CSIOC writes letter to Canadian Premier to “Stop Deportations of Pakistani Christian Refugees”


The Right Honourable,

Justin Trudeau

Prime Minister of Canada

80-Wellington Street

Ottawa ON K1A 0A2

Your Excellency:

In the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, as the world watches, religious extremists are virtually controlling the State.

The current protests launched by the hardline Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) demanding the expulsion of the Ambassador of France from Pakistan over the publication of depiction of Islam’s prophet’s caricatures shows the power wielded by religious political groups in Pakistan. The nationwide protests were extremely violent in Karachi and Lahore, two provincial capitals of the country. Several people have been killed and injured with many arrested including the leaders of TLP.

During the current protests, the party workers were heavily armed. They torched the state, public and private property, thrashed the police and para-military personnel taking hostage at least eight police officers including two senior officials. The Government of Pakistan has banned TLP labeling it as a terrorist group that has challenged the writ of the state.

But the protests were so violent that the Government had to bow down to the TLP’s demands. The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan admitted in his speech on global media on April 19, 2021 that during recent street violence, the religious extremists burnt 4 police vehicles, killed 4 policemen, took 8 police officers, as hostages, injured more than 800 policemen who are being treated in hospitals, damaged millions of dollars public and private property, blocked over 100 roads causing millions of dollars damage to trade, blocked supply of oxygen cylinders which were being transported for COVID-19 patients.

Alarmingly, the Government had to release the banned extremists party leaders and its workers and has tabled a resolution in the parliament to expel the French envoy. Discussion on the resolution has already started. This is the result of the power of religious extremists’ groups of Pakistan.

In such a volatile and religiously charged atmosphere, the Immigration Canada is making decisions to deport the failed refugee claimants. These decisions are incomprehensible and reprehensible since Canada claims to be a compassionate and humane country. Immigration Canada, obviously, does not understand the ground realities in Pakistan. It does not comprehend the psyche of religious extremists in Pakistan who will kill any ‘Kafir’ (Infidel) on the slightest pretext of dishonoring their prophet.

Religious intolerance speared by the State’s Blasphemy Law puts Christians and other religious minorities at the mercy of lynching mobs on daily basis. Most recently, three nurses have been arrested under this heinous Blasphemy Law. Such cases are reported on daily basis now. Unfortunately, these cases are not recorded in the global media because of a ban on such reports. But Human Rights organizations such as ours, CSIOC, and many others are receiving authentic news about minorities being arrested, their worship places being torched, and homes destroyed on false charges.

The State authorities are weak and bow down before the religious extremists who can launch any move any time against anyone who they accuse of blasphemy. The question is, when religious extremists can cripple the State’s machinery and bring it to the point where the Government is compelled to bring the issue to the Parliament, then what is the value of the life of a person who fled under accusations of blasphemy, to seek shelter in Canada, but is being deported to Pakistan to be put on death row?

It is most baffling to see that under the current religious scenario in Pakistan, Immigration Canada is bent upon deporting failed Christian refugees back to Pakistan.

The CSIOC is shocked to see the inhumane and unethical attitude of Canadian Immigration. What is the problem with CIC? Why doesn’t CIC accept the situation in Pakistan? Where is the Canadian mandate of compassion and humanity? It is common knowledge that the decision taken by the Canadian Immigration authorities about the status of Refugee Claimant depends upon the personality and attitude of the Immigration Officer. Deporting the asylum seekers will therefore, be unjust and cruel.

The CSIOC demands amnesty for Pakistani nationals (Failed Refugee Claimants) who fled Pakistan due to blasphemy charges but are, appallingly, already on the deportation list of Immigration Canada. We also demand that individuals who flee from Pakistan and claim refugee protection in Canada be given protection only on identification as Christians, just like the exemption given to Ahmadis.

We once again remind the Government of Canada regarding our policy of compassion and justice.

Yours sincerely,

Joseph Tanveer


Charismatic Social Integration Of Canada (CSIOC)


Cc to:

The Honorable Marco E.l. Mendicino, P.C., M.P.

Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada

365 Laurier Avenue East

Ottawa, Ontario K1A 1L1

Cc to:

The Honourable Bill Blair

Minister of Public Safety, Canada

House of Commons, Ottawa Canada K1A 0A6

Cc to:

The Honourable Francoise-Philippe Champagne

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Canada

House of Commons

Ottawa Canada K1A 0A6




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