HRFP’s Relief and Recovery Assistance to flood Victims in Pakistan:


Faisalabad: Human Rights Focus Pakistan (HRFP), providing immediate Relief and Recovery particularly by the emergency distribution of food and relief packages.

HRFP team with staff and volunteers is reaching to the certain areas of Pakistan where the flood victims are in immediate need and were waiting for help. Since the emergency situation has declared due to floods disaster, the affectees has crossed the figures of 33 million.

HRFP issued a “HRFP-Situation Report Rains-floods 2022” on 5th September, 2022, with the help of NDMA and HRFP teams on the affected areas that declared that, the total affected people of Pakistan are 33,046,329 and in Punjab are 4,844,258 while the families affected of Pakistan are  6,609,265 and in Punjab area 968,851. The House damaged of Pakistan are 1,682,726 and of Punjab are 59,078. While the people in Relief Camps are only 631,824 of total Pakistan affectees and in Punjab they are only 12,337. The Livestock affected in Pakistan are 750,405 and in Punjab are 205,106.

Naveed Walter, President of Human Rights Pakistan said, the number of the people in struggle have been growing day by day because of the gap in relief and low assistance process. He said that, thousands of houses have been destroyed but there haven't been enough help for emergency cases and because of that thousands of people are dead, injured and became homeless/displaced. Infrastructure including the dams damaging, the bridges, the roads, number of electric stations and pols, gas supplies disconnections and other losses are uncountable. Naveeed Walter also said that, the water has devastated the precious fruit trees and crops, which killed the valuable cattle and destroyed their primary businesses, in Punjab, Balochistan, Sind and Khyber Pakhtun Khwa, that could take several months in recovery and rehabilitations by joint efforts.

During Emergency Relief and Recovery operations HRFP teams are distributing the Food and Relief Packages with Food Items (cooked /uncooked), Sheltering / Tents, Mosquito Nets, First Aid/ Hygiene Kits, WASH, Medical Camps/Tents, Water bottles, Animal Care while the recovery/rehabilitations of houses/damaging are in process.

HRFP’s Flood Relief and Recovery activities are continued with emergency distribution of the Food and Relief Packages including to one of targets districts Jhang of province Punjab, HRFP team reached to the affectees through boats and provided assistance.

Moreover, HRFP figured out in the Flood Situation and Relief Report that there are immediate needs that must to be prioritized by Food (dry ration, and Parcels /Cooked Food), Sheltering ( Tents, Tarpaulin and Ropes), Provision of Hygienic Kits, Provision of Mosquito Nets , Provision of Medicines / First Aid kits , Provision of Water and Canes, that are still remaining to the majority of affectees with the major gaps.

Naveed Walter, president of Human Rights Focus Pakistan (HRFP) appealed that the loss of recent flood could not be fulfilled by the government or NGOs alone; there is a need to work together. He appealed to generous donors and contributors to join hands together for this noble cause.



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