Christians are integral part of Pakistan. James Fazal


Philadelphia; (Report submitted by Mehwish Rashid) Mr. James Fazal, ex-director Caritas Pakistan talking on phone commented on recent situation in Pakistan "With a heavy heart I heard on the radio, TV and read the news about the tribulations and violence in Pakistan and other part of the world where Christians are co-existing for centuries with their Muslims brothers' Mr. Fazal said "The tradition in Pakistan is that the Christians have always to pay for the faults of the Christians from out side Pakistan. This is not new. It has been happening in the past and will continue till the Pakistani Muslims consider all the non-Muslims as part of their nation as Pakistanis" "We, the Christian Pakistanis are integral part of Pakistan and have always stood with the Muslim community by sharing in their happy and sad occasions. But the irony is that some of the Muslims radicals have never allowed the Pakistanis to unite and be seen Pakistan as one nation' he added About Pakistan Movement he said "I recall that a single Christian vote which if put on the Indian side would never have allowed the existence of Pakistan. The History in Pakistan never highlight this important event. Instead, whenever there was war with India the Christians were considered prime suspects in conspiring against Pakistan and favoring India, neglecting the fact that the Christians Army Jawans fought valiantly for the Motherland alongside their Muslim Army Jawans throughout the four wars with India and awarded rewards for their bravery and faithfulness in protecting our national boundaries. With attitude like this, the Christians were made strangers and enemies of Islam for the mostly un-educated population of Pakistan. "Jera darkht modon winga nikle auno sidha karna bara mushkal honda ay" (Punjabi proverb). Meaning a tree that is crooked from the root is difficult to make it straight." Commenting on leadership Mr. James said "The agonizing fact is that there is a faint light at the end of the tunnel for emergence of positive and uniting leadership in the near future. The nation is getting corrupted from the root to the fruit (Qom jar se phal tak khai ja rahi hai). In the wake of such a situation there is hardly any hope for a positive change coming in the near future'

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