A Muslim couple occupies Christian man’s house. By Jawad Mazhar (ROD)


A Muslim couple has occupied half of the house of a poor Christian man Yousaf Masih, about 3 months ago. On July 22nd, 2007 Shehnaz Bibi and her husband Aziz Baloch attacked and thrashed brutally with clubs to Yousaf Masih, his wife Majeedan Bibi, his mother Berkat Bibi 79 and daughter Rukhsana 12 in a bid to occupy the remaining part of Yousaf Masih's house.This regrettable incident took place at Jinazagha, Bajwa Colony, Sargodha, Pakistan. Rays of development Organization (ROD) conducted an interview with Yousaf Masih the victim. Yousaf Masih told ROD that his father purchased 10 Marlas (unit of land) against 20,000 thousand Pakistani Rupees, from Shehnaz Bibi's then husband Riaz Hussain in 1986. After getting divorce from Riaz Hussain, Shehnaz Bibi remarried to Aziz Baloch. Yousaf Masih & his wife told ROD that this Muslim couple have an immoral background and they have registered several bogus cases against their family. Moreover they abducted my younger son twice and left him at an unknown and far away place. Yousaf told ROD that on the night of July 21st, 2007 there were heavy showers through out the night. Due to the heavy rain one of the walls of his house collapsed. In the early morning he went out to inspect the place and started to pick up the bricks from the rain water. I don't know why this act of mine enraged Aziz Baloch & his wife Shehnaz Bibi; they unexpectedly attacked me and started to club me. Yousaf Masih went on saying that when his mother and wife came to rescue him, the Rukhsana d/o Yousaf Muslim couple clubbed them as well; Yousaf continued to say "they ransacked in to my house and attacked my daughter Rukhsana. They clubbed her so ruthlessly that she received scars on her back". "Shehnaz Bibi & Aziz Baloch even didn't spare my 79 years old mother, Berkat Bibi", Yousaf added. Yousaf Masih said that he is a poor man and attitude of the Muslim couple and pursuing of fabricated cases registered against him has made him even poorer. Rukhsana daughter of Yousaf Masih told ROD that, one day Shehnaz Bibi hurled death threats on her by brandishing a pistol. Yousaf's mother, Berkat Bibi told ROD that I want to live in peace and harmony with others in the lane. Yousaf's wife Majeedan Bibi said that our neighbours have started to suggest us to hand over the land to the Muslim couple and leave the place, otherwise it can be fatal for our family. Yousaf Masih said that he had approached to the Chief Minister Punjab and Governor Khalid Maqbool but even they couldn't help us. Yousaf Masih told ROD that he is fed up of this all and now he wants to live in total calm. Yousaf Masih appealed ROD to provide him legal help, he said that he want his house back.

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"Trial of Pakistani Christian Nation" By Nazir S Bhatti

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