Christian NGO Edge Foundation distributes hundreds of food packs on Easter to those hit hard by COVID-19 in Pakistan


Lahore: A Lahore based Christian organisation The Edge Foundation distributed hundreds of food packages, masks, gloves and other essential items in Lahore and surrounding areas to those hit hard by COVID- 19. The packs were distributed in Lilyani, Easa Nagar, Garden Town (Junana) and Youhanabad where the majority of people are poor and work on daily wages. Because of the ongoing lockdown in the country life has become difficult for many especially for those working on the daily wages who have no work.

 Unfortunately, the pandemic has dramatically altered all our lives, but the impact is particularly severe in slums and poor areas where thousands of people were already struggling to make ends meet and because the lockdown situation is going from bad to worse. There are many, especially from the minority community, who are working on daily wages and therefore if there is no work for them there is no money, which means no food for them and for their families. There are already several families on the brink of starvation. 

It was a difficult decision taken by the Prime Minster Imran Khan as he has described the decision as walking a tight rope between slowing the spread of the virus and ensuring people do not die of hunger.

Acting Director of the Edge Foundation, Eliasaph Iqbal, said: “As there was a bit of a delay from the government in reaching needy people, we decided to take initiative and support our brothers and sisters in this difficult time.

“We are also helping our government in their endeavour as it is not possible for them to reach every needy person and family.”

 “Our Organisation, The Edge Foundation, is committed to offering as much support and aid as we can.

“We are working to distribute thousands of food packages and other essential items to suffering communities in Pakistan.”

Acting Director Eliasaph, and project Director A S Malik, took special interest as several volunteers took part to make this distribution happen.

 He added: “Though it is very risky for everyone, I felt compelled to take part personally to encourage my team and to make sure that packs are delivered in time as many people may not have food for themselves and for their children this Easter because of the lockdown.”

 Eliasaph said it was very touching when he met several people during the distribution and heard about their needs and suffering because of the non-availability of work.

Many people are concerned about the coming days and looking to the government to help them.

 Hopefully we will continue distributing food packs and reaching the neediest, but the need is great therefore richer people must help the needy people in their neighbourhood. We cannot leave it to just to the government, but we all have a responsibility and we must unite and emerge as a strong nation from the COVID-19 crisis.


We are working to distribute thousands of food packs and other essential items to poor and neediest Christians in Pakistan.

 We have already distributed hundreds of food packs, but the need is great and we cannot respond to the growing situation without your help.

So please support this vital life-or-death work today. You can give at

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