Saudis can’t provide leadership to Sunni-Ummah without working for Global Islamic order first supported by 700 million Muslims of extended-SAARC. By Hem Raj Jain


When the largest religion Christianity is not interested in establishing and running rule based global order, the Saudis through the second largest religion Islam can do it (ii)- Saudis shouldn't use Islam merely for cheap politics as Imran did. (iii)- SAARC has two nuclear countries hence will be important for establishing Islamic new global order

The way Saudi Arabia spoke at 2023 UNGA (AS reported at ) it has sent a message across the world that Now Saudi Arabia wants to assume the leadership of Muslim world at least of Sunni Muslims who are about 90% of Muslim world. It is a welcome development if Saudis are really interested in assuming this leadership of Muslim world which is bleeding and weeping profusely from Myanmar (due to Rohingya problem) to NAME region but Saudis can succeed in this mission only when they do the following:-

(1)- First and foremost Saudis need to understand that the  unprecedented advance of last 500 years of modern technology and sciences including social science has made the mankind very powerful which is possible only with free mind which is possible only in secular democracy because these makes the human mind free from the coercion of two authorities namely religion (about temporal, this worldly matters) and the State having military as its the most important element. Moreover due to the unprecedented advance of modern technology and sciences, globalization has become inevitable which is impossible without global order. And the existing global order of the United Nations has been destroyed by Ukraine war hence there is a need for a new global order which is impossible without global religion as even in secular countries religion is the custodian of the values of contemporary society. . Whether UMMAH  likes it or not a new global order can’t be established without the help of the USA hence the Saudis should try to make Islam a global religion which would  help the US-establishment in establishing a new human rights friendly rule based participatory global order ( NHRFRBPGO). ["New participatory rule based global order" (NPRBGO) in which no member country will have veto right but every member will have voting right commensurate with its contribution of men (including martial), money and material (including martial) and its record of human rights in the country. This NPRBGO will enforce human rights in member countries  on the petitions of their beleaguered citizens even by military interventions as per Mandatory protocol MP-1 in place of OP-1 of ICCPR. ]

(2)- The Saudis can easily realize this mission if first they try to rope-in about 700 million Muslims of extended SAARC region (Present SAARC + Myanmar) having two nuclear countries, by doing the following :-

. (i)- The predominant religion of extended SAARC the Hinduism and incumbent Hindutva forces supported by Hinduism are destroying Secularism (The way they are treating the minorities especially Muslims) and democracy (through discriminatory hierarchical caste System of Hindu order which is ant-fraternity) in India hence Saudis should try to convert majority of extended SAARC region to Islam which they can easily do by doing the following:-

(ii)- Saudis should launch an apex body of Sunni Islam (ABSI) with its head office in Saudi Arabia preferably at Mecca or Medina in which such prominent religious leaders from all the Muslim countries should be there who believe in such new global order, the  NHRFRBPGO .

(iii)- This ABSI Should develop / train clergy for local masjids all across extended SAARC region (not like what Saudis did earlier which promoted radicalization and spread terrorism as reported at  and ) 

(iv)- THe ABSI Should patronize a political party in SAARC Region (First in India of 1.4 billion people) and a mainstream media (print & electronic) 

(v)- This political party patronized by ABSI can easily come to power in most of the States and at Centre by carrying out 7 following measures as has been mentioned in my many articles:-

(A)- Petition in the SCI about Babri masjid

(B)-Petition in the SCI about BBC documentary, [both these petitions as mentioned at ]

(C )-  Petition in the SCI  about dual citizenship of India and Pakistan and Bangladesh  to 160 million Hindus / Sikhs and Muslims who were displaced illegally during partition of India

(D)- Petition in the SCI  for constraining government of India (GoI) to work for plebiscite in united J&K  as mandated by IoA of J&K to India.

(E)- Agitation by farmers all across India for recovery of about Rs 1,000 Trillion income tax for 1 million fake farmers and petition in SCI for forfeiting public debt beyond security of consolidated funds of States and GoI which is in violation of Article 292 & 293 of Constitution of India and  using this money for economic progress of India first for providing legally enforceable MSP for about 40 farm produce.

(F)- Democratization of this political party patronized by ABSI by ensuring territorial office bearers of the party (at local, city, Taluka district, division, regional and national level) to be elected by the vote of one level lower office bearers of the party and at lowest level by party members.Moreover elected representatives tend to work for those who finance their elections hence this party should ensure that the election of his Party’s candidates is financed by this party.

(G)- Managing and running this political party transparently through its website.

(3)- The leadership of Saudi Arabia (MBS) should not take the risk of  trivializing Islam  (as Imran did ) instead  should  work seriously for establishing Islamic global order as mentioned above in which Ummah would be able to lead life with peace, prosperity and justice.  

It is hoped the de facto leader of SAudi Arabia Mohammad BIn Salma (MBS) will acquire this historical role of putting  Saudi Arabia in the service of mankind through Islamic global order. For peace, prosperity and justice for the entire mankind.

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