Muslim man attempts to rape Christian minor girl


Kasur, Pakistan: June 17, 2017. (PCP) 28 years old Mohammad Aslam attempted to rape a minor, Mehwish Shaoukat ,aged 8, at Rao Khan Wala Kasur on June 8, 2017. Mehwish Shaukat, live at a Brick Kiln factory along with her parents Shaukat Masih aged about 46 and Nasreen Bibi aged about 45. She has two elder brothers named Sharoon Shaukat aged 18 and Haroon Shaukat aged 13 while she has a younger brother named Samson aged 7 and a sister named Kajal aged 4. Shaukat Masih and Nasreen Bibi are bounded labors at brick kiln and make bricks on very low wages along with their two elder sons for last 5 years. Whereas they prefer the little ones to stay at home due to hot (40% - 45% temperature). On June 8, Shaukat Masih, Nasreen Bibi and their elder sons went to their work at early in the morning and the little children including Mehwish stayed at home. They were sleeping when at about 5:30 a.m Mohammad Aslam 28 years a Muslim neighbor entered the house and came to Mehwish. He started touching Mehwish body parts and take off her trousers. She got up and become afraid, she started shouting and calling her little brother Samson who already got up because of the noise and cries of Mehwish. Samson runaway towards the Brick Kiln and informed his father Shaukat Maish and mother Nasreen Bibi. Meanwhile Mohammad Aslam escaped but Shaukat Masih got him outside the house and asked him that how he can touch his daughter. Mohammad Aslam become offensive and threatened Shaukat Masih for severe consequences if he reported the matter in the police. Same day on June 8, Innocent Mehwish approached CTS along with her parents Shaukat Masih, Nasreen Bibi and Asif Raza (a volunteer worker of CTS at Rao Khan Wala) and requested for help and assistance in filling a legal case of attempt of rape against Mohammad Aslam. Katherine Sapna directed Mr. Nadeem Hussan Advocate High Court to deal with the matter and to write an application to the Station House Officer Raja Jhang District Kasur for the registration of case FIR against Mohammad Aslam. The same day an application was submitted in the police station on behalf of Shaukat Masih. Police immediately raided the brick kiln for the arrest of Mohammad Aslam who was escaped but police asked the brick kiln owner for the help in arresting Mohammad Aslam otherwise police will get him arrested in the same allegation. Police showed deep concern and immediately legal action against Mohammad Aslam but delayed case registration. On the other side Bricks factory owner started pressurizing Shaukat Masih and his family on gun point to withdraw the rape case otherwise they would have to pay the amount of Rs.2,050,000 PKR which they have already borrowed from the owner. Later through the help of CTS the case FIR 243/17 was registered offence under section 376 & 511 of the Pakistan Penal Code on June 11, 2017 in the police station Raja Jhang Kasur against Mohammad Aslam. Police also raided the brick factory again and get arrested Mohammad Aslam and locked him up in the Police station lockup. The Brick Kiln owner and the accused parents started to pressurize Shaukat Masih and his family and forced him for compromise as well as to withdraw the case. Later they also filed a fake application in the same police station against Shaukat Masih his two elder sons Sharoon, Haroon and a brother Javed Masih, blaming them for harassment and threat for life to accused family. Shaukat Masih and his family got worried; they fled away and informed CTS about the counter application in the police station. On June 12, 2017 CTS team including Katherine Sapna, Salamat Gill and Asif Raza rushed towards the police station Raja Jhang and met the SHO to inquire the matter. SHO was cooperative with CTS team and informed that Mohammad Aslam is in police custody and they will produce him before the court within a day or two for the judicial remand. On asking about the application against Shaukat Masih and others, SHO informed the team that police has received an application against victim’s party but it has no worth. CTS team also visited Mohammad Aslam in the police station just to be ensured that he was in the custody. SHO suggested team to visit Tanveer Ahmad Investigation Officer in the Police Chauki Orara. CTS team went to the Police Chauki and met Tanveer Ahmad who is dealing the case and he assured the team that he will bring the accused to punish. He also made commitment to the CTS team and said that in two days accused will be in Jail and minor Mehwish will be given justice. He also said that the victim’s family should inform police if they are threatened by the owner for compromise. Tanveer Ahmad IO, asked CTS that he required Mehwish for medical examine, just for the confirmed report by doctors that she was not raped but attempted to rape. He showed concern that may be the minor is raped and she is so frightened and not telling truth On June 13, 2017 along with the police constables the minor girl Mehwish was taken to the District Head Quarter Hospital Kasur for the medical examine where a lady doctor examined her properly and declared that she was not raped. On June 14, 2017 Mohammad Aslam was declared as an accused by the police and sent to the jail on judicial remand by the court order. CTS team request your prayers for the safety of Mehwish Shaukat and her parents. This is not the first case when the brick kiln owner supported accused and pressurized victim’s party for compromise and withdraw the case. Presently the situation is not so good, not only victim Party but CTS team is facing pressure in dealing and helping innocent minor Mehwish in this attempt of rape case against Mohammad Aslam.

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