USA need not worry about “Akhand Bharat” because FSD- Extended SAARC wouldn't be under Hinduism but under US-Christianity. By Hem Raj Jain


Over 2 billion people became Christians during 2,000 years of Jesus Christ whereas the same number of people can become Christians from Asia if US christianity realizes that Jesus Christ wanted His disciples to go and spread His message of love in the rest of the world.  (ii)- When national obsession with territorial expansion ultimately happened in case of the USA, China and Russia why would it be different for India (iii)- USA should know that in HIndu majority India majority of HIndus are reservation seekers hence incompetent and non-meritorious Hindu India (unless its majority converts to Christianity) can’t be strong & reliable ally of the USA for new liberal global order v/s authoritarian ‘Chinese democracy model’ (iv)- THe day evangelical Christians of USA takes mission of spreading Jesus Christ’s message to rest of the world seriously - the extended-SAARC region of 2 billion people (one fourth of world’s population)  starting from India will rapidly convert to Christianity (v)- Like Muslims the Christians are also not protecting secularism in India 

This refers to article by Dr Daniel Markey (Senior advisor to  the prestigious & influential US- think tank US- Institute for Peace where Markey expressed concerns about tendency / aspiration in India (under Hindutva rule of BJP Led by PM Modi controlled by the RSS guided by the ideology of ‘two nation theory’ first propounded by Savarkar in his book “Hindutva’ in 1923 which Jinnah and Muslim League exploited and which even Gandhi, Nehru, Patel of Congress succumbed to for  the partition India on the basis of regio )  to achieve “Akhand BHarat’ where Makey writes and say in interview (to ‘the Wire’ ) that _”[India’s Hindu nationalism at home also leads it to promote illiberal aims abroad. Hindu nationalists believe that one of their top foreign policy achievements has been mobilizing overseas RSS-affiliated groups in the Indian diaspora to lobby other capitals, including Washington, to support BJP initiatives. Hindu nationalists also believe that India should be a sprawling, civilizational power, and many of them say they want to create Akhand Bharat—a greater “Undivided India”—in which New Delhi would build a “cultural confederation” of territory stretching from Afghanistan to Myanmar and Sri Lanka to Tibet]”.

BUt Markey is overly worried rather has failed to understand that Federation of Secular Democratic (FSD) - Extended SAARC is in the best interest of India and even the USA as explained below:-  

(1)- FIrst and foremost MArkey should appreciate that this FSD-extended SAARC is a fait-accompli because when national obsession with territorial expansion ultimately happened in case of the USA (which expanded from 13 colonies at the  shore of Atlantic Ocean  to the shore of Pacific )cean in less than  100 years after its war of independence in 1776) , China (which out of its expansionist policies is creating problems not only for India but to its neighboring Pacific countries) and Russia (which invaded Ukraine in February 2022  to assimilate DONBASS region by Prez Putin saying that UKraine is part of USSR hence legitimate Russian territory) then why would it be different for India. This  means that whether people like or not India will also ultimately achieve FSD-extended SAARC (SAARC+ Myanmar) sooner than later.

(2)- But the USA need not worry about “Akhand Bharat” because FSD- Extended SAARC wouldn't be under Hinduism but under US-Christianity due to four reasons (i)- Majority of Hindus (SC, ST, and OBC) would like to come out of discriminatory hierarchical Hinduism and will prefer egalitarian Christianity (ii)- These reservation castes constitute the working class (working with their hands) of India hence will ultimately find succor & peace under Christianity because Christianity is pro-working class as Jesus Christ was from woking class (Himself a carpenter) (iii)- In India these reservation castes have been trying  to come to Christianity but the apex body of the Clergy of  the Christianity has behaved irresponsibly and has not done enough (though it can do) to protect the new entrants to Christianity from persecution  (iii)_  THe day US Christianity(including evangelical Christians of the USA (who as per Markey’s above article) complain about lack of freedom of religion in India) takes mission of spreading Jesus Christ’s message to rest of the world seriously - the extended-SAARC region of 2 billion people (one fourth of world’s population)  starting from India will rapidly convert to Christianity as mentioned 

