Religious groups lead by the Australia’s Islamic relations want to trash Christmas and replace it with Multicultural Nomenclature


The inertia and indifference of Christians in different parts of the world lead to strange demands at gunpoint from Islamic militants. Having tasted blood in United Kingdom and North America with similar demands, now the radical Muslims are targeting Christians in Australia. The strange demand to remove Christmas from the public sphere has come mainly from the Muslim emigrants from south East Asia. The Queen's land based Australia's Islamic relations claim that Christmas is politically incorrect term in a multicultural country as it excludes too many people and it should be" renamed" The attack on Christmas has outraged billions of Christians. This absurd demand is impertinent and intolerant and will have ramifications in the years ahead. The Islamic radicals are strategically focusing Queen's land with long time hidden agenda, as the geographical area of queen's land is over 25% of continents total area. This new demand shows the mischief Islamic radicals are architecting in different parts of the world If any one for strange reasons would have change of the names of their celebrations such as Ramadan or Hanukkah there would have been outcry and bloody demonstrations all over the world orchestrated by Petrol Dollar. Organization of Islamic Nations would have assembled to intimidate the international community to submission. The demand of the radicals is supposedly on the basis that "Australia is now diverse and there are so many cultures and festivities, we need to acknowledge the need to be inclusive of our identity" and further they demand, "It cannot be assumed that everyone is a Christian. People should not be faced with automatic imposition of Christmas" Most of the radicals illegally emigrate and seek asylum in the name of persecution and then they turn to be the worst enemies of the people and the culture and try to impose their writ at gunpoint and with Jihad bombs. The year2005 ended with bomb blast in Pali in Indonesia killing eight Christians in the market where the Christians have gathered to buy pork. The intolerance and discrimination is further clearly visible all over the 53 Islamic countries. Even after toiling for over three –four decades in the Arabic countries (South Asia) the emigrants are treated as slaves and not even natural justice is denied to them. During Ramadan the non-Muslims are forced to observe fasting any violations will lead to severe punishment. Over a Million Christians in Pakistan, Millions of Christians born and brought up in Indonesia are not given basic rights of a citizen and treated as slaves and robed off all justice. Bibles and other scriptures are shredded and burnt in Saudi Arabia and many other South Asian countries without impunity. Terror groups are working overtime in all democratic independent countries in Europe, North America. The precedent riots in Paris and terror attacks in different parts of the world talk volumes of the Islamic terror.

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