Pakistan would be further emboldened to harass & persecute Balochs if Dr Naela after current visit /tour fails to get assurance of Indian boots on ground for independence of Balochistan. By Hem Raj Jain


Dr. Naela, PM Balochistan govt in exile wouldn’t get anything from India worth the name if no assurance of Indian boots on ground for independence of Balochistan (ii)- Only by invoking true Islam Dr Naela can get succor (iii)- Bonhomies shown by Indians towards Dr Naela are Okay but they don’t bring succor on ground to Balochs (iv)- Unless Balochs work for solving human rights related problems of  rest of the world (through liberal global order with the help of ‘akhand Bhart’ ) their such present problems will not be solved (v)- Without Indian boots on ground supported by the West led by the USA, Balochistan can’t get independence from Pakistan supported by China  (vi)- Will help if Dr Naela works also for dual citizenship of the USA and Balochistan. (vii)- When Hindus are not prepared to provide leadership to the SAARC region, Muslims should do it which they can easily do. 

Presently  Dr Naela Baloch Quadri, the Prime Minister of government of Balochistan in exile, is visiting India to garner consensus for her  'government in exile'. As reported at Naela-quadri-baloch-2264542 . and and 

Dr Naela has certainly succeeded in convincing the Indians that (i)- Pakistan is carrying-out genocide in Balochistan (ii)- India missed opportunity in 1947 when Baochs wanted to join India but India turned this offer down (iii)- It will be in the interest of India even now if India gets independent sovereign Balochistan joined with India politically in some form.

In any democratic country the people and their social, religious and cultural institution / organizations matter but in reality through these the Balochs will not get succor on ground unless they come out from the clutches of, as per Dr Naela, the terrorist and brutal Pakistan and which is not that simple because nuclear Pakistan itself is militarily quite powerful vis-a-vis Balochs and Asian super power China (due to its interest in CPEC and Gwadar Port) is  fully supporting Pakistan in Balochistan and will continue to do so in future

Therefore bonhomies shown by Indians towards Dr Naela are Okay  but in such daunting situation Balochs, if wants succor,  Dr. Naela will have to go for some out of the box solution as mentioned below:-

(1)- Dr Naela seems to be driven  by the notion that if people of India give consensus for the government of Balochistan in exile to the extent that GoI  allows the office of such an exiled government on Indian soil then it will be construed by world community as recognition  by the Government of India (GoI) of. Independent sovereign Balochistan. But it is not so because the GoI  has allowed the office of government in exile of Tibet at Dharamshala in it’s China border sharing  State of Himachal Pradesh but at the same time India officially recognizes Tibet as an integral part of China. Hence unless GoI officially declares that it recognizes independent sovereign Balochistan and  may even formally become part of some  military alliance for helping Balochistan in achieving it’s independence, the rest of the things are meaningless and delusional as far as the succor for beleaguered Balochs is concerned.

(2)- This presently  of course will be a herculean task for Dr Naela. But It doesn’t mean that situation is hopeless for Balochs rather they can still succeed if they do the following:-

(3)- It is the fact that without boots on ground of some militarily powerful country in favor of Balochs the independence of Balochistan is impossible. But presently the super power USA doesn’t have appetite to put its boots on ground anywhere in the world hence it is only India (of 1.4 billion people with proffesional military ) which can help in this matter but India wouldn’t do it due to two reasons (i)- India is afraid of China  (as mentioned at   ) which is supporting Pakistan and (ii)- Though Dr Naela has said in her interviews in India that Balochs are not communal like Bengalis and Indians but Hindu majority India  still believes that if India helps Baloch in their independence then like Bangladeshis they may also turn out to be ant-Hindus.

($)- This leaves only one way out for Balochs. Dr Naela also has said during her present visit to India that though Pakistan came in existence in the name of Islam but it is most anti-Muslim country hence (like of Bangladeshis) carrying out genocide of Balohcs who are Muslims because rest of Muslim world (the Ummah ) is not opposing it because Muslim countries are not following true Islam (as said at ) . Dr Naela can pick-up the lead from here and mobilize true Islam for establishing a liberal rule based global order on the pioneering strength of 700 million Muslims of 'akhand Bharat' (the extended SAARC Region). 

(6)- TO achieve this objective Dr Naela should first  work for mobilizing the prominent religious leaders of 'true Islam' from all over the world in a forum who will propagate ‘true Islam’ which  she aspires / longs for.  

(7)- At the same time Balochs should realize that unless they work for solving human rights related problems of the rest of the world (through liberal global order) their such problems will not be solved. Hence Dr Naela should launch a pan-SAARC political party starting from India . Dr Naela can easily do it if while she is in India, mobilizes some well-wisher-Indians including Balochs in India to launch a political party in India may be with name “South Asia Islamic Secular democrats”  (SAISD) which will work to help the USA in establishing new global order (as mentioned at USA need not worry about “Akhand Bharat” because FSD- Extended SAARC wouldn't be under Hinduism but under US-Christianity. By Hem Raj Jain ) where true Islam will do what US_CHristianity is not prepared to do by first dominating the political landscape of India (which is quite possible if SAISD garners the support of SC, ST, OBC and farmers of India as mentioned) and then realizing FSD_extended SAARC (the ‘akhand Bharat’ ) in which independent sovereign Balochistan will also be a member country. 

(8)- IT will also help if government of Balochistan (in exile) of Dr Naela works for the dual citizenship of USA and Balochisdtan which will facilitate  the businessmen of the USA to establish their business in Balochistan which will create huge stakes for Americans in Balochistan and which will be the best guarantee for peace, stability and prosperity of independent Balochistan. 

It is hoped Dr Naela will try to bring succor to not only the beleaguered Balochs but also to rest of the world by invoking justice loving ‘true Islam’ which will help in establishing and running a new rule based global order to be sponsored by the USA by first realizing ‘akhand Bharat’ through political party SAISD in India,  in the launch of which Dr Naela can play crucial & decisive  role. 

In other words instead of wasting her time, resources and energy in like of present visit to / tour of India Dr Naela should (i)- visit Muslim countries ( including and especially Saudi Arabia) for mobilizing prominent religious leaders of ‘true Islam’ and (ii)- should get  SAISD launched -- because whether Balochs like it or not  these two measures only will ensure Indian boots on ground otherwise Pakistan would be further emboldened to harassing & persecute Balochs if Dr Naela after current visit / tour fails to get assurance of Indian boots on ground for independence of Balochistan

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