Islam faces extinction if OIC fails to stop Israeli attack on Palestinian civilians despite UNGA resolution. Pakistan / Imran may play important role in armed Jihad. By Hem Raj Jain


The religion (Islam) started  by Prophet Muhammad wouldn’t go down so easily without offering deadly fight (ii)- Pakistan will be crucial in militant Jihad against Israel (iii)- To bounce back politically, Imran Khan can exploit such militant Jihad by Muslim Ummah against Israel  (iv)- Imran can get support of many countries if works for new rule based Islamic global order by taking help from MBS. (v)- Pakistan will be interested in leading this militant JIhad in the interest of  overcoming its present economic crisis. 

When on October 27 UNGA passed resolution (as reported at ) it was thought by the people all across the world that now atleast civilains from both side will not be killed and injured but this hope has been belied and Israel is still reportedly killing Palestanian civilians as reported at . This situation is heading towards a global crisis because this matter is not that simple as world community is taking it to be and it may result in world war III due to Muslim UMmah staring militant JIhad against Israel as explained below 

(1)- In the 1967 and 1973 war by Muslim countries against Israel, mostly the neighboring Muslim Arab countries were involved in which Israel was resoundingly victorious and hence Arab countries could never raise their heads against Israel since then. Now the situation is different as entire Muslim world the Ummah is incensed over Israel’s attack on  Palestinian civilians that is why OIC (Organization of Islamic cooperation is also taking keen interst in this conflict as mentioned at ) . Moreover because as usual the USA is all-out supporting these military actions of Israel (as it did in the said 1967 and in 1973 wars) there is no way the Muslim world (the way Mulsim world is expecting success merely by way of appeals, veiled threats etc) can militarily stop Israel from doing what it is doing .

(2)_ This raises one serious problem. Muslim world is weeping and bleeding profusely in tens of millions from MYanmar (due to Rohingya problem) to NAME legion for decades but it is the first time that entire Muslim Ummah is agitated over on-going Gaza war (as reported also at ) . Hence it doesn't require a genius of political science to understand that  if OIC fails to stop Israeli attack on Palestinian civilians despite UNGA resolution of October 27 then the OIC / Ummah will have no other option (in order to rectify the situation of  “Islam in danger”) than to launch militant Jihad (war) against Israel to enforce “two State solution” (which is considered by most including the USA & even PLO a way forward for the solution of chronic and ghory Israel-Palestine problem).  

(3)- Given the weak military power of most of the Muslim Arab countries the OIC will have to depend for this militant Jihad  mainly on Pakistan which has a large almost-professional military and Nukes with it.

(4)- If this militant Jihad is started by OIC / Ummah then one Pakistani politician will or can play an important role in it namely former Prime MInister and PTI Chief Imran Khan who is the only politician (due to his persistent talk / sloganeering of Riyasat-e-Medina and Pakistan ka matlab kya ‘La ilaha illallah’)  who can arouse Islamic sentiments in Pakistan which no other civilian or military leader  in Pakistan can do ( as I mentioned at especially with the support of MBS as explained at ). ONly one thing Imran will have to take care of, namely to avoid raking-up the Kashmir issue by taking advantage of ‘aroused Muslim Ummah on Israel issue’ because it will dilute & weaken his jihad for getting justice to Palestinians. Otherwise also, Kashmir is non-issue and can easily be solved without any bloodshed by plebiscite in united J&K in ensuring which Pakistan can cooperate with India by getting the region free from outsiders as per mandate of the IoA of J&K to India and even as per UN resolution 1948. . 

(5)- Here it is pertinent to add taht Pakistan will be interested in leading this armed JIhad (war against Israel) in the interest of  overcoming its present economic crisis. 

It will be interesting to observe  the response of US-Establishment (including BIden-administration at White House and  US - Congress) to ongoing crisis out of Gaza war which is bound to evoke Islamic sentiments (of militant -Jihad) throughout Muslim Ummah with catastrophic ramifications for the entire world if Gaza war (with disproportionately high casualties of Palestinians) is not stopped immediately in the region of Israel - Palestine

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