If Ukraine REALLY wants to win war then Prez Zelensky should issue statement on 4 points mainly by naming and shaming the USA about Budapest Memorandum. By Hem Raj Jain


Eastern Orthodox Christianity should take interest in bringing relief to its followers in Ukraine who have been suffering immensely for the last 27 months (ii)-  It will be sin on the part of Prez Zelensky if he continues with war (which has been causing immense suffering to Ukrainians) without certainty of victory in this war (iii)- Ukrainian Americans can help in all these if they take interest in bringing relief to Ukrainians in Ukraine by victory of Ukraine in this war. (iv)- Prez Zelensky needs to develop will to win the war  

During last one month global strategic commentators were predicting defeat to Ukraine in the war against Russia (as mentioned at https://www.politico.eu/article/why-ukraine-losing-russia-war/ and https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-68778338 ) and now even President Zelensky has expressed doubts over the intention of NATO countries, the partners (who are helping Ukraine even militarily in this war) about their willingness to see Russia defeated in this war because NATO allegedly fears  such defeat to Russia as it will be an unpredictable geo-politics (as reported at https://ukranews.com/en/news/1006836-west-wants-ukraine-to-win-so-that-russia-does-not-lose-zelenskyy ).  The large number of innocent civilian Ukrainians (including , the old people, women and children) have been suffering immensely for the last 27 months due to Ukraine war started by Russia by invading Ukraine in February 2022 and Ukraine can win this war only if Prez Zelensky issue 4 statements as given below mainly by naming and shaming the USA about Budapest Memorandum:- 

(1)- Zelensky should say that the partners in war (the USA and NATO countries) should be serious about the so called sweeping sanctions imposed by them on Russia (as reported at https://www.reuters.com/world/us/us-issues-sweeping-sanctions-targeting-russia-over-ukraine-war-2023-12-12/  ) and should enforce more stringent sanction on China etc the countries which are importing oil from Russia and are supplying arms, ammunition  and defense equipments to Russia during Ukraine war. Such an economic boycott of China (and the helpers of Russia in war) by NATO Countries led by the USA will of course  dislocate the economies of the West too for a few years but it would  dry-up  the financial resources of Russia which would  help UKraine immensely and effectively in its war against Russia. 

(2)- Ukraine had been asking for military help (specially of  defense equipments etc) from NATO countries but never got these in time and to the extent needed hence Zelensky should demand that the NATO (preferably the USA) should provide a 4 star General to conduct Ukrainian war against Russia which will make the USA seriously interested in the victory of Ukraine in this war  also by ensuring that the demands raised by this 4 Star General (given preferably by the USA) about defense equipments etc are met promptly and as per requirement

(3)- It is absurd that Ukraine alone is expected by the world community to fight war against Russia which has invaded Ukraine by destroying the rule based global order Hence Zelensky should ask the USA (which is under legal obligation to protect the territorial integrity of Ukraine under Budapest Memorandum 1994) to move a resolution in the UNSC to grant military force of the UNSC to ensure that invader Russia is removed militarily from the soil of Ukraine (including from Crimea) and "rule-based-global-order-destroyer" Russia is placed at its proper place . If Russia or China tries to veto such UNSC resolution then Zelensky should demand that the USA should work for the dissolution of the UN (by asking its all the member countries to vacate the soil of the USA within a period of one week) and for the launch of new rule based participatory global order where no country will have veto power and every member country of this new global body will have voting rights in its security council  commensurate with its contribution of men (including ,military), money and material (including military) and its record of human rights.  

(4)- Approximately 1900 strategic nuclear warheads  were snatched from Ukraine under Budapest Memorandum 1994 (as mentioned at https://outrider.org/nuclear-weapons/articles/how-budapest-memorandum-paved-way-russias-invasion-ukraine ) and  If these Nukes were allowed to remain with Ukraine then  Russia wouldn’t have dared to invade Ukraine. Hence Zelensky should demand that in view of the cancellation / termination and of Budapest memorandum (by the USA not discharging its legal responsibility of rather reneged on protecting territorial integrity of Ukraine) the USA should ensure (may be from its own stock of such weapons or otherwise) that 1900 strategic nuclear warheads are returned / given back to Ukraine so that Ukraine can ensure that invader Russia (which has destroyed rule based global order ) is removed militarily from Ukrainian territory (including from Crimea) and can be put at its proper place.

These 4 statements can be issued by PRez Zelensky only if he develops will to win the war  which he has not shown so far as is evident from the way he didn't refer to Budapest memorandum during address to US Congress ( as mentioned at https://chauthiduniya.com/after-orthodox-christianity-zelensky-too-ditched-ukraine-by-not-invoking-budapest-memorandum-in-us-congressional-address/ ) and the way he didn't make use of Russian missile in Poland (as mentioned at https://www.pakistanchristianpost.com/exclusive-reports-details/250 )

In addition to above mentioned the Eastern Orthodox Christianity (which is followed by majority of Ukrainians)  should take interest in bringing relief (to its followers in Ukraine who have been suffering immensely for the last 27 months)  by persuading Prez Zelensky and his government to issue the above mentioned 4 statement preferably  through a press conference. 

It is hoped Prez Zelensky,  Eastern Orthodox Christianity and Ukrainian Americans would show mercy on the suffering Ukrainians and would enusre that the above mentioned 4 statements are issued publicly by the government of Ukraine in the interest of bringing effective  relief to the Ukrainians who have unnecessarily suffered so much despite Budapest memorandum

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