troubles for India in Manipur has further increased as  Kukis are not prepared to buy the narrative of CM Biren Singh that “40 Kukis killed on Sunday were  armed terrorists” and increasingly conflict in Manipur is being projected as communal conflict between Hindus [the valley people Meitis  supported by BJP governments (of Manipur and India) under influence of ‘Hindutva’] against  Christians [the tribes in Hills the Nagas and Kukis]. Violence in Manipur is still not under control despite 4 days visit of home minister Amit Shah to Maniput as reported at  and 

Therefore in order to solve all these problems India should assist the USA to launch a new participatory global order in which India after the USA will be the most important country being the leader of the extended-SAARC of 2 billion people. (one fourth population of the world) as mentioned at:- .

But the way  governments at Center and in Manipur have handled the Manipur crisis whether Indians like it or not it has given immense military advantage to China over India. Moreover God only knows whether the military leadership of India realizes it or not, which may face more humiliation than what it faced in 1962 at the hands of China if China decides to try seriously the dismemberment of India by engineering the independence of Naga-Kuki Land. comprising the N-E States of Nagaland and Manipur by first recognizing its government in exile in Myanmar. 

During the coming visit of PM Modi to the USA , if India says anything or enters into any agreement with the USA against China then China is highly likely to try the said dismemberment of India. It is the responsibility of the USA to protect the territorial integrity of Ukraine as per Budapest Memorandum 1994 which is not the case with India hence the USA will find it easier (than the case of Ukraine) to remain a passive spectator in case of any Indo- China war where China will try to dismember India.In a nutshell Presently only fools in India will take China for granted or will antagonize China on the instigation of the USA or by depending on the doubtful  support of the USA. Also, because India didn’t condemn Russia for invading Ukraine hence NATO countries led by the USA and their allies will also not condemn China if it invaded India by way of helping Naga-Kuki Land in becoming independent. 

The following facts and situation don’t help India (i)- With bordering Arunachal Pradesh claimed by China, independent Naga-Kuki Land (with its government in exile in Myanmar) will be  easier cake-walk for China than Indo-China 1962 war (ii)- If Nagas & Kukis wage war for independence the situation of INdia will be same as was of West Pakistan in East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) in 1971 

Therefore  India taking over Myanmar militarily for making it a member of FSD-Extended SAARC is the only way-out for trapped India.

Myanmar has already been providing arms and sanctuaries for Naga rebels and is now doing it for Kukis in Manipur hence if Myanmar under Chinese pressure allows government in exile of Naga-Kuki land on its soil then India had it because then India will face the same problems as West Pakistan faced in 1971 in East Pakistan (Now Bangladesh). 

At the same time, one more serious problem needs to be addressed. The  unprecedented advance in last 500 years of modern technology and sciences including social science has made the mankind very powerful which is possible only with free mind which is possible only in secular democracy because these makes the human mind free from the coercion of two authorities namely religion (about temporal, this worldly matters) and the State having military as its the most important element. Moreover due to the unprecedented advance of modern technology and sciences, globalization has become inevitable which is impossible without global order. Because the existing global order of the UNited Nations has been destroyed by Ukraine war there is a need for a new global order which is impossible without global religion as even in secular countries religion is the custodian of the values of contemporary society. . Because only the USA can establish a new global order, hence US-Christianity ought to help the Us-establishment in establishing a new global order. 

Begalis as the major part of “federation of Secular Democratic- extended SAARC “ can contribute to establish a new global order  because they have a history of progressive thoughts which is evident from the fact that nearly a century ago, Gopal Krishna Gokhale said: “What Bengal thinks today, India thinks tomorrow.” as mentioned at

Therefore there is only one solution to the daunting problems not only India and its North East but even entire world is facing which is to try for Greater Bengal (of West, Bengal, Bangladesh and North East of India) which will be part of FSD- Extended SAARC and which will work for launching  a new participatory liberal global order and will also be open to develop a global religion (preferably the US- Christianity which will help US-Establishment in launching new global order as existing global order of UN has been demolished by Ukraine war) ) because existing major religions of extended SAARC region (namely Hinduism, Islam and Buddhism) don't support/ protect democracy and secularism among their followers in extended SAARC region. .

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