Garcetti underestimating Manipur problem by not appreciating importance of role of religions (Hinduism & Christianity) and strategic considerations. By Hem Raj Jain


Without mobilizing US-Christianity the US-establishment  can’t do anything to help ‘violence-torn-Manipur’  Though on the face of it US-ambassador to India Eric Garcetti’s offer of US help (to resolve the crisis in mass-scale violence- torn State of Manipur which is bleeding profusely since May, 3 ) sounds to be born out of human concerns ( as reported at ) but even if India asks for such help the USA will not be able to help India in this matter because the USA does not understand that there are three major problems and without solving these no solution is possible namely (i)- Hinduism which is responsible for caste system of Hindu order which has resulted in reservation to Scheduled caste (SC) , Schedule Tribe (ST)  and other backward castes (OBC) which is the reason Meiteis demanded ST status (which gives more benefit about land rights etc) and which was the immediate cause of violence on and since May 3 (ii)- The irresponsible attitude of Christianity especially US-Christianity which does not work for enforcing fundamental right to Freedom of Religion with the result Christians (especially the new entrants to Christianity) are persecuted in India which is also one of the main cause of violence in Manipur where Christians are targeted as discussed at  and (iii)- The role of China through Myanmar which wants to exploit the situation in North-East by supporting independent country of Naga-Kuki Land as mentioned at and 


Hence whether the USA (in the interest of remaining politically correct) likes it or not unless the US-establishment (i)- enforces fundamental right to freedom of religion in India (by also mobilizing US-Christianity to fill the vacuum by mass scale conversion ) and (ii)- Takes interest in helping India in realizing ‘Akhand Bharat’ the FSD-extended SAARC in the interest of launching new rule based global order - these human rights savvy propagandist  statements of US officials (like the said by Ambassador Eric Garcetti ) has no meaning and will not solve any problem rather has created unnecessary controversy related to interference in India’s internal matters.

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