Professor Anjum Paul demand restoration of Pakistan’s Federal Minorities Affair Ministry


 Faisalabad: Chairman Pakistan Minority Teachers Association PMTA Professor Anjum James Paul in a letter to Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan have demanded the restoration of Federal Ministry of Minorities Affair in best interests of millions of Christians.

Minority Ministry was dissolved under 18th Amendment of Constitution which was formed after separation it from Religious Affairs Division.

Professor Anjum demanded it in a letter which we are posting in Pakistan Christian Post here under:

Mr. Imran Khan

Prime Minister of Pakistan

Prime Minister’s Secretariat



Your Excellency,

Greetings and peace from Pakistan Minorities Teachers’ Association (PMTA).

PMTA would like to draw your kind attention on the subject cited above.

Sir, the beauty of Pakistan has been in the religious plurality but this beauty is fading now. Religious minorities were 23% of the total population of Pakistan in 1947 but now it is openly said that minorities are 2%. Squeezing of only minority population has raised many questions. This is a clear indication that their rights have not been fully protected. 

Federal Ministries of Health, Human Rights and Education & Professional Training have already been restored except the Federal Ministry of Minorities’ Affairs. PMTA has already requested you the said ministry through the letter Ref.No.PMTA/20/18-KPR, Dated: August 20, 2018, subject “Need to take measures for the minority rights”, Ref.No.PMTA/30-32/18-KPR, Dated: October 5, 2018, subject “Request to address communal disharmony from Pakistani textbooks” and Ref.No.PMTA/6-8/19-KPR, Dated: March 12, 2019 subject, “Request to restore the Federal Ministry of Minority Affairs”.

Sir, PMTA requests for the restoration of the Federal Ministry of Minority Affairs for the protection of minority rights.

With best regards.



Copy to;

i.              Dr. Arif Alvi, President of Pakistan, President’s House, Islamabad

ii.            Mr. Justice Gulzar Ahmed, Chief Justice, Supreme Court of Pakistan

PMTA is making efforts since 2004 for education reforms through advocacy, lobbying and analyses on the textbooks of Pakistan to promote diversity and peaceful coexistence through the Pakistani education system.. Pakistani religious minorities are not enjoying fully constitutionally their civil and political rights and they are  facing challenges of equal citizenship, equal rights and equal opportunities. Due to religious persecution lives, beliefs, families and properties of religious minorities are always at risk. Pakistani public sector education system  promotes violence, intolerance, hatred and extremism through the language and images of the textbooks against non-Islamic religions, non-Muslims  and non-Islamic Civilizations. Thus Pakistani religious minorities become the direct target of the intolerance and extremism that Pakistani education system promotes. 

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