“Unity Among South Asian Christians: Protesting Against Persecution”


London: (By Hannah Chowdhry and Juliet CHowdhry) Muslim mob of over 3000 with sticks beat Christians indiscriminately, loot their homes and then burn them down in Gujranwala after allegation of blasphemy.

In a powerful display of solidarity, South Asian Christians are coming together to raise their voices against the alarming rise in persecution that continues to afflict communities in their homelands. This unified effort, driven by the desire for justice and equality, seeks to shed light on the discrimination faced by Christians in the region and demand change.

A protest has been arranged for 9th September 2023 that will enable Christians and people of wider faiths who have good conscience and have been moved by the recent attacks to come together to call for change.  Details as  follows:

DATE:  Saturday 9th September 2023


Static Protest – 11:00am at Pakistan High Commission

Procession- 12:00pm March to Indian High Commission

Static Protest – 1:00pm Indian High Commission

Procession -2.00pm to 10 Downing Street

Static Protest – 2.30pm at 10 Downing Street.

Please join us whatever your faith or if you have no faith but are a person of good conscience that wants to see change in Pakistan.

This petition will be submitted at all three locations please add your name to it (click here).

Groups involved at the event will include Pakistan Minorities Rights Organisation, All Pakistani Christian Organisations (umbrella group for many Pak-Christian organisations), United by Faith, NTCG Church of God, West Midlands, VOTV the Fellowship of the Servants, Holy Trinity Hounslow and others.

Guest speakers include:

Dr Martin Stern a Child Survivor of the Nazi Holocaust.

Pastor Teerth Sond – VOTV – A believer born into Hinduism and Sikhism.

Pastor Ajmal Chaughtai NTCG Church of God.

Pastor Emmanuel Yousuf

David Owsnett representing Oxford Bible Church

Wilson Chowdhry from United by Faith

Reverend Peter Gill from the Church of Scotland.

Reverend Harish Patel from Indian Church

Archbishop Dr Gabriel Kolawole Olasjl of Caring Outreach International

Several speakers from APCO

We will be adding more names to this growing list.

A Scottish Bagpiper will be leading the procession and will play a variety of dirges and Amazing Grace to attract attention to the important rally for persecuted Christians.

Worship music will be led by Hammad and Sally Bailey from Holy Trinity Hounslow.

The British Asian Christian Association (BACA) has been at the forefront of this movement, advocating for the rights and protection of Christians who have suffered violent persecution. Recognizing the urgent need to address these issues, BACA has established a dedicated fund to provide assistance to those affected by such atrocities you can contribute (here).  You can learn more about our aid provision (here), (here), (here) and (here).

The Plight of Persecuted Christians in South Asia

Across South Asia, Christians often find themselves marginalized and discriminated against due to their faith. This discrimination extends to various aspects of their lives, including social, economic, and legal realms. In some cases, it escalates to outright violence, leaving families devastated and communities in fear.

The international community was shaken on August 12th when a distressing video surfaced, capturing the horrifying moment two naked Christian women were paraded by a male Hindu mob in Manipur, India. This viral footage not only shocked the globe but also acted as a grim reminder of the escalating violence and persecution faced by Christians in the region. As further investigation unfolds, the disturbing reality of the situation has come to light.  Read more and watch video (here).

Deeper scrutiny of the video revealed that it was two months old, highlighting the alarming fact that the incident was just one among many recent acts of violence against Christians. Shockingly, it has been reported that over 250 Christians have lost their lives in the aftermath of the video’s release. Christian villages in the area have become targets of relentless violence, orchestrated by armed Hindu militias who have illicitly procured firearms from police armories. Read more and watch video (here).

In the weeks that followed, the world bore witness to yet another heart-wrenching episode of persecution. Video footage emerged showing Christian homes being systematically looted and set ablaze. The devastation left over 200 homes in ruins and 26 churches damaged or completely razed. The incident was sparked by an all-too-familiar allegation of blasphemy, which has since been proven to be nothing more than a personal vendetta.  Read more and watch videos (here).

Tragically, these events are not isolated incidents. Recently, another Christian man has been accused of blasphemy in Pakistan, adding to the ever-growing list of injustices faced by the Christian community. Today, a distressing report has emerged revealing that three more Christian men were brutally stabbed while attempting to prevent a land grab orchestrated by a Muslim land mafia.

The global community’s response to these heinous acts of violence has been one of profound disgust and condemnation. The persecution faced by Christians in Manipur and beyond is a stark reminder of the urgent need for action to protect religious minorities and uphold the principles of freedom, equality, and justice for all.

A Call for Change

Fueled by the belief in justice and the fundamental right to practice their faith without fear, South Asian Christians are uniting to demand change. The rallying cry for equality, fair treatment, and freedom of religion is echoing through their collective efforts. The message is clear: the ongoing persecution must end, and the rights of Christians in South Asia must be upheld and protected.

Protests with Purpose

In an effort to bring attention to their cause, South Asian Christians have been organizing protests that highlight the injustices they face. These demonstrations are a peaceful yet powerful means of shedding light on the challenges they endure. By coming together in solidarity, they aim to challenge the systemic biases and prejudices that perpetuate their persecution.

The Role of British Asian Christian Association

The British Asian Christian Association, as a strong advocate for South Asian Christians, has taken a multi-faceted approach to address the issue. Apart from raising awareness and organizing protests, they have established a dedicated fund to aid Christians who have suffered violence due to their faith. This fund not only provides much-needed financial assistance but also serves as a symbol of unity and support. You can learn more about our aid provision (here), (here), (here) and (here).

This petition will be submitted at all three locations please add your name to it (click here).

Juliet Chowdhry, trustee for British Asian Christian Association, said;

“As these distressing events continue to unfold, the world must channel its collective shock and dismay into resolute action.

“Together, we must strive to create a world where religious intolerance, violence, and hatred are replaced by respect, understanding, and coexistence.

“Only through united efforts can we work towards ensuring that every individual can freely practice their faith without fear and persecution, while upholding the fundamental principles of justice and equality.”

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