Global Council of Indian Christians GCIC, investigation report on Christian oppression presented to CBI and Higher Court to constitute independent commission. Sajan George


Banglore; April 2, 2006. Atrocities being committed on Christians in the state of Rajasthan with the proactive support of government of Rajasthan particularly minister for social welfare Madan Dilawar Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC) investigations are transferred to CBI and the other matters are taken in the Apex Court for appointment of a commission to look into the issues and suggest measures to protect the minority communities in Rajasthan or by transferring all these matters out of Rajasthan. Investigations: Sh, Madan Dilawar, Minister for Social Welfare is known as a radical leader in RSS Parivar In the past he piloted the movement against Muslims and lead many attacks on them. For the last couple of years he is organizing atrocious and violent actions against the Christians. Sh. Madan Dilawar, being a minister in the BJP Government is misusing his official position and BJP and Sangh Pariwar to create troubles for Christians. Sh. Madan Dilawar, is instrumental in not only resisting the annual conferences and other programmes and celebrations of the Emmanuel Mission but is also using the Government Departments to harass and victimize the Christians, their institutions particularly the schools. BJP & RSS Pariwar activists filed various criminal cases against the Emmanuel Mission and its institutions. In some of these the local police filed case final report. Other cases have not been challaned to the Court. There is no case where the Emmanuel Mission or its workers were awarded punishment by any court of law so far. During October 2005 and from February 2006 till today, BJP & RSS Pariwar activists have mounted up their pro-active activities against Christians of Rajasthan. There are about 200 press clippings and photographs, letters and other documents running into more than 1000 pages, which contain the stories of atrocities and high handedness committed by the BJP & RSS Pariwar. A list giving the brief of these paper clippings shows the quantum of criminal atrocities, highhandedness and victimization to Christians in Rajasthan. Some of the instances of atrocities against Christians are quoted in brief as below: I) Cases were filed against Christians that they are making conversions to Christianity. Leave alone criminal acts of conversion i.e. by allurement /threats not a single case of conversion could be proved against Emmanuel Mission. II) Attempts were made to stop the participants in the Annual functions, like graduation ceremony etc. coming from various parts of the country to Kota and the participants were detained on railway stations, bus stands and were bundled back to their respective places. Police, other government departments and the activists of BJP & RSS Pariwar tried to obtain statements from them to prove their allegations of conversions under force or allurement. III) The local administration utterly failed and expressed their inability and helplessness perhaps under the pressure from the high ups in the Government, in controlling the situation on the occasions of these annual functions etc. This is all on record. IV) In February 2006 FIRs were filed against Emmanuel Mission against its involvement in selling a book named Haqeeqat, which contain derogatory remarks against Gods/Goddesses and saints of other religions. Soon after knowing about the FIR the Emmanuel Mission issued press statements and published paid advertisements in news papers specifically stating the mission is neither the writer, nor the publisher, nor the printer, nor the distributor of this book. By mistake some copies of the book have found entry in its literature shop and were sold. The Mission also stated that the mission does not subscribe to the contents and the views contained in this book and rather condemned the same. The Mission said that we create love, affection and doing services to the poor, orphans, widows, drug addicts and we do not believe in creating hatred and therefore, we are not a party or votary to the views contained in the book regarding other religions. The Mission said that we believe in secularism and believe in working for the development of the nation by providing education, health care to our countrymen and services to the needy. The track record of the mission of the period of about 30 years proves that it has never indulged in down grading or insulting any religion. 1000s of books, bills, leaflets besides radio broad casts are a testimony to the fact that the mission had never indulged in any sort of uncalled for actions through written, spoken or in any other form ever in the past till today and it has no plans to contemplate or indulge in such activities in future as this is not the part of the ideology of the mission. Sh. Madan Dilawar and his associates, however, under took the tirade and spread hatred against Christians and it spread like a wild fire in Rajasthan, which resulted in to all sorts of atrocities on Christians thereby damaging the immoveable and moveable properties of the Christians. The news items, which appeared in various dailies, are testimony to all what has been done and is being done by the BJP & RSS Pariwar against Christians. Sh. Madan Dilawar was instrumental in deputing team of officers to conduct stage-managed probes into the functioning of various registered societies of the Mission. The teams prepared reports based on false and frivolous grounds that the societies are not working according to the rules. The registrar of societies was made to issue notices to the societies on flimsy grounds for cancellation of registration. It is shocking to note that only three days time was given to the societies to send replies to these notices. Although the important executives of the societies i.e. the President, Secretary and Treasurer etc. were not in town the societies were directed to give replies within three days or otherwise the registrations will be cancelled they were threatened. The members of the executive committees of the societies replied these notices within the prescribed time limit of three days. The Registrar of societies, however, took only one working day to cancel the registration of the societies on baseless and flimsy grounds. The matters against cancellation of these registrations are however, still pending before the high Court of Rajasthan at Jaipur. Sh. Madan Dilawar is instrumental in forcing the other authorities of the Government to be proactive against orphanages, schools, offices, institutions etc. of the Mission and to close down or take over the same by the Government even without waiting for the judgment of the High Court. The Government authorities have also issued notices about the various moveable and immoveable properties owned by the societies, schools, churches, institutions, orphanages, widow homes etc. of the mission all over Rajasthan, to submit the status report with respect to their ownership and construction of immoveable properties, within 24 hours. The time frame of 24 hours in such matter is ridiculous and is not at all justified/ rational by any stretch of imagination. This is, therefore, nothing but the height of atrocities and high handedness of the Government. The Christians are being intimidated, arrested, put behind bars on one pretext or the other. Arch Bishop Dr. M.A. Thomas, recipient of Padam Shree an old man of 74 years, seriously sick as per the medical records and a person who has never been found wanting or indulging in any unsocial activities leave alone the criminal offences, has been declared proclaimed offender and notice has been issued to forfeit the properties of the missions and its institutions. Bishop Dr. Samuel Thomas was arrested without observing the laid down rules and norms to be observed at the time of arrest, on 16th March 2006, but the local city magistrate has rejected his bail application on various dates. The hooligans of BJP & RSS Pariwar are vandalizing to intimidate the Christians. News has appeared in various dailies that Sh. Madan Dilawar, and his associates have taken vow to uproot the Christians from Rajasthan. News items have also appeared in dailies that activitists of BJP & RSS Pariwar have declared a reward of Rs. 11 lacs to whosoever brings the head of Christian Mission, Dr. M.A. Thomas. The Christians who are in jail are facing danger to their lives from the fellow interns in Police / judicial custody as the atmosphere inside the lock ups and jails has also been charged and some muscle men have found entry into lock ups and jails where Christians have been kept in custody. Complaints have been made to the National Human Rights Commission who has already asked for reports from the Chief Secretary and DG Police of Rajasthan. Matters are being contested in courts right from the local magistrate up to the highest Court but the same are taking their own course. Meanwhile the Christians in Rajasthan are living under serious threats to their properties and lives. It is being seriously considered that the Christians in Rajasthan will not get justice, protection and safety to their lives and properties and are exposed to humiliation, harassment and what not. In the given circumstances it is being considered that the investigations are transferred to CBI and the other matters are taken in the Apex Court for appointment of a commission to look into the issues and suggest measures to protect the minority communities in Rajasthan or by transferring all these matters out of Rajasthan.

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