Water pump installed in Sindh Pakistan to reduce threat of infections after record floods.


London;(By Hannah Chowdhry) Villagers living in Goth Ibrahim Khan village, Sindh, Pakistan have been using our new pump installed on 4th September 2022 – on 22nd September we installed a plaque..

The pump replaces one that was previously in a local Muslim village that has been destroyed in the recent historic deluge that killed over 1300 people and affected 33 million people.

This is the first pump we installed however a second has already been installed in another village and a third project will begin shortly.  We will update you on these projects next week.

We intend to install many more to help flood victims access clean water as we attempt to quell the spread of diseases like dengue fever, Cholera, Malaria and Typhoid which the UN has stated is sweeping across flood hit areas in Pakistan (click here).

The pump water can also be used for washing clothes and for personal hygiene purposes. We hope to advise people on how to use toothbrushes and toothpaste to improve dental quality and will provide a quantity of supplies to start with, with training on proper use.

Until now people have either forgone dental hygiene or use Miswak which is ineffective. We believe using toothbrushes will reduce dental cavities and prolong the life of natural teeth.

In addition we hope to advise people on the importance of washing themselves, especially their hands before and after eating, and when relieving themselves. We will provide a supply of soaps and some guidance on how to use it and the associated hygiene benefits.

Advice will be given on how users can set up a temporary shelter with curtains for private bucket showering.  If we raise enough to build toilets and shower rooms for communities we will do so.

In the next few weeks, BACA will be organizing several medical camps to treat many infected villagers in the communities we are helping.  We will also be providing tents to communities that will be unable to return to their homes for a over a month.

You can see evidence of our food aid in several posts:

People of Khipro receive food and mosquito nets (click here)

People of Poppat Colony receive food and mosquito nets (click here)

Goth Ibrahim Khan Hindus receive food aid (click here)

Christians of Goth Ibrahim receive food aid (click here)

We have also distributed Mosquito nets and food in Nowshera in the state of Khyber Pakhthunkwa, in several villages in Quetta and in Rajanpur

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