William Gomes's "Hearts Without Borders": A Transformative Prayer Journey Unveiled

In a world often divided by boundaries and barriers, William Gomes's "Hearts Without Borders: A Prayer Journey for Asylum Seekers and Refugees" emerges as a vital beacon of hope and unity. This 40-day spiritual guide is dedicated to fostering empathy, solidarity, and active support


Pro-Palestine Bullying in Jewish School and Antisemitic abuse in Redbridge: Christian Child's Experience and Jewish Man's Verbal Assault

London: (By Wilson Chowdhry) A rare 6 person delegation addressed the Redbridge Council's Cabinet Meeting, highlighting the widespread presence of Pro-Palestinian flags, stickers, and graffiti (click here).  The matter has previously been highlighted at a full council meeting with s


Acquittal of Blasphemy Victim in Faisalabad

Pakistan: We cheerily inform the acquittal and release of blasphemy victim Younis Maish alias Baghat aged 72, resident of Faisalabad. Younis Masih falsely accused of blasphemy has been discharged within a week with a strong effort and continue struggle of CTS team for the fair investigation by Mr


ASC Interfaith event at the Archdiocese, Philadelphia on Feb 12, 2024!

Philadelphia: Kavneet Singh representing the American Sikh Council (ASC) participated in an interfaith event as part of the ‘Religious Leaders Council’ held by the ‘Interfaith Philadelphia’ (ICGP) hosted by the representatives of the Catholic Diocese at the main headquarte


Community Tensions Flare as Jewish Resident Faces Threats Amidst Efforts to Address Redbridge Flag Display Issue

London: A Jewish man returning from a meal with friends in Central London found himself subjected to a verbal assault and threatened with physical violence after attempting to remove a pro-Palestine sticker from a lamppost in Woodford, located in the London Borough of Redbridge.



HRFP is highly concerned for the protection of blasphemy victim Younas Masih & his family!

Faisalabad: Human Rights Focus Pakistan (HRFP) demands for protection, and justice to Younas Masih and his family. Younas Masih a 68 year old man, was accused of blasphemy (under section 295B of ppc) in the village of Khurrianwala, Faisalabad, Pakistan. 

Human Rights Focus Pakistan


Land Dispute Suspected in Faisalabad Blasphemy Case Involving Christian Resident

Pakistan: On February 12, 2024, Faisalabad witnessed rising tensions as Younis Bhatti, known as Bhagat, a Christian resident of 211 RB Jaranwala District, was arrested under the blasphemy law, section 295B. The arrest was based on allegations of desecrating the Holy Quran.

 The com


Annual report on Meals for the Needy Project

London: (By Hannah Chowdhry and Juliet Chowdhry) The ‘Meals for the Needy’ project by Help for Persecuted Christians trading as the British Asian Christian Association now caters to over 60 visitors on busy days.

In 2023, we successfully continued our meal program every Thur


Enduring Tragedy: Shabir Masih’s Unwavering Faith Amidst the Heartbreak of Senseless Killings

London: (By Hannah Chowdhry and Juliet Chowdhry) The tragic events unfolded over a dispute regarding the passage of sewage water near the home of a Christian family, triggering the brutal murder of Usman Masih and Yasmeen Bibi.

Despite the perpetrator, Hasan Shakoor Butt, being sentence


HRFP urged the new government for legislation of equal status and ending religious persecution!

Faisalabad: Human Rights Focus Pakistan (HRFP) is highly condemned the religious persecutions of minorities in Pakistan, particularly where the Christians, Hindus, Ahmdiyya’s, Sikhs and others have been victimized in recent different attacks, during the last few months. The newly elected re


Pakistan: Pastor Abducted: A Tale of Faith, Coercion, and Community Support

London: A pastor was abducted at gunpoint just after an ATM transaction to pay for church printing. The kidnappers placed him on a motorbike and then took him to an undisclosed location. Under duress, he was forced to make a confession in a worship WhatsApp Group, where he falsely implicated hims


Innocent Life Lost: Tragic Murder of a Christian Minor by paedophile gang in Gujranwala

London: The altercation began when a teenager rejected the sexual advances of a pedophile gang known to local police. Four Christian teenagers in total were targeted in the gun attack but only one other was injured.

During a funeral service on 6th February, British Asian Christian Assoc


Breaking the Chains: A Christian Family’s Liberation from Brick Kiln Bondage

Pakistan: On January 28th, a pivotal day dawned for a destitute Christian family as BACA secured their freedom from the clutches of brick kiln servitude by settling their debt with the owner of Brick Kiln No.55 in Raiwind.

The family expresses profound gratitude for their newfound liber


Surviving Trauma: Courageous Escape from a Brutal Axe Attack and Rape Attempt

Pakistan: Two Christian women were subjected to a brutal axe attack after one woman resisted a rape attempt.The rape attempt was made while one woman was relieving herself in a local field because she has no toilet at her home.When she resisted the assailant attacked the woman with an axe and rep


BACA’s Triumphant Stand Against Injustice: Freeing the Enslaved and Seeking Justice for rape survivor Nagina Bibi

London: In a powerful testament to resilience and justice, BACA has achieved a significant victory by liberating Akram Masih, a brick kiln worker subjected to years of exploitation, and rescuing his daughter Nagina Bibi from a harrowing abduction and assault that lasted 25 days.

In Octo

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