A Conspiracy to Assassinate Bishop Timotheus Nasir.


CNI. Gujranwala. A renowned Biblical Scholar, a well known theologian, an out standing writer and the only Christian Apologist, Rt. Rev. Dr. Major (Retired) Timotheus Nasir, has been dragged in to a "Conspiracy" by a group of Muslim Mullahs with the purpose to "Kill" him. Bishop Timotheus Nasir has been refuting so-called Muslim scholars who are in the habit of undermining Christian Faith, insulting the Holy Bible and the Holy Personage of Christian faith since last Twenty Six years. He has silenced the most renowned Muslim scholars and during a religious debate in Sialkot on 7th October 1987 he caused great embarrassment to the South African scholar Sheikh Ahmad Dedaat. In twenty six years no Muslim scholar has been able to answer Bishop Nasir. The Muslim scholars after failing to give a logical answer to Bishop Nasir's questions, finally decided to "get rid" of him once and for all. They prepared a Mullah from Karachi to start working on the conspiracy by publishing highly derogatory articles in an Islamic monthly magazine, "The Monthly Saut ul Islam". In June 2002 Mullah Illias Suttar sent one copy of March 2002 issue and one copy of June issue of his publication to Bishop Timotheus Nasir who is also Editor of the most out spoken Christian Urdu monthly magazine, "The Monthly Kalam-E-Haq". Mullah Illias Suttar in his article on Exodus of Israelites he wrote in brackets (Real Bible and Koran Majeed) thus willfully defiling the Holy Bible. He also published extremely derogatory article on the "Four Gospels" and insulted Saint Paul. He repeatedly sent provocative "Emails" and even used abusive language. Yet he failed to deter Bishop Nasir from answering malicious questions of Mullah Illias Suttar. Finally a "Law Suit" has been filed in Sindh High Court Karachi with the intentions to ""Kill" Bishop Timotheus Nasir so that once he reaches Karachi or the High Court, some "un-known terrorists" can "shoot" or "Blow" Bishop Nasir. It is a known fact that the situation of city of Karachi is extremely dangerous and the Bishop in his clergy dress will be a well defined target for a long range weapon, a close and hidden dagger or even a revolver. Bishop Timotheus Nasir wrote l letter to the Chief Justice Sindh High Court Karachi, Chief Justice Supreme Court of Pakistan, The President of Pakistan, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, the Governor of Sindh, the Federal Minister for Law, the Federal Minister of Religious Affairs and the Minister of State for Minority Affairs. These letters were mailed via TCS (Over Night Mail) on 15th May 2006 and were received by all on 16th May 2006. Yet no one has so far responded. However Bishop Timotheus Nasir is determined to appear in the Sindh High Court Karachi on 10th August 2006. He has declined the services of any lawyer. According to Bishop Nasir, "If I have to face such death, I will. But I have already nominated my "Killers" and I have "Registered an FIR (First Information Report" in the Editorial of Monthly Kalam-E-Haq, June Issue. According to Bishop Timotheus Nasir, this "Conspiracy" against me reflects the Hate that exists in Pakistan for Christians, Religious Harassment, Detestation against Christian Community of Pakistan, Religious Discrimination and Un Just attitude of the Judiciary and Government of Pakistan. He said, I have no resentment against Mullahs as this is their "Profession" but the silence of Judiciary and the Government on the issue proves that "Mullahs" have full backing of Judiciary and the Government of Pakistan. I shall "Surrender my Pakistani Nationality" the day I appear in the Court, said the Bishop with determination. The Christians all over the world are watching the new situation where a Bishop has been summoned by the court on an issue that has no validity and legal or moral ground. It is worth mentioning that Rt. Rev. Dr. Major (Retired) Timotheus Nasir has written over two thousand articles in English and Urdu. He is the author of "New Testament Commentary for Common Reader", Detailed Commentary on the "Book of Revelation, Genesis, Ruth, Esther and Songs on Solomon". These Commentaries are in process of printing though published in the Monthly Kalam-E-Haq the monthly Urdu magazine published from Gujranwala. (To find his article please visit www.siloampak.org

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