Pakistan’s most successful blasphemy lawyer appointed for the country’s longest serving blasphemy victim ever.


London: (By Hannah Chowdhry) A BACA officer with Saif Ul Malook Pakistan's most successful blasphemy law advocate.  

Please sign and share widely our petition for Zafar Bhatti  (here)

Fears that Zafar Bhatti (55 yrs), Pakistan’s longest serving blasphemy convict could be the first ever to be lynched, heightened after a judge increased his sentence from life imprisonment to death on 3rd January 2022 (click here)

Judge Sahibzada Naqeeb Shehzad, of Sessions Court Rawalpindi made this ruling despite clear physical and electronic evidence of the innocence of Zafar Bhatti. 

No forensic evidence exists for any blasphemy by Zafar Bhatti, in fact every piece of physical and electronic evidence suggests he is innocent.  Zafar Bhatti however was convicted based on an unsubstantiated report declaring his guilt, made by police in the early stages of their investigation.  During that investigation Zafar Bhatti states he was coerced into a false investigation under a brutal police interrogation.  Read time line (here)

Zafar Bhatti could still be killed any day under the terms of his blasphemy conviction under Section 295C of the Blasphemy law of Pakistan.  Read more (here).

In our last article we explained that we were seeking to appoint Saif Ul Malook Pakistan’s most pre-eminent blasphemy law solicitor (click here).

Hannah Chowdhry volunteer for BACA and now a law student meets Saif Ul Malook in England.

BACA took Nawab Bibi to meet with  Zafar Bhatti in Adiala Jail Rawalpindi on 14th July 2022.

Nawab Bibi visits Zafar Bhatti in jail weekly with the help of BACA – we also buy monthly groceries for the couple.

Zafar had just undergone surgery on his right foot after a large pus-filled infection had been removed surgically from his foot. The affection arose and grew rapidly due to the numbness in his foot that had been induced by diabetic neuropathy, a condition that meant he did not feel the original infection.

Doctors have said that if if the infection had not been treated when it had Zafar might have lost his foot due to gangrene.

Nawab Bibi wet when she say the treated wound on Zafar’s foot, as concerns about his health grow.  Zafar Bhatti, said:

“Doctors have told me that if the wounds had not been operated on they would have had to remove my feet.

“Living in this cell has left me prone to so many illnesses and conditions.”

Poor hygiene in the cell is causing misery for Zafar Bhatti who has developed an itchy rash due to a fungal infection.  Prison medical staff have advised him to use Lamisil Cream which needs to be applied  on affected area’s of skin for recovery. Zafar has asked for help with the cost of the medication and we have agreed to purchase this for him.

Without fail every month BACA purchases medicines, clothes, sanitary products and medicines to support Zafar Bhatti while in prison.

Every month, BACA provides groceries for self-cooking (to thwart attempts to poison Zafar), sanitary products, clothing and we even pay for his regular insulin.  Though prison medical staff administer the injections we have been paying for them since Zafar was told he needed the medicine. It seems that Pakistan is failing to meet its commitment to ensure ‘Everyone has the right to good health’ under Un conventions that have bene ratified. Buying clothes, paying for legal advocates and all the above is a long-term commitment made by BACA to support Zafar Bhatti until he is free and safe.  If you would like to help us meet our commitment to Zafar and his wife Nawab please donate (here). 

BACA’s team along with Nawab Bibi gifted Zafar Bhatti the prescription glasses he needed to help with his failing sight as mentioned in our previous article (here).  We also provided him with the gift of new light cotton clothes to help cope with an extremally hot summer.  His incarceration in Rawal Pindi Jail is in isolation.  The cell he is being kept in is small and dingy and though it has a ceiling fan this is largely ineffectual in soaring temperatures above 40 degrees centigrade.

Our officer collected Nawab Bibi from the home BACA provides for her while her husband fights for justice.

