Protest for persecuted Christian, forced conversion, forced marriage, recently Edward College Peshawar had been taken by the Government of Pakistan


London: (By Rt. Rev FS Bhatti) This protest meeting had been arranged by Watson Gill’ Holland team with most renowned personalities of different leading Organizations, social activities, religious leadership and political leadership to work for Pakistani Christian communities more effectively.  This meeting was arranged on Zoom dated 10th June 2021.

Participants: Watson Gill – OPCA- Holland, Rev. Dr. Robinson Asghar – Zindigi TV UK, TasKeen Khan – WOW TV UK,   Advocate JJ George - France, Asher Azmeen – Germany,  Gulbaz Fazal - Holland, Imran Gill - Holland, Latif Bhatti - Belgium, Asif Mall – PMRO UK , Pastor Ajmal – UK , Noel Malik – Italy, Adan Farhaj Bukish - PMRC, Samson Javed – NCN TV , Kenedey Sahib – Holland, Lois Matthew – Malaysia,  Bishop Dr. Andrew - USA, Bishop Arshad - Holland  Bishop Farhad S. Bhatti – Channel 777 – Malaysia. 

Watson Gill politely had been leading half of the meeting, explaining and controlling the whole meeting participants’ discussion and views intelligently for Protest and all arrangements of protest.

Meeting was started with Rev. Dr. Robinson Asghar Prayer blessings for the betterment of minorities and Pakistan to do all things in the right direction with the wisdom under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. He also shared brief comments from History for forced conversion cases. He decently explained what were the main motives of Christian leadership and persecution of Christian and Minorities.

Advocate JJ George briefly said that Pakistani Christian leaders are not for Christian communities in Pakistan but they are only for their political Parties. Minorities are forced to give statements in favor of their parties’ seats that they are safe in Pakistan. Minorities’ leaders' statements weaken Christian’s rights in Pakistan. It is a terrible condition for minorities in Pakistan. Minorities are disappointed due to Pakistani Christian leadership in Pakistan especially Christian. European Christians are raising a voice for Pakistani Christian because Pakistani Christian leaders are under the influence of their parties, they are unable to raise a voice for Christian in Pakistan.

Pastor Ajmal said that he also agreed with Advocate JJ George, Rev. Dr. Robinson Asghar, Taskeen Khan and all of the leaders who presently spoke on the Issue.

Asher – Germany said that it is genocide of Christian generation, There is always problem in the census of Christian.

Asif Mall – PMRO said that Kashimar, Phesletine had not received freedom from the last so many years like minorities of Pakistan. In fact, It is a tragedy that Pakistan has its own inner problem among political parties. They did never do justice with Christian communities; European Christian raised their voices for suffering Christian to get justice and for the human rights of Christian.

One side Christian leadership said that the Government is good with Christian in Pakistan but on another hand, the Government had taken Christian Edward College from Christian.  What kind of justice is with Christian. We will have to protest against all injustice with Christian.

Latif Bhatti said that local Church leadership should take this responsibility to teach Christian communities to be careful about all kind of Arabic material on papers and any other useless discussion with Muslim surrounding.

Noel Malik said that Being responsible leaders,  Christian Nation will surely ask me question, In fact, He is saying for all of Christian leadership , upcoming generation will ask question what we have done for them, did we give them freedom or slavery. If we are Ambassador of Christ, we must be like ambassadors of Christ to do something special more than just talking.

Gulbaz Fazal said that we must protest before European Union. We should be united for this cause. Continue

Bishop Andrew said that Christian community must have unity, we need committed leaders, and we will have to go European Union with Millions of votes to get rights for Christian.

Bishop Arshad said that we are against child abuse, we need unity of Bible “Brothers may live together forever more” We are sorry for Pakistani Christian’ injustice.

Bishop Farhad S. Bhatti  said that  May Peace of Lord Jesus Christ prevail all over world, our Lord Jesus Christ is prince of Peace, We must stay in prayer and fasting for the peace of World and Peace of Pakistan.  We should remove disunity anyway; Individual disunity of leadership is harmful for Christian Nation.  

Adan Bukish said that we have been protesting for the last several years, But what is the result? Nothing, what is greater than Protest. What we will have to do for getting the rights of our Christian, Where is Lack in solution for Christian rights? Where is the problem?

Imran Gill, points out that Pakistani leaders who are in Pakistan are not leaders for Christian. So we don’t believe them anyway. 

Some participants could not join due to some problems, some could not join due to technical problems, overall all meetings for the betterment of Christian communities and minorities of Pakistan were excellent by renowned Leadership. It is productive, constructive and fruitful; an Appeal has been also submitted. May God bless all of us, May Peace of Lord Jesus Christ prevail all over the world and all over Pakistan.


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