Christar work among Hindu youth in Holland. Global Prayer digest. Submitted by Angela Watkins.


Many of the world's immigrant youth are caught between two cultures and ideologies that neither attract their allegiance nor guide their decisions. Complicating the matter, many face far more distractions of materialism than did their struggling parents. Nowhere is this truth more apparent than in Holland, home to a large Hindu population, and a rapidly growing, but lost, younger generation. Dr. Chandersen Choenni, a well-known researcher on minority issues, was hired by a Hindu media network to inquire of the Hindu youth concerning their faith. After his comprehensive survey, he concluded that their knowledge about Hinduism was poor, but even more dramatic was their lack of knowledge of Hindu scriptures. Many of their statements showed a radical departure from traditional Hindu values. In 1975 Hindus from Suriname were offered citizenship in Holland, and 100,000 came. Seventy-six percent were culturally Hindu. The ideological stronghold that keeps them from Christ is materialism, not Hinduism. Christar, a Christian mission agency, is working with them, but pressure and persecution often turn new professing converts away. Pray for encouragement for these converts. Pray that Christar will develop programs that will draw Hindu youth to Jesus. Pray that the stronghold of materialism will be replaced with a desire for the One who is the Way. -JS "For such a reply, you may go; the demon has left your daughter" (Mk. 7:29). Jesus' response to this Greek woman reveals significant truth and implications for world mission. Mark records this incident immediately following Jesus' teaching that uncleanness comes from what a man thinks, not from what he touches. Traditions of the Pharisees and teachers of the law virtually excluded anyone other than Jews from ever hoping to be ceremonially clean. By contrast, Jesus looked at people's hearts. He responded to their faith, regardless of background, culture, or "ceremonial cleanness." Father, we want to exercise our faith to claim the goal for which Your Son died-the cleansing of the nations.

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