Reserve Seat for Pakistani Christians

By : Asif

Dear Nazir Bhatti, I read the letter about "Reserve Seat for Pakistani Christians", written by some American Muslim of Paistani origin. He has tried to argue that when Muslims in USA don't have any reserve seats, then there is no need to grant reserve seats to Christians in Pakistan. He has also opposed the idea of a "Christian Province" in Pakistan, calling