(3)- The  unprecedented advance of modern technology and sciences including social science has made the mankind very powerful which is possible only with free mind which is possible only in secular democracy because these makes the human mind free from the coercion of two authorities namely religion (about temporal, this worldly matters) and the State having military as its the most important element. Moreover due to the unprecedented advance of modern technology and sciences, globalization has become inevitable which is impossible without global order. Because the existing global order of the UNited Nations has been destroyed by UKraine war there is a need for a new global order which is impossible without global religion as even in secular countries religion is the custodian of the values of contemporary society. . Because only the USA can establish a new global order, hence US-Christianity ought to help the Us-establishment in establishing a new global order. Rather  theUS Christianity  ought to try to become a global religion working in tandem with the US -establishment to launch a new human rights friendly participatory global order (and not veto power to any country).

(4)-  THe biggest problem the Christianity is facing in the SAARC region about conversion as per freedom of religion is that the new entrants to Christianity are harassed and persecuted under the influence of majoritarianism . Freedom of religion  can be achieved if US Christianity motivate US -establishment to ensure through “INternational Court of Chriminal Justice”of world body to punish the State authorities (police, administration, Judiciary and even military officers who are under obligation under section 130 & 131 Cr.P.C. to protect the victims of mass scale violence) who by their acts of omission are guilty of genocide. 

(5)- THis FSD-extended SAARC Will quickly become a realty if the new world body addresses  three legally expected issues (i)- Plebiscite in united J&K as per the mandate of the IoA of J&K to India  and in Balocxhistan who’s IoA was taken by PAkistan by military coercion (ii)- Dual citizenship of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh to about 160 million HIndus / Sikhs and Muslims (alongwith enforceable (even by military intervention) guarantee by world body of proper law & order for these dual citizenship holders in their native countries ) who were illegally displaced from their motherland despite no provision of population transfer in’ Indian Independence Act 1947. (iii)_ Restoration of secular democracy in AFghanistan by the new world body by asking India to invoke “The Indo-Afghanistan Strategic Partnership Agreement 2011”. 

(6)- Hence  both the US-establishment and US -Christianity will have to gird-up to convert over 2 billion people from Asia (including extended SAARC which has 7000 million Muslim population which will have impact on  other Muslims of Asia) to Christianity which will be equal to present Christian population of the world which has become Christian during 2,000 years after Jesus Christ. The  US-establishment  should also know that in Hindu majority India majority of Hindus are reservation seekers and majority matters in any democracy. Hence incompetent and non-meritorious Hindu India can’t be a strong & reliable ally of the USA for a new liberal global order.

(7)- As far as CHristianity is concerned it should be concerned about the human rights of the ASians who are  killed, injured, their properties destroyed, their women molested and dishonored only because they convert to Christianity out of free choice by exercising their right to freedom of religion. But unfortunately European origin religious leadership of Christianity is interested only in increasing its membership of Church and even irresponsibly says that despite mass scale violence their faith is growing.  IN other words like Muslims who didn’t file proper petitions in the SCI (as mentioned at ) for restoring secularism in India Christians are also not moving the law apparatus of India and global for protecting freedom of religion in India 

(8)- Hence the complaint of the U.S. Christianity about religious freedoms in India is bogus , where, as per Markey -”[ Many powerful U.S. constituencies, including evangelical Christian groups, are deeply concerned about India’s poor treatment of minorities, its crackdown on religious freedoms, and its stifling of the press. The New York Times and The Washington Post, along with other top U.S. media outlets, run stories and columns on these issues so frequently that BJP leaders have gone out of their way to label the publications “anti-Indian.” And influential figures in Washington are expressing growing alarm about India’s illiberal policies. In March 2021, for example, Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chair Bob Menendez wrote a letter to Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, asking that he use his upcoming India trip to “make clear that in all areas, including security cooperation, the U.S.-India partnership must rest on adherence to democratic values.” If Biden continues to emphasize principles in his pitch for better relations, his calls could face mounting opposition]”.

(7)- Markey and other political commentaros of the USA are right in one sense that India will not dare to displease China because even presently China has tighten the grip on India at it its North East due to Manipur crisis as mentioned at 

Therefore the USA  need not worry about “Akhand Bharat” because FSD- Extended SAARC wouldn't be under Hinduism but under US-Christiani if  the US-establishment and US -Christianity take requisite (as mentioned above)  interest in it.

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