Muslim landlord murder Christian contract worker Javed Masih


Faisalabad: July 26, 2017. (PCP) Javed Masih son of Arshad Masih aged about 28 years was working as a Serf in the village named Kamal Pur Panjchak in Faisalabad. In 2015, he bought a house from Rashid Ali and lent an amount of PKR 315,000/-from Tajamal Jutt in 2015 upon an agreement to work as his Serf for 24 hours for two years. Javed agreed to work for Tajamal and his brothers Muzamal and Bilal for two years for 24 hrs and they will give him 7,000 cash in hand each month and also the loan will be deducted within two years. The agreement got signed between Tajamal and Javed as stated above, and Javed started to work for the Jutts. During two years, i.e. from June 2015 to June 2017 Masih worked for them day and night, he used to plough the fields, graze the cattle, did their house hold tasks and besides bearing brutal torture on every trivial mistake. He was getting petrified with the passage of time to that extent that he lost his appetite, sleep and peace of mind. Somehow even he was suffering from mental stress and anxiety due to un necessary and unusual torture and threats on all small issues at the hands of the Jutt brothers especially the younger brother Bilal Jutt, who also threat him after brutally torturing him that you are going to die here like a rotten egg and you will never be able to leave this place. After completing two dreadful years of his service Masih finally told Tajamal Jutt that he has completed his agreement in June 2017 against the money he borrowed from Tajamal and now he wants to leave the job. Due to this the Jutt brothers got furious and hey ted him up and beaten him brutally for being so courageous to talk to them about leaving. They also threatened him that he will die but he cannot leave the job. Javed Masih got sacred and did not dared to tell this to anyone. On 19th July 2017, Bilal send Javed to the shop to buy the stroke medicine to place in the Wheat godown, Javed brought the medicine and gave it to Bilal. In the evening at about 8:00pm Masih didn’t felt well and he fell off the ground. His co-workers picked him up and informed the Jutt brothers and they took him to the nearest clinic, but he started to faint and the local doctor told them to take him to the hospital. But the Jutt brothers threw him in front of his house in the night and went away. His mother and younger brother Irfan were alone at home and they had no means to take him to the hospital in the middle of the night. They begged Bilal and Tajamal to take him to the hospital but they didn’t listened. Next morning at about 7:00am Irfan called 1122 ambulance to take him to the hospital, but unfortunately when they reached the hospital Javed was very serious and he died at about 9:00am in the morning. The doctors informed that he is been poisoned, or he took poison, therefore the cause of death is poisoning. The police announced it as a suicide case and hence did not registered the case. The family is now persistent that the Jutt brothers have murdered him therefore they demanded justice. The Voice’s fact finding: The Voice team was approached by the family for legal help. The team visited the village and the family. After knowing all the facts from the family, the Voice team talked to the Doctor and to the Deputy Superintendent of the Police. He assured the team that he will order the FIR as soon as the Postmortem report is finalized. It is a fact that we have to wait for the Post Mortem report because it seems that he committed suicide, because he brought wheat poisoning medicine himself, but behind the curtain there are facts that needs to be revealed by Post mortem report. The Voice team suggested the family to wait for the report. We hope that it will come soon within one or two days. The Voice team consoled the family, the mother of the deceased and also helped them financially. The Voice assured the family that we will fight for Justice for Javed Masih if he’s murdered at the hands of the Jutts. We are also counting on the post mortem report for the registration of a criminal case against Tajamal, Muzammal and Bilal Jutt. Please keep the family in your prayers.

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