Courageous Child Survivor Receives Support in the Aftermath of Tragic Rape and Assault


London: (By Hannah Chowdhry and Juliet Chowdhry) In a harrowing incident that highlights the vulnerability of minors, a seven-year-old Christian girl named Javeria Javed fell victim to a brutal rape in Cheechawatni, Punjab.  

Courageously, the young girl has now positively identified her attacker, which has provided a significant boost to the ongoing police investigation.

While the family already retains legal representation, the British Asian Christian Association has undertaken the responsibility of covering expenses related to treatment, counseling, and transportation to court for the family.

This gesture is aimed at facilitating Javeria’s recovery and enabling the family to pursue justice with a renewed sense of confidence.

After a recent shocking incident Javeria, a brave young child of 7 years, has taken significant steps on her path to healing after a harrowing rape and  assault.

The incident unfolded when Javeria was able to regain her mobility days later. The local authorities promptly acted, requesting Father Javaid Masih bring Javeria to the police station for identification of the perpetrator. Accompanied by her father, Javeria courageously identified the culprit at the police station, a crucial step towards seeking justice.

The local law enforcement undertook a thorough investigation, focusing their attention on the alleged perpetrator, Muhammad Shameer, who is currently on judicial remand at the Sahiwal District jail. The police diligently collected evidence related to the crime, subsequently forwarding the collected samples to the Punjab Forensic Science Agency in Lahore for analysis. Javaid Masih, Javeria’s father, shared his thoughts, saying, “We are anxiously awaiting the results from the laboratory, and we have full faith that the perpetrator will be held accountable for his heinous act.”

On August 15th, representatives from the British Asian Christian Association (BACA) paid a visit to the family, extending their continuous support. BACA has maintained contact with the family since their initial encounter, and the progress Javeria has made in just a month was heartening to witness. When BACA initially met her, she was unable to move, but her resilience and determination have led to considerable improvement. However, Javeria still grapples with the emotional aftermath of the trauma she endured. Sana Bibi (35 yrs), Javeria’s mother, shared, “Javeria is still haunted by the memories and the fear of what she went through. She wakes up suddenly from her sleep and remains silent.”

Sana Bibi continued, “While her silence is concerning, we are hopeful that with time and support, she will regain a sense of normalcy.” BACA reassured the family of their unwavering assistance, pledging to stand by them through every step of their journey towards recovery. Should Javeria require therapy, BACA is committed to facilitating the process, including hospital visits if necessary.

The British Asian Christian Association has not only covered the family’s travel expenses to court but also committed to funding the various costs associated with their legal proceedings and the girls health and wellbeing. Moreover, they are prepared to provide financial support for a safe house in case any threats from the culprits’ associates arise, ensuring the family’s safety throughout this challenging period. We anticipate that these expenses will be substantial and extend over a considerable duration. You can play a crucial role in helping us fulfill these commitments by contributing through your donations.

Pastor Kenneth Gill, the pastor in charge of a local Church 40/12 L in Cheechawatni, expressed his appreciation for BACA’s initiative in assisting the family. Mr. Gill remarked,

“I am thankful to BACA for visiting the family and Javeria. They have proven to be a shield for the family.”

Juliet Chowdhry, Trustee for British Asian Christian Association, said:

“Javeria has demonstrated remarkable bravery throughout this ordeal.

“Identifying the man who subjected her to such brutal aggression required immense courage on her part.

“Her accurate identification has provided the police with a strong foundation upon which to build their case for prosecution.

“Nevertheless, Pakistan’s record in addressing cases of rape, particularly those involving girls, remains deeply concerning.

“The Qisas and Diyat Ordinance (click here) in place often allow Muslim perpetrators of rape and murder to evade justice by offering monetary compensation to the victims’ families. Many times, these families are coerced or threatened into accepting such settlements.

“Adding to the complexity, the prejudices faced by Christians in the country can lead to a dismissive attitude from authorities towards the concerns of minority communities.

“It’s no surprise that an estimated 700 Christian girls are believed to have suffered abductions, rape, and forced conversions to Islam in 2014 (click here). This figure is likely higher now and does not even account for cases of rape without the added cruelty of forced marriage.

“Authorities must take stronger action to eliminate rape from the fabric of our society.

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