Sanjan Nagar School GlaxoSmithKline Lahore Christian Girl Rape Case Update


Lahore: (By Qaisar Lodhi) According to reports, a Christian child who is currently serving a prison sentence for being involved in a rape case and is also 12-13 years old, and DNA reports that the child and the test did not have a DNA match. Makes it clear that the rapist is not a child.

And according to the medical report of the girl, this work does not belong to any minor child and even the child named in the case was absent from school that day according to the school records.

Another important point is that two female teachers, Tehmina and Farzana, who were nominated in the FIR, are on this familiar interim bail. The post contains all the documents including DNA report, child's school record etc.

Guardians for Humanity's founder said this is totally injustice with minorities in Pakistan. We all should have to work and raise the voice for this innocent girl together.

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