Karachi: November 30, 2003 Bishop Ijaz Inayat of Karachi launched "The Inter-Faith Friendship Forum, Karachi" at an Eid Milan Party arranged by the forum as the Chairman of the forum at the Bishop's House, Diocese of Karachi, Fatima Jinnah Road, Karachi to promote friendship and tolerance between different people of different faiths, sects and parties. The Chairman of Forum Honorable Bishop Ijaz Inayat introduced Inter-Faith Friendship Forum saying "It is a forum to promote friendship the basis of which is love which does not have conditions and tags to the friendship. Where every thing is shared on the basis of equality and all are looking after each other. This forum is determined to bring people of different ethical groups, parties, sects and ideologies together to show unity in diversity in order to strengthen the basic social fabric of the Pakistani society which is bitterly divided on un-necessary grounds." He further said that, "This forum shall have no hidden agendas of political financial nature and all challenges must be met by friends on the basis of equality." The party which was very well attended by persons from all walks of the society including distinguished religious leaders and note able political personalities from the Government and Opposition circles, at the Provincial, Federal and party levels. The program started with the prayers led by The Rev. Naseem Kaleem and Honorable Molana Asad Thanvi, President of Jamait -e - Ulma -e - Islam, Sindh. All the participants appreciated the launching of the forum and its aims of bringing the different groups and personalities together and announced their participation into the forum and pledged their full support and co-operation in this regard. Among the religious, political leaders and representatives of Government of Pakistan were personalities like the Senator Nisar Memon who shared his views and suggestion to strengthen the Forum and Inter-Faith Friendship. He described it as the need of the day and appreciated this step taken by the Rt. Rev. Ijaz Inayat to provide a forum to strengthen Inter-Faith friendship. He also pledged the support of the Government and his party and pointed out that he was attending the gathering with the representatives of his party which is presently the largest in the country and holding the Government. He also appealed to all the segments of the society to take all steps to strengthen this cause. Religious leaders like Molana Asad Thanvi (President JUI. Sindh), Mufti Usman Yar Khan (Vice President MMA Sindh and General Secretary JUI Karachi), Molana Abdul Manan Anwar (President JUI Karachi), Dr. Shafqat Abbasi (Head of Abbasi's in Pakistan), Allama Zohar Abbas Abdi (Chairman Shia Council Pakistan), Hafiz Irshad Hussain (Naib Ameer Jamait -e - Ahlay Sunat), Molana Syed Awan Naqvi (leader Idara - e Tablig, Talimat -e - Islam Pakistan and Chairman Haj - o - Umrah - o - Ziyarat committee Pakistan), Alama Syed Waqar Hussain Naqvi (President Idara - e Tablig, Talimat -e - Islam Sindh and Rehnuma Majlis - e - Zikriat - e - Amamya) and others shared their view according to the religious aspects and pledged their support to the forum and the Rt. Rev. Ijaz Inayat for this scared cause of extending friendship. A delegation representing Pakistan Muslim League was led by Mr. Badar Iqbal, representative of Sindh, Mr. Sabir Ali Rajpoot representing Labor Wing, Mrs. Tabussam representing Women's Wing and others. Delegation of Muthida Quami Movement Pakistan was led by Mr. Sultan Zaydi and Mrs. Safina Javeed (Members Minority Affairs Committee MQM Pakistan) and Mr. Faisal Hashmi, Mr. Imran Naqvi and Mr. Kashif along with others represented MQM Pakistan. Firdos Shamim Naqvi represented Tahreek - e - Insaf Pakistan from Central Executive Committee along with Mr. Waseem Riaz from Karachi. Mr. Nadir Ali, Mr. M. M. Najam, Mr. Ghulam Mohammadalna Khanzada, Mr. Ch. Nasir Ali Khan and others also appreciated this effort of the Forum as a lamp which is lightened by the Honorable Bishop Ijaz Inayat the Bishop of Karachi and Balochistan in the time of darkness and frustration among different faiths and further announced their full participation and support to the forum.

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