Prez Ching-Le need not be more loyal to the USA than towards Taiwanese and instead should ask the USA to militarily remove current Chinese blockade. By Hem Raj Jain


Despite the fact that (despite BUdapest Memorandum 1994) the territorial integrity of UKraine was not protected when Russia annexed Crimea in 2014 or when Russia invaded UKraine in 2022 , the way Taiwan has been depending mainly on the USA to protect its independence and territorial integrity against assertive China it was expected that a day will come sooner than later when Taiwan will have to reckon with the reality and now that hour of reckoning for Taiwan has come. 

China has started two days of military exercises around Taiwan, with its military calling them "strong punishment" for the self-ruled island's "separatist acts". The drills come three days after the inauguration of President William Lai, who called on China to stop threatening the island and accept the existence of its democracy as reported at .  This Chinese blockade of Taiwan -- just three days after the inauguration of Taiwanese President Lai Ching-te -- suggests it is working on a blockade strategy against the self-governed island as an alternative to direct armed conflict for the purpose of invading as reported at  and this blockade has not only threatened the day to day life of Taiwanese but has also created an existential crisis for Taiwan hence President Ching Le should immediately demand from the USA The following 4 if Taiwan doesn’t want to face the fate of Ukraine:-

(!)- The USA and its NATO and other allies should not only impose sweeping sanctions on China for blockading Taiwan but unlike 'post UKraine invasion' sanctions on Russia should ensure the complete enforcement of such sanctions. Such an economic boycott of China by NATO Countries led by the USA will of course  dislocate the economies of the West too for a few years but it would  seriously damage  the financial resources of China  which would help Taiwan immensely in its current stand-off against China.

(2)- the USA should  urgently and militarily remove the current Chinese blockade of Taiwan on its own to send the humanitarian aid of food items, medicine etc to Taiwan by breaching the said Chinese blockade.

(2)- THe USA (if it doesn't want to do it on its own then) should move the UNSC to provide its military ( UNPKF,  the UN Peace Keeping force ) to send the humanitarian aid of food items, medicine etc to Taiwan by breaching the said Chinese blockade. 

(3)-  If Russia or China tries to veto such UNSC resolution then Prez Ching-Le  should ask the  that the USA should work for the dissolution of the UN (by asking its all the member countries to vacate the soil of the USA within a period of one week) and for the launch of "new rule based participatory enforceable global order" (NRBPEGO)  where no country will have veto power and every member country of this new global body will have voting rights in its security council  commensurate with its contribution of men (including ,military), money and material (including military) and its record of human rights. 

(4)- Prez Ching-Le should also ask the USA to not only give-up (by statement from WHite house) its stated one-China policy but also to persuade India to give-up its one-China policy and to work for independence of Tibet (which will effectively put aggressive China at its proper place) which can be facilitated by the USA, if USA tries to achieve ‘Akhand Bharat’ Under US-Christianity (as mentioned at ) and also by making a precondition for the membership of the said new world body (the NRBPEGO) that members will not put any hurdle (by its laws and constitution) in the path of religious conversion by free choice.

It will help Taiwan a lot if Prez Ching-Le can somehow come to the USA to take a Press conference either at New York (The seat of the UN) or at Washington D.C. (place of White House and Capitol Hill) to put these five demands before the US-establishment.

It is hoped President Ching-Le will realize the seriousness of the situation, namely the existential crisis for Taiwan which has emerged due to Chinese blockade of Taiwan  and will deal with the USA (as the present situation warrants) by putting forward the said five demands before US-establishment.

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