Christian teenagers implicated in murder cases by radical Muslim. By Jawad Mazhar (ROD)


Christian youths are falsely implicated into murder cases by fundamental Muslim complainant. Allah Yar's son Muhammad Luqman was killed by his step-brother Muhammad Moazam on Nov, 19th, 2006. It is evident by all means that Haser Mawat and Shahbaz Masih, Christian youths are above suspicion. Even then Pakistani Judiciary fails to serve justice to them. Innocent Christian teenagers are detained in jail for last seven months under two fabricated murder cases. It has fallen as an extra burden on the budgets of poor Christian families; mother of Haser Mawat has lost her senses. Rays of development Organization (ROD) interviewed Ayub Gill the father of Haser Mawat. Interview of Gill revealed astounding drawbacks of Pakistani Police and Judiciary. Gill in his interview told ROD that the main indicted Muhammad Moazam, Shahbaz Masih and Haser Mawat his son were fast friends. And they used to spend a lot of time together. Ayub Gill went on saying that on the night of Nov, 19th, 2006, Muhammad Moazam killed his step-brother Muhammad Luqman. In the First Information Report (FIR) # 888/2006 at New Satellite Town Police Station Allah Yar accused four individuals namely Muhammad Moazam his younger son, Muhammad Imran and two other Muslim men. Gill told ROD team that the names of Haser Mawat and Shahbaz Javed were not mentioned in the police FIR # 888/2006. He said "Police implicated them later, on petitioners will, because Allah Yar wanted to save his own son Muhammad Moazam". ROD learnt that Ayub Gill was taken to police station New Satellite Town on Nov, 28th, 2006. There he was told that his son Haser Mawat has murdered Muhammad Luqman so police asked him to bring Haser Mawat to the Police Station. Gill said that I knew that my son has not committed this crime. He also said that it was nearly impossible for a teenager to choke a fully grown man of 28. On Gill's refusal to bring Haser Mawat to police Station, Police kept Gill detained illegally, until his son Haser Mawat appeared in the Police Station on Dec 4th, 2006. Gill said that at the police station Allah Yar the pursuer and police offered him Rs 300,000 ($5000) for revealing the names of Allah Yar's rivals in this case through Haser Mawat. After a few days, on Dec 15th, 2006, Gill, the father of Christian youth visited District Police Officer (DPO) accompanied by an advocate Ms Shahida Shaheen and pleaded for his innocent son. DPO Mr Umer Shiekh marked the application and forwarded to Station House Officer for fair investigation of the case. Gill went on saying that on Dec, 19th, 2006 he went to see DPO Mr Umer Shiekh, this time alone. Muhammad Moazam the key accused, Shahbaz Masih and his son Haser Mawat were present along with the petitioner at the office of DPO. Ayub Gill said that he felt depressing to see his son Haser Mawat and Shahbaz Masih wearing handcuffs. Gill also said that DPO shamelessly demanded me to implicate the rivals of Allah Yar, in this case. On Gill's refutation DPO got so enraged that he ordered to arrest him, as well, under section 109 of Pakistan Penal Code. "I protested but they wouldn't hear me", Gill said. "Therefore I, along with my son and other accused was brought to the New Satellite town Police Station" Gill continued "they locked me up and my son in separate cells". "They were torturing my son and I could hear his cries" Gill added "I felt so helpless". According to Ayub Gill on Dec 20th, 2006 his daughter submitted an application in the court of, Session Judge Pervaiz Ali Chawala against my unlawful locking up. Hence Session Judge Sargodha ordered a bailiff to release me, so I was unconfined on the night of Dec, 20th, 2006 through bailiff. When asked about the medical examiners report of Haser Mawat, Ayub Gill said that police blatantly delayed Haser Mawat's medical examination. Moreover doctors at DHQ hospital, Sargodha, examined the hands only. "They haven't revealed true injuries on his body" Gill said, "Despite the fact that the medical report was under reported, Civil Judge ordered to register a case under section 337 of Pakistan Penal Code against the policemen who were responsible for giving such severe injuries to my son. But the SHO has taken no action till now, regarding to the order of Civil Judge Sargodha". "This act of my daughter and my release through bailiff infuriated the Station House Officer (SHO). Hence the SHO registered another fake murder case against my son, Haser Mawat and Shahbaz Masih" Ayub Gill continued to say "In which they were accused of murdering a Muslim man, Imtiaz Hussain by poisoning him. The FIR number of this murder case is 955/2006, dated Dec 21st, 2006". Gill also added that On my application, Civil Judge Sargodha ordered grave excavation and it was revealed by the report of Chief Chemical Examiner Punjab that Imtiaz Hussain was not poisoned to death. However the Police Investigating Officer has not produced the chemical examiner's report to the Additional District & Session Judge Sargodha, Chaudhary Azhar, yet. Gill also said that his son Haser Mawat was a live and happy person. He was brilliant at his studies. His teachers always admired him for his excellent performance. In replying to a question he said that he approached Asma Jehangir (human rights activist) but in vane. In replying to another question, Ayub Gill said that in 1980 he married a Muslim lady who later embraced Jesus Christ as her saviour. In 1986 my in-laws lodged a case of seizure of a Muslim girl against me and my converted wife. Gill also said that due to the threats of his fanatic Muslim in-laws he has shifted his electronic repair shop from Sargodha city to Rehmat Park. Ayub Gill deduced that these two murder cases against my son are also the succession of the revenge of my radical Muslim in-laws. The showdown has been simmering in their hearts and they have been trying to convert my whole family to Islam. Shahbaz Javed's father Javed Masih said, "Shahbaz Javed was good mannered boy. He always respected his elder, parents and teachers". Masih went on saying that his son can't kill anyone; he loved music and his fellow men. How can such a kind hearted and creative teen dare to assassinate someone. When asked by ROD chairman Ferhan Mazher, what do they want ROD to do for their sons? Gill sobbed and said that his wife has lost her senses due to this bolt from the blue. So he asked ROD to provide an advocate to pursue the fake cases. Javed Masih said, "I want my son back home" he said trying to control his tears.

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