Baloch are united in leadership of Nawab Akbar Bugti who has left his home to wage war of Baloch rights. Dr. Wahid Baloch


Washington: "Today we are gathered here to condemn the military operation and genocide of Baloch Nation by Pakistani military dictators. Gen Musharraf calls it a war against three Sardar, but let me tell you this Ladies and gentlemen," This is not a war against three Sardars but a war against the whole Baloch Nation. A war we didn't ask for, but have been imposed upon us by Pakistani military dictators. From Gwadar (Mekran) to Kholu and Dera Bugti, from Noshki and Kharan to Bela and Awaran, from United Arab Emirates to Norway and Sweden, from London and Moscow to Washington and Toronto all Balochs are united against this war and are united in the leadership of Nawab Akbar khan Bugti, Nawab khair Bux Marri and Sardar Attaullah Mengal to fight this war and to defend their land, their coasts and their resources to the end. This is a war of survival of Baloch Nation and we have no choice left but fight this war and to defend ourselves.' Said dr. Wahid Baloch, during a protest, held in front of Pakistani embassy in Washington Dc. Dr. Wahid Said, Baloch are united in the leadership Of Nawab Akbar khan Bugti," We are proud of Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti who have left his home in this old age and in this cold weather and who is fighting the this war in mountains for Baloch Nation. Nawab Bugti, we are with you. The whole Baloch Nation is with you and we are very proud of your great leadership." He said. Dr. Wahid appealed all the Baloch Nationalist parties and the three BSO groups to unite themselves to defend Balochistan." It is the time that all Baloch people bury their small differences once for all for the greater cause of Balochistan and join hands in the leadership of Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti to defend their homeland from Pakistani military thugs. He condemned the Arrest warrants Of Nawab Bugti and others and said, "Warrant of arrest should been drawn against those who broke the supreme Law of country, the constitution, by throwing it through the window and who took over the power through back doors, who broke the country and are persistent to break it again and who are killing innocent Baloch people using Phosphorus and Napalm bombs and are killing innocent Baloch using military gunship helicopters and fighters jet and who are committing war crimes and gross human right violation in Balochistan and Genocide of Baloch Nation. " Dr. Wahid Baloch Said, "this is not the first military operation, but the 5th one and actually this was started last years in March 2005, in which 60 people mostly Hindu children and women were killed in Dera Bugti. " He appealed the united Nation and the world community to intervene immediately to stop the military operation and genocide in Balochistan. "On behalf of Baloch Nation, I appeal the United Nation and the world Community to please intervene immediately to stop the Pakistani military operation and Genocide of Baloch Nation. How long more the world community will stay a silent spectator of Pakistani crimes against humanity, he asked. " Sindhis, Baloch in US flay Pak military action in Balochistan February 07, 2006. Sindhis and Baloch from across the United States have condemed Pakistan for the military action in Balochistan province and the government`s firm insistence on proceeding with the construction of mega-dams on the Indus river. Gathered in strength in front of the Pakistan Embassy in Washington DC Monday evening, several representatives of Sindhi organisations condemned the military dictatorship in Pakistan and demanded the right to self-determination to ensure that Sindhis could lead a life of dignity, freedom, honour and equal rights. Munawar of Laghari World Sindhi Institute appealed to international organisations to conduct independent investigations into the alleged human rights violations taking place in Sindh and Balochistan. He said all the oppressed nationals of Pakistan want to live within its federation with dignity, peace, and justice and equal rights. "However, the military and ruling elite are pushing them to a point where they feel that the only avenue left is that of self-determination," Wahid Baloch of Bosnia said. "From Makran to Kohlu, from Kharan to Awaran and from Dera Bugti to Quetta, all Baloch within Pakistan and abroad are united against the military dictatorship." Why Balochistan is burning Walter Landry, director of the of the Think Tank of Self Determination, said every nation has the right to exercise self-determination. He pointed out it was this desire and this right that resulted in the break-up of the Soviet Union and allowed nations to develop according to their own needs and with their own resources. Dr Malek Towghi said the Baloch had been struggling for their rights since 1947. Gwadar Port and Balochistan`s natural resources are for the Baloch, he added. Basir Chand, general secretary of the DC chapter of Pakistan People`s Party said the people were united against the military and condemned the operation in Balochistan. "The ordinary people of Punjab do not want to go against the wishes of Sindh and believe that the decision to construct dams must be made by a representative government," Humaira Rahman, director of the World Sindhi Institute said. "General Musharaf is using the tax dollars of Americans and Canadians to silence domestic dissent against military rule." `Both sides are tired of hostility` Rasul Baksh Palijo said, "Today`s Pakistan is not the Pakistan of Mohammed Ali Jinnah; Sindh joined Pakistan on the basis of the 1940 Lahore resolution, which envisaged that the Center would control defence, foreign affairs and currency while all other issues would remain in the domain of the provinces." "The situation in the country today is fast approaching that which prevailed in 1971, when Bangladesh became independent. The acute shortage of river water in the delta and coastal areas is fast turning the land into a desert," he said. Wearing symbolic ajrak scarves, the rallyists delivered a memorandum to the Embassy of Pakistan, outlining their concerns and demands. Monday`s rally was organised by the World Sindhi Institute in collaboration with Sindhi Association of North America, World Sindhi Congress, Global Pushtun Institute, Baloch Society of North America, Baloch Human Rights International, and Torture Abolition Survivors Supports Coalition International. UNI

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