Indian Muslim Groups condemn Mumbai bomb blasts


Mumbai, July 12. ( The latest figures from Mumbai are that over a hundred people were killed in the multiple bomb blasts on local commuter trains. Once again Indian Muslims find themselves nervous about what the coming days will bring. Will it be like Varanasi and Delhi, after which the whole nation rejected the politics of hate and showed to the world that India is about pluralism, or will it be like post-Godhra genocide which caused shame to every Indian. No group has taken the responsibility of these terror attacks, and it is too soon to find out through investigation who the culprits are; but once again, the right wing parties are trying to take political advantage of this and will try to blame the Muslims. Any terrorist attack on the general public is bound to hit all Indians without making a distinction based on religion. The Responses of the Indian Muslims to this attack against the common Indians are full of anger and shock. All Indian Muslim organizations issuing statements condemned this act as the most heinous and a crime against humanity. Dr. Shaik Ubaid, President of Indian Muslim Council-USA, said "We condemn these heinous crimes. The perpetrators are not only just enemies of India but enemies of humanity. We are always deeply pained by such senseless acts of violence." The AMU Network, an email network of about 6000 strong AMU alumni, released a statement strongly condemning the killing of innocent people in the Mumbai train bomb blasts today. Shaheer Khan, the moderator of the network, said "this cowardly act is a blot on the civilized society and must be condemned by all in the strongest terms." The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) also came out with a strong statement condemning the bomb blasts. CAIR is also seeking a meeting with the Indian ambassador in Washington, D.C., to offer the Muslim community`s condolences for the loss of lives. In a statement by the Washington-based Islamic civil rights and advocacy group, it was said: "These senseless and brutal bombings, like similar attacks in London and Madrid, must be condemned and repudiated by people of all faiths. Those who carry out such crimes only serve to harm any cause they claim to represent. We offer our sincere condolences to the loved ones of those killed or injured and call for the swift apprehension and prosecution of the perpetrators." The statement issued by the Association of Indian Muslims of America (AIM) strongly urged the government of Maharashtra and India to "leave no stone unturned to identify and apprehend the terrorists responsible for this heinous crime, and to bring them to justice." Indian Muslim Council also called on the Indian government to arrest the perpetrators of this terrorist act. They demanded swift justice and maximum penalty under the law. Private individuals were also quick to show their anger on this incident. Several email messages were sent to Muslim mailing lists sharing the shocking news and commenting on the ugliness of the politics that has taken this form. Zubair Jafri, son of Ehsan Jafri who was killed in the Gujarat riots of 2002, says that no cause can justify any killing. He emphasized that recurring barbaric crimes are committed by only a few but hundreds of people end up paying for it by their lives. Mr. Mirza A. Beg who lives in USA, in an email to Indian Muslims mailing list, noted "It is also a reflection of our utter failure to tame our split personality. As individuals we suffer and grieve and perhaps throw a few crumbs through a charitable organization, but as a society we create conditions through our governments to be duplicitous, and cruel while claiming to be good. " He urged not to become complacent and do whatever we can so that tragedies like this are not repeated. He writes "Just as we have learned to put our personal family tragedies behind we put this behind as well, and the dance of death and destruction continues in our name. We are guilty of silence." Dr. Mustafa Kamal Sherwani of Zanzibar University, Tanzania sees an opportunity in this tragedy. He writes in an email message sent to various mailing lists "This heart-rending occurrence has once again provided the people of the country an opportunity to emerge as a single unit and one integrated force to face such challenges, and confront them with a renewed determination and resolve." Almost everyone hoped that politics will once again take a back seat to let the process of healing and law enforcement do their work. IMC-USA expected that the Indian Government will not let political parties and religious groups, which do not believe in pluralism and secular democracy, exploit this situation. In this difficult time Indian Muslims are standing shoulder to shoulder to not only condemn the terrorist act, but also in sympathy and a resolve to not let this issue disturb India`s tradition of pluralism. IMC-USA gave voice to all Indian Muslims` feeling with their statement that "We stand in sympathy with the families and friends of those who lost their lives and call on all Indians to join together and condemn this violence against innocent civilians." Mr. Kaleem Kawaja, president of AIM urged all Indians to join in pledging that we will not allow the cowardly terrorists to disturb the timeless multi-religious, multi-ethnic, secular structure of the Indian nation.

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