UK Muslim threatens to publicly urinate on Bible in challenge to Christians


London: (By Hannah Chowdry and Juliet Chowdry( A Christian apologist named Matthew Suleman from Pakistan has recently shared a detestable video on Facebook, in which a Muslim man states that he will urinate on the Christian Bible at a major junction in the UK.  

In the same video the man puts out a challenge to Christians uttering words that incite hatred, he declared:

“I will see who in England will stop me – which Christian has the courage to stop me.”

A Christian apologist [defending religious doctrines through systematic argumentation and discourse] from Pakistan, has shared a pernicious video on his Facebook page on 22nd January 2023, that was sent to him on whatsapp.

The video starts with an introduction from Mr Matthew Suleman in which he encourages people to first watch the video and then discuss the content.

“I do not know if he is a famous tiktoker or an average one because I do not use tiktok.

“The video was sent to me via whatsapp and the person who is talking in video is Ahl-le -Tashee [follower of Imam Ali the cousin and son-in-law of Muhammed and first Shia Imam] please listen to it first then we can discuss it further.”

He then cuts to the Muslim man whose venomous diatribe, seeks to cause hurt and pain.  The man repeatedly explains that he will urinate on the Bible at a ‘chowk’ [public square or major public junction] and declares that no-one in England and no Christian will dare to stop him.

“I will place the  Bible on the floor of a chowk and will urinate on it.

“I will see who will stop me here in England.

“Which Christian will  dare to stop me.

“Have you got it/

I will put the Bible on the floor of a chowk and will urinate on it.

“I will see who will stop me here in England.”

It is not known if these vicious words were meant to cause distress and concern to Mr Suleman in Pakistan, or to the wider UK Public, or people around the world but it was shared on Tick Tok.

The matter resulted in over 180 comments on Mr Suleman’s Facebook post.

Shaab Javed Mall, wrote:

“Brother, thanks for speaking up . Strongly condemn this.”

Qaiser Iqbal bhatti, wrote:

“Dear Lord please forgive us.”

Imran Qamar, wrote:

“Condemn Condemn?????? he is special psycho case who need help I m sure Muslim brothers will give him medicine to get heal from his attention seeking down syndrome ?“

Mario Jack Samuel, wrote:

“I condemn this violent hatred for The Holy Book of God.”

Every comment on the Facebook post of Matthew Suleman seemed to condemn the action, though we do not know if Mr Suleman has been removing more aggressive messages.  Messages did not call for the perpetrator of the hate speech to suffer harm but simply condemned his actions.

The actions of the man have caused fear and insult amongst Pakistani Christians and Christians across the globe. The act of desecrating a holy book is one that causes obvious hurt and is conducted by people with deep-rooted hatred of the targeted faith.

We do not know if the Muslim hate-speaker in the video intends to carry out his actions on a public street in the UK.  But he will not be the first to have undertaken such an act.  In August 2014 a practitioner of black magic who called himself the ‘dark lord,’ urinated on a Bible and then tried to burn it on the steps of a Christian Homeless project in Arizona, US, (click here).

There are laws in the UK that prevent the incitement of hatred, but often they are ineffectual.  In December 2018, Zaheer Hussain shared a soul-sapping diatribe, in which he castigated and insulted a Muslim convert and threatened to sodomize him.  Mr Hussain’s crime was to share details of a baptism on Facebook but he had to endure threats and 24 hour police surveillance of his home for his protection for some time.  A long and earnest police investigation failed to result in a prosecution, despite video evidence (click here)

Pew research in 2009, stated that Muslims in Britain identify themselves with Islam more strongly than anywhere in Europe.  The same report concluded that British Muslims are “very concerned” about the rise of Islamic extremism among Muslims living in the UK. 

This recent video suggests that even after years of prevent strategy little has been achieved in reducing the threat of Islamic radicalization and extremism.

Juliet Chowdhry, Trustee for British Asian Christian Association, said:

“This latest video by an unknown Muslim stating he will urinate on a Bible at a UK public location, is depply distressing.

“Such an act is designed to create animosity and hatred and I hope law enforcement agencies will be working towards locating this man and prosecuting him.

“The despicable act is punishable under UK hate-crime legislation and we will be reporting the crime to the Met Police.

“Whether or not this man implements his act of desecration, he has already caused hurt and anger to Christians who believe the Bible is the sacred word of God.

“He may escape justice in the UK but will have to answer to God one day, unfortunately for him divine justice is inescapable.”

The Crown Prosecution Service, lists hate crime as the following:

“Any crime can be prosecuted as a hate crime if the offender has either:

demonstrated hostility based on race, religion, disability, sexual orientation or transgender identity


been motivated by hostility based on race, religion, disability, sexual orientation or transgender identity”

You can read more (here).

Christians in Pakistan are often sharing details of desecrations of their holy book in Pakistan. 2000 Bibles were burnt in Pakistan by an anti-Christian-mob consisting of over 15,000 Muslims, while over 200 police officers watched in Shanti Nagar in 1997 (click here).   Worse still an Imam has even burnt a Koran in Pakistan to implicate a Christian child with a severe mental impairment in a false blasphemy (click here).

Sikh communities in India often report that their holy book is desecrated in India (click here), so it’s not only the Christian Bible that is targeted.

Mr Matthew Suleman a former Muslim, has a Facebook following of over 1500 and regular shares his Christian v Muslim debates and discourses on his social media account.

Mr Suleman is well liked by more liberal Muslims in Pakistan and on 24th December was invited to speak at a Christmas event at Sirar Ganga Ram Hospital.  An event that was attended by over 250 including Hindus, Christians and Muslims.  The program was featured on Channel; City 42 News.

Matthew Suleman can be seen wearing a hat while cutting a Christmas cake with Muslim dignataries at the event.


Mr Suleman spoke about the event on his Facebook page, he wrote:


“… at the end of the program we distributed Bibles among the Vice Chancellor and all the other Muslims. You can see in the video how cheerfully they accepted the gift given to [them].


“I would like to specially thank Mr. Samuel Amanat, Finance Director who organized this meaningful event.

“Ultimately, all honor and all glory be to the Lord Jesus Christ who gives us opportunities to share the Word of God with our Muslim friends.”

British Asian Christian Association is a charity that provides advocacy and aid to Christians in South Asia. We write articles that inform on political and social matters that affect Christians and other groups globally.  We are involved in outreach ministry in South Asia and print Bibles.  We also provide disaster recovery assistance to people of all diversities across the globe, where we can.  If you would like to donate towards our work please do so (here).

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