Partners trying hard to save Bishops from accountability. By Rev.Khalid Mansoor Soomro


While the Reformation Movement in the Church of Pakistan is taking its course the Partners of the Church of Pakistan have now come up to the front as the facilitators of the corrupt leadership of the Church of Pakistan. Issuing their statement regarding the present crises in the Church of Pakistan through an email dated 23/12/2004 the new Secretary of CPMPF (Church of Pakistan Mission Partners Forum) is trying to wash the dirt of the Bishops. Although the resent move of the so-called reconciliation is well known to the members of the Church of Pakistan within Pakistan and around the world as the issues are still unresolved, the CPMPF is trying to cover the wrong doings of bishops of the Church of Pakistan and trying to mislead the members of the universal Church portraying that all the issues and disputes of the Church of Pakistan have been resolved through an agreement of facilitation amongst the Bishops of the Church of Pakistan in order to save each other from accountability. It is interesting to note that the Honorable High Court of Sindh at Karachi has already initiated Contempt of Court proceedings against the Bishops entering into the said agreement in order to further monopolize the Church and its resources. With the growing awareness in the Church the members have now started demanding the accountability of the Bishops. For which on one hand the members have requested the NAB (National Accountability Bureau) authorities to look into the illegal sales of properties by the LDTA headed by the Bishop of Lahore and on the other hand in the Courts of Law the issue of the illegal sale of Church properties by the defunct Board of LDTA has been taken up by the Court as the Honorable Court has started adjudicating the matter. In this regard the present management headed by the Bishop of Lahore has been restrained from all transactions as well as from alienating trust properties from the trust by any means whatsoever. Seeing growth of awareness amongst the members of the Church of Pakistan all over the world the electronic correspondence has been targeted by the CPMPF on the instigation of the Bishops of the Church of Pakistan. As the Bishops of the Church of Pakistan have failed to defend themselves in the existence of documentary evidences against them regarding their unconstitutional and illegal activities the CPMPF have started to make way for the Bishops by disputing the emails and electronic correspondences without even figuring out logical justifications. It is note worthy that on the one side the entire western world is striving hard for democracy the partners are pushing for a concealed and corrupt system revolving around the Bishops without integrity.

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