Christian Knights Templar have elected James W. Case to be new Grand. Knight Case issues acceptance order of his rank.


My Dear Fellow Templars, To all of the Knights and Dames of our Order who are carrying out our Holy mission from China to Pakistan, and to our esteemed Council, I salute you and commend you to the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ +; And likewise to our fellow Knights and Dames in Scotland, Belgium, Germany, Pakistan, Lebanon, Russia, Brazil, the Marshall Islands, and New Zealand, I send you greetings and salutations from the Priory of the Holy Angels. My brothers and sisters in Christ, to say that I am honored to have been elected to this place of duty is an understatement. I undertake this responsibility with the greatest sense of humility, conscientiousness and obligation. It is truly a privilege to be able to serve you and our August and Noble Order in this capacity. To the Knights and Dames of the Priory of the Holy Angels I give you my love and deepest respect. We know the honor of wearing our Mantles and the Cross is not easily won, and with it comes great responsibility. We have each given our oath before Almighty God that we would undertake the mission to which He has called each of us, knowing full well that the way we must go is fraught with danger, derision and ridicule. But we took those vows willingly. Know that I will be here for you in whatever capacity you need of me. Every Knight and Dame has the right to contact me in any matter. I am here to listen. But I also encourage you to utilize those Knights who serve in a greater rank than you, because those Knights and Dames possess a combined wisdom and knowledge far greater than any one person's abilities. As the first order of business as your newly elected Grand Prior, I would pay homage to the diligent efforts and wisdom of our Grand Prior Emeritus, James Reese, KGCTJ, and to the venerated members of the Council. Brother James' name and accomplishments will be forever written in the annals of the Knights Templar as one of our greatest Knights for leading us through our recent tumultuous past to this point in our history. Under his wise and compassionate leadership our Order has organized as a Democratic Brotherhood, disallowing the Rule of "One" to embrace the Rule of the Majority. The days of autocratic imperative are behind us, and we will depend on the combined wisdom of the Council to continue on this, our chosen path. The names of the Council members and their record of achievements will be written next to Grand Prior Emeritus Reese's as the body of Knights that created our new Order. Our Order sends a bright, new light into the world – a light that, with the help of God, will beat back the forces of darkness to the very gates of Hell. Our Priory has undergone a very difficult period that tested our strength and unity as a Brotherhood of Knights but we have come through trials and tribulations that would have torn lesser organizations apart. We emerged stronger and better, as a sword is forged in the heat of the flame, because each of us realizes we have a Holy Mission to carry out, and with the Grace and Guidance of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ + we will succeed. I ask that now we place any differences aside and stand together, shield to shield, as brothers and comrades in arms to face the challenges that will come. Together we have written Templar history, having conducted the first election in many decades. And, standing shoulder to shoulder, we will continue to write history to glorify our Lord and his Holy Christian Church. We must always keep the Templar Motto first and foremost in our hearts and minds: Non nobis, Domine, non nobis, sed Nomine, tuo da Gloriam! Not To Us, O Lord, Not To Us, But To Your Name Give Glory. We must be ever mindful that our primary mission is to protect the Holy Christian Church anywhere in the World, and to defend our Lord's persecuted church. The hateful, mindless slaughter of the Lord's followers must cease. As Grand Prior, it will be one of my primary goals to establish our Priory as a 501(c) 3 not-for-profit organization by the end of this calendar year, and to begin a grass-roots effort to raise the consciousness of other Christians about the plight of our persecuted brothers and sisters. I intend to rely heavily on each and every Knight and Dame to begin proselytizing on our mission at every opportunity to any and all who will listen. Our second priority is to increase our membership. We will conduct discussions amongst ourselves about that in the immediate future. But I commission each of you to begin seeking Christian men and women that may be willing to take up our mission, to join us in battle against the forces of darkness and to follow our Lord. To our brethren in foreign lands, we stand with you as equals and extend you the love one brother has for another. The Sovereign Military Order of Christian Knights Templar and the Priory of Holy Angels stands as a free and autonomous Order in the Templar realm. We extend our hand to you in friendship, in the hope that you will also stand with us in this Holy Mission. Yours in most Humble and Obedient Servant in Christ James W. Case, Knight Grand Cross of the Temple of Jerusalem By the Grace of God, Grand Prior Priory of the Holy Angels Sovereign Military Order of Christian Knights Templar

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