Save my Future: Call by a Christian student in Karachi who is victim of retired Pak Navy Muslim administrator of Medicare School of Nursing JMCH, Karachi


With due respect I beg to state that I am Danish Bhatti s/o Mc'Arther Bhatti. I am studying at Medicare School of Nursing (JMCH), SR-6 Sec 7-A, Korangi Industrial Area, Karachi. I am 3rd year General Nursing student. I've started my professional studies there in September 2004 but after I completed my 1st year and in the beginning of second year our principal was changed. After that my studies and career are in jeopardy due to our principal's behavior.Me and my family was mentally bruised my him. My Principal Lt. (r) Ijaz Ahmed Abbasi PN since he came as our principal he's making the students mentally upset and depressed. But I stand on my place and never backed up. But he's still making me and my family mentally disturb. 1. Before me he mentally tortured 8 other boys and issued them N.O.C for no proper reason, most of the students were christian not only with students, other christian staff was also removed. 2. Henry Younis is a student who cleared 2nd year and he forced him to give an undertaking in which was written that I am willingly terming back one year. 3. He wants me to give the same type of undertaking on a stamp paper, I came to my home and told my parents about it. 4. My father sent him a letter # 391 on 8th March 2007 in which my father requested him to tell what type of stamp paper he wants and why are you mentally torturing my son. 5. He replied to that letter via TCS on 12th March 2007 which I received on 13th March 2007. 6. He asked me to write a stamp paper and post it to him till 10th March 2007. 7. What should I write in the reply when he did gave me the deadline. 8. But then we contacted Board of Nursing for this purpose. 9. The Board of Nursing didn't gave us any response. 10. After that my parents directly went to meet my principal on 17th March 2007, next day was Sunday and on Monday was my supplementary exam. My parents went there in the morning and they were kept sitting till 3pm and then he called his Personal Assistant and asked him to make a undertaking and forced me to sign it otherwise he was not issuing my son's admit card.Not only this time the last time in September 2006 when I had my annual examination he issued me admit-card at 10 pm and next day at 8am was my exam. Now he's not letting me sit in the class and telling me that you are terminated. When I ask for my termination letter he;s not giving it to me neither he;s letting me sit in the class and daily torturing me mentally. I am very depressed due to all this and my family is very much disturbed due to all the problems he's creating. All the letter's My father had sent to my principal and Director Board of Nursing Sindh Mrs. Ruby Iqbal. I requested to her and she's also saying that they can't do anything because they have nothing to do with private nursing institutions. My Principal haven't issued me any letter neither sent my parents any letter regarding any problem. I cleared all my exams in the 1st year and in the second year I also cleared all the exams but couldn't able to perform the practicals. I cleared the exams again this time but have to give the practicals in supplementary. I am scared that he can make my result as per his choice because he wants me to sit in the second year and he's profile person who had good links in Board of Nursing as well. Please Sir, Make my life setelled and save my parents money. I am mentally very disturbed due to all this and my family is under high stress. I request you to take some action because I just have six months and will have my annual 3rd year exams. And take some action on the illegal activities of my Principal. Sir, My principal always qoutes that no one can harm him because he is a relative of Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and threats by his name, Please kindly do something about my matter ! He`s also behaving badly with Christian staff and he fired most of the christian hospital staff. I again appeal you to kindly take some action because its my life`s matter and if no one take any action and my matter stayed like this I will commit suicide because i very depressed. I`ll be very thankful to you for this act of kindness.

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