On 11th August BACA’s team visited Adiala Jail to visit Zafar Bhatti  again, taking Nawab Bibi with them.  They had good news to share that a new solicitor had been appointed for his case Saif Ul Malook and were pleasantly surprised to learn that Saif Ul Malook had already visited and encouraged him.  Mr Malook had a detailed discussion about the  Zafar Bhatti’s legal case with him and has stated that he hopes to get him out of jail very soon.

Groceries bought by BACA are prepared and delivered to Zafar Bhatti in jail.

Pakistani courts are currently closed due to Judge holidays but Mr Malook has informed Zafar that the date for a hearing will be fixed soon after courts resume in September.

Zafar seemed much more confident about his release from prison after meeting Mr Malook, he said:

“Mr Saif Ul Malook seems very knowledgeable and professional.

“He has had so much success in helping falsely accused blasphemy convicts gain emancipation from prison, it’s inspiring.

“He seems to understand my case immediately and I believe he truly wants to help.

“I have suffered more than 10 years of isolation in prison which has affected my health and sanity.

“It seems now however, that God is setting things up for me to be free again – praise God!”

On 13th August, BACA operations manager visited Advocate Saif Ul Malookat his office.  Mr Malook has clarified that he has studied the case of Zafar Bhatti in some depth. Mr Malook, said:

“We are very optimistic that we will help Zafar Bhatti out of prison in the near future.”

New prosthetic curbs debilitating pain for Quetta bomb survivor at 1.5 years           

Sat, Sep 3, 2022 6:25 pm

Juliet Chowdhry (

To:you Details

You can read better layout for press release with videos and images (here)

New prosthetic curbs debilitating pain for Quetta bomb survivor at 1.5 years

Aleeza has a cast made for her latest prosthetic leg.

On 18th July 2022, we appealed for donations to cover costs for a new prosthetic leg for Aleeza Masih. Aleeza is enetering a period of growth that means she now requires a replacement prosthetic leg every 6 months or she will feel excessive pain.

Ashiq Masih (52 yrs) her father was hoping to have the leg replaced before Aleeza restarted her learning at “Excellence English Medium School”, where mobility is needed.

However the leg could not be replaced in time as the road from Quetta to Karachi was blocked, due flood damage caused by monsoon rains in Baluchistan. The delay left Aleeza in severe pain as could be seen in the video below:

Ashiq Masih informed us that Aleeza was not able to walk with her previous prosthetic leg because the pain was debilitating, even short use was resulting in unbearable pain. Ashiq  Masih, said:

“We were helpless in the wake of the heavy monsoon.

“The flood caused devastating road damage on a massive scale, travel was prohibited on many major thoroughfares.

“We had to wait until the roads had been repaired for safe transportation.

“During that time Aleeza’s leg was very swollen and painful.”

On 15th August the family were finally able to travel to Karachi for the replacement prosthetic leg. Their safe arrival meant Aleeza was able to be sized correctly, had the bespoke leg prepared and then on 18th August finally the prosthetic was fitted.

Fitting the new leg came as welcome relief for Aleeza who had been feeling terrible pain due to the previous leg which had become too short. She said:

“I am so happy for having this new leg.

“I have not been able to go to school because of the pain I was feeling.

“My school started on 1st August and I will have to catch up.

“But at least I have my leg now and can look forward to meeting and playing with my friends again.”

Her mother Shamim Bibi (50 yrs) thanked BACA for helping the family arrange a new leg for Aleeza.  She has asked for us to remember that Aleeza will need help again in December 2022.  Cost for the new prosthetic, including travel and board for a  journey of  692km or 10 hours,  is around £500.  If you can help us reach this figure and want to support the family please donate by clicking (here).

Juliet Chowdhry, Trustee for British Asian Christian Association, said:

“We have cared for Aleeza since she almost died in the Quetta Bomb attack at 1.5 years of age.

“Her recovery then was very much a miracle as she survived amputation of her leg due to severe gangrene after a botched operation on her bowel and foot..

We pledged then that we would support young Aleeza till she reached adulthood and by God’s grace we have been able to meet our promise.

“Aleeza is a bright, intelligent child who has not let her disability dampen her enthusiasm for life.

“She also has remarkable faith for a child and can pray with better vigour than most adults.”

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