'Christians Could Be Target Of Attack Next' A Voice from India.

How would you describe the violence in Gujarat?

I have been witness to the violence that has killed thousands of people in the past in Bombay, Delhi and Ahmedabad. The government then had the will to contain those clashes. But this violence is not only sponsored by the state but also committed


Manzoor Alam, Chairman PACC aims on unity of Christians for the basic democratic rights in Pakistan. Interview by PCP team.

Mr. Manzoor Alam born on January 1st, 19945, in a small village named Beij in district Faisalabad then known as Lyallpur, in a Christian family of Presbyterian pastor Rev. Alla Rakha. His father Rev AllaRakha was most respected pastor in Presbyterian ministry due to his services in the far fling rur


Mushraf trying to please west and Mullahs. Mubarak Ali<br>Interview by Yoginder Sikand.

Q: What do you feel about the current talk of madrasas emerging as centers of 'terrorism' in Pakistan?

A: Much of this talk is exaggerated, I must admit. On the whole, the madrasas create narrow-minded, sectarian students but not terrorists. Not all the Afghan Taliban was madrasa-educated. They


Dr. Stephen Gill, messenger of love and peace.<br>Interview by Pakistan Christian Post Team.

Dr. Stephen Gill has authored more than twenty books, including collections of poems, literary criticism and fiction. His poetry and prose have appeared in more than three hundred publications. He has written book reviews, research papers, and articles on world peace. The main body of his works is i


Indian Muslim scholar recommends, "Inter-religious dialogue is an absolute imperative". Maulana Wahiduddin Khan.

With courtesy from Monthly 'Qalander' interview pages on issues of Islam and Interfaith Relations in South Asia of May 2002.

What do you see as the root cause of the unrest in many Muslim countries?

In order to understand what is happening in much of the Muslim world today, you must remember t


Establishment of Christian university is need of time. Peter Gill, director OM Pakistan.<br>Interview by PCP team.

Mr. Peter Gill is an efficient young religious leader in Pakistan. His father Rev. George Fath-e-Din is in Church of Pakistan with profound missionary and evangelic credits and need no introduction among the Pakistani Christians. Therefore Mr. Peter Gill was raised and grown up in very religious atm


Rev. Fr. Francis Tanveer reveals facts of Liberation Theology and inadequate administrative measures of Catholic Church in Pakistan. Interview by PCP team. New York.

His devotions to the Church remained a guideline to his family and Fr. Francis Tanveer, s first step in St. Mary's seminary Lahore in 1978 was the impact of the dedicated Catholic family. In 1982 learned theology in novitial Seminary and joined Christ the king seminary Karachi and completed religion

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"Trial of Pakistani Christian Nation" By Nazir S Bhatti

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