NGOs demands repeal of Hudood ordinance


ISLAMABAD, : The various Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and progressive elements in the society Monday strongly reiterated their support for the Pakistan National Commission on the status of Women (NCSW). They commended the findings and recommendations of the Review Committee regarding repeal of the Hudood including Zina Ordinance and NCSW's subsequent endorsement by an overwhelming majority. The supporters of the repeal of the ordinance lead by various womenorganizations were flanked by MPs of all the parties except MMA. As these people were raising slogans in favor of repeal of Hudood Ordinance in front of Parliament House, Prime Minister Mir Zafarullah Khan Jamali while on his way to office stopped there and inquired about what they are demanding. Assuring the gathering, the Prime Minister said that the present Government's oft-repeated pledge to make Pakistan a modern and progressive, enlightened state and society in the 21st century requires the abolition of discriminatory laws. They participants call upon the government to apply its progressive vision to women's rights and demonstrators the courage of its convictions by approving the NCSW's recommendations and repealing these ordinances. "These ordinances were un-Islamic, ill-intentioned, badly conceived and badly drafted and promulgated by an un-elected individual without public discussion or ratification of an elected parliament", they said.-

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