Main Issue of Arzoo case created unrest among Nations of Pakistan. By Rt. Rev. Farhad Shahzad Bhatti


Today on the 5th of November 2020, I would like to share with you a few foundational points of blessing in Christ on this hurting issue of Arzoo Raja’ case. Now we no need to worry about anything. We were praying for this case. Now Let God start his miraculous work to set Azroo and her family free from all kinds of hurts and persecution.

Spiritual encouragement

We are Christian because of Christ. Our Master Lord Jesus Christ said that people will tease you by name falsely (Matthew 5: 11). But Pray for those who persecute you (Mathew 5: 44), Even Lord Jesus Christ said that pray for your enemies. Nobody teaches like Lord Jesus Christ’ teaching. You are blessed to give this message of justice and peace as the chosen generation and spiritual Jerusalem (1 Peter2:9).

We were in grief, we were praying, now we will have to wait on Lord. what our Lord Jesus Christ said in this kind of situation, give me all your worries but put on my yoke that is light and soft (Matthew 11: 30). Now please relax, pray and sing songs of praise.  Wait for the Lord’ voice. We don’t know what God is going to do with persecuted churches in Pakistan. Wait like Israelite waited in Egypt. Do what you can prayerfully, writing, praising, singing, raising voice, peace walk of protest according to spirit guidance.  As you know that the Government did not take any action of justice.

Different points of views and thoughts from spiritual, religious, social and international media. 

Some of think tanks, doctors, scholars, journalists, anchors, Bishops, Pastors, evangelists and educated Muslim friends are thinking about fake mentality of corrupt people according to the statement of Arzoo Raja in the court that she is 18 years. I hope that you know that it is brainwashing.  Muslim friends also knew that, Innocent girl is under the terror. What the judiciary is doing is totally injustice and one sided. Pray for her and her family.

Patriotic issue

Pray for Pakistan as patriotic Christian Pakistani, we did vote for Pakistan, May God restore Pakistan on the basis of Justice. Leader will say in anger easily that it is a plot of enemies from outside to pollute Pakistan even though enemies are inside who use the extreme of weak religion. Who makes this local justice issue now as International issue?  Christian not. It is the judiciary. Why is the patriotic spirit not within the judiciary on the basis of justice?

Grieved communities of humanity and churches psychological aspects

Now most people are thinking that they will change the date of birth of Arzoo Raja in the Government department of National Identity Card Nadra. No need to worry about it, Look to God who is enthroned in the heavens, don’t look Judiciary and Nadra. what they will do. Now Pakistani judiciary has already  made it an international issue to pollute Pakistan’ image. International Media and International authorities already knew that minorities are persecuted in Pakistan.  If authorities will not do justice in Pakistan, they are traitors of Pakistan, there is no implementation of any law in any department of Government. This is the statement of the national Leader.

Moral and spiritual Support

We, Christian just look at the Words of God, read from Isaiah 5: 20 “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter”.   Let them do, God is above all. He knows heart and mind. You are good in the eyes of God, 

Pakistan is in jeopardy

Do you think that Pakistan is a Pakistan of Quaid – e – Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah where all faiths are equal? No. Do you think that Pakistan is on the basis of Islamic principles? No.  then what is going on in the Pakistan with humanity?

Moral and social corruption

Now corrupt people are polluting the name of Pakistan. What is the meaning of the word Pakistan? Pak – istan. Pak means Holy, istan means land. It means Holy Land. Did you see purity in anything? If corrupt people did spoil the vision of the founder of Pakistan. Where Pakistan is standing?  We must know facts. Pakistan is already a degraded country in the eyes of the whole world and pronounced as a corrupt and terrorist country.

Why is it not Islamic country? Because if we read Misaaq – e - Media, Constitution of Media, Where Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) allowed all minorities to live equally.  If any Non – Muslim has lost his life and mistreatment case, Government of Media came into action to recover. Jews and Messiahs have the same rights in Medina. Even Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) allowed Jews and Christ to stay in Mosque and Prayer according to their Christian and Jews culture. Do you see this in Pakistan? No. What does it mean, this is not Quaid’ Pakistan even if it is not Islamic Pakistan then what is? It is full of racialism and hypocrisy. See all departments of Pakistan.

Even You see Muslim are also fed up from Pakistan’ law and injustice. Why is it?  People are habitual of injustice to carry on in daily routine life and they did not want justice. now corruption had increased to that extent, they had sold their souls to Satan. We know that they can make fake Nadra Birth certificates, let them do, don’t worry, God’ angel all around Pakistan and all over the world. Let God start His work. Now what they wanted to do; they had done already.

It is a tragic story of Azroo, they did make all the documents in one day when they kidnapped the little girl on 13th  but  on the 14th they prepared all documents of birth certificate and marriage  certificate and conversion. The Judiciary did not consider it kidnapping according to the case in the police station but considered it only conversion with a paradise mentality by spreading unrest in the whole country and especially among Christian nations. If they cannot judge underage an innocent girl's difference between an old age man in the judiciary. Then what can we expect that kind of justice?

Biblical perspective.

Being biblical believers, I just want to remind Bible History Stories, Wait on God’ judgement. Whenever humans had been increased into corruption in the age of Prophet Noah. What did God do? God sent flood on the earth, It is a natural disaster. you know better. What did God do in the age of Luth on the Sodom and Gomorrah? when people did not want to do justice with visitors. God sent fire from heaven. Just trust in God and stay in prayer. If these corrupt people are doing this kind of corruption for an earthly life. we must be patient and stay in the promises of God, there is no law in all departments, you know better.

Corruption is not only on the other side but also Christian side. Justice had been replaced by so-called paradise in the heart, mind and thought. Persecuted Christian churches and communities’ lives are on risk, but they are still playing their games of interest. It is terrible.

Who left the seats for the cause of Christian Nation in the National or provincial Assemblies in these last 72 years? I just saw one lady Asyia Nasir when Martyr Shabaz Bhatti’ murder, she was asking for justice to stop forced conversion and forced marriage, it is on the record. There is one more person, Senator Syed Faisal Raza Abidi. Because the Assembly promised for justice but he did not get justice within time, He left the Assembly. Can the selected leader ask?  what they can demand? 

This is not the first case of Innocent girl that the judiciary did not hand over the girl to the parents, there are hundreds of cases like this, do you know that ignorant people are trying all of us to get out of Pakistan? If you want to see Miracle, Azroo will return to her parents. Then there is a great need to pray and fasting in churches with commitment. Let God start His miraculous work, we all will be saved in the Ark of Noah.

Think about these burning points

Maybe End time is going to start?

Maybe political powers are against the Imran Khan Government? They wanted to start unrest in the country. 

May be revival in Pakistan?

Maybe God wants his children to have a close spiritual relationship?

May be All Christian will be shifted to Christian countries and Pakistani Muslim Will come back to Pakistan? God knows better. Because God always answers prayers. Do You remember?  According to the Bible, God heard the crying hearts of Israelites. God got Israelites from Egypt because they had been suffering and facing persecution as Christian are facing in Pakistan.

We just can pray to know the will of God for Christian communities and the restoration of Pakistan.

According to Christ’ teaching, be patient, be diligent, be positive, be calm, be faithful in His Promises, God bless all of us to restore what had been stolen from us. In Jesus Christ Holy Name, the Messiah of Nazareth. Amen.  

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