HRFP urged for justice to Sheeza Maqsood a Christian girl escaped kidnappers


Faisalabad: Human Rights Focus Pakistan (HRFP) condemned the abduction and urged for justice to Sheeza Maqsood aged 16 a Christian girl of district Faisalabad escaped kidnappers, facing threats with family.

HRFP Fact Findings team visited to victim, interviewed her and family and ensured them legal, moral and attached support. Sheeza Maqsood shared with HRFP team that on 28th September 2020 evening Tallah Haider with Suleman, Bilawal and Nomi abducted her on gunpoint from their house and brought her to an unknown place where Tallah sexually and physically assaulted her above a month. Sheeza Maqsood told further that on 1st October the abductors took her to a local Mosque and forcefully converted her to Islam. They pressurized her in getting an affidavit and video statement about getting married and embracing Islam deliberately. Once she tried to negate they threatened to not only kill her but to entire family. Sheeza shared further with HRFP that she was subjected to violence during bringing her to lawyer / court with Tallah’s family woman and their religious cleric where they putted her thumb impression on legal documents vehemently. Sheeza shared further that she has been trying earlier also to flee but on 20th November 2020 she became successful through the help of his brother to whom she called by getting a chance from Tallah’s cell phone and reached back to home in Dijkot (Faisalabad), she added.

Maqsood Masih, father of Sheeza shard with HRFP that during kidnapping of Sheeza he and his sons were in field but his wife Gulzar bibi and younger daughter Kinza were present at home. On hearing their crying some people gathered including street fellow Nazir Masih but the kidnappers fled swiftly through their motorbikes. Maqsood Masih said that the threats to step back are higher now and they are living in a fear.

Naveed Walter president of Human Rights Focus Pakistan (HRFP) demands for justice to Sheeza Maqsood urged authorities including local police officials for immediate protection to victim and family. He said, it is proved again that how the Christian and other minority girls become abducted forcefully converted and forcibly married. The same way is being used for Sheeza as similar in every case; 1st the girl become abducted then brought to an unknown place, forced to convert and get married, forced to bring court for statement and then disappeared. Naveed Walter said further that most of the victims’ families have no resources and courage even to go through police, courts and to bear expensive & hectic legal processes for justice so in result some become silent for social norms and many due to threats. Naveed Walter said the courageous Sheeza even under highly risk escaped successfully, her statements are an actual story’s facts that how the abducted girls being treated in detentions. HRFP will continue to raise voice with provision of helps to such victims and Sheeza throughout, Naveed Walter added more.

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