Bishop T. Nasir. Gujranwala. CNI. Dec. 14. The call to "fast" on the "Last Friday" of Islamic month of Ramadan, by Pope John Paul by the Christians has been strongly condemned by Protestant churches in Pakistan. In statement issued by the Bishop of

December 14th 2001 stands a "day of shame" and this shame has been brought by no other than Pope himself. We have failed to understand what gains does the Pope have in mind. Today our Lord Jesus Christ has been "crucified" by the Catholic Church (if it can be called a church any more). By asking Christians to fast with Muslims, the Pope and all who followed his call stand "excommunicated" from Christianity. Fasting will follow by offering, "sacrifice" later when Muslims celebrate their next major festival of "Hajj and Sacrifice" two and a half months latter.

Then a month latter observance of "10th of Muharam" a mourning day of Islam. May be in year 2002 the Pope will change or divide the "Lent Season" 30 days fasting during Ramadan and 10 days during "Lent". It is surprising the Pope did not give a call to celebrate the "Eid" due in two days time. Expression of "solidarity with our Muslim neighbors may be right but how far can the Christian world go in this expression. It is feared that to please our Muslim neighbors we might have to do away with celebrating Christmas, Easter and the Pentecost. Unfortunately, today's Christian leadership is bent upon to destroy the very meanings of Christianity.

Un-Biblical teaching are being advocated such as "homosexuality", "Same Sex Holy Unions", unwarranted new translations of the Holy Bible, ReImagining God, This new "heresy" might be the "last nail" for Modern Christianity. We can not give up our faith to please other faiths, this must be very clear to every Christian where ever he might live said the Bishop. Living peacefully with our Muslim neighbor is good but adopting their way of life, faith and practice cannot be justified. Jesus did not die that we might adopt and practice of another faith. He died on Cross that we might come out of the world and according to His Will and not the Pope. We must learn to please God rather than pleasing our Muslim neighbor to an extent that we start fasting with them. The Pope still does not read the Bible, I am afraid he said. The time has come that all who believe in Lord Jesus Christ to stand against such Anti-Christ teachings and practices. Bishop Nasir has called upon all faithful Christian to condemn the Pope for the call of fasting and fasting of Christian on the Last "Friday of Ramadan". The limits of "tolerance" must not be overlooked in any case and certainly not in this case, said the Bishop.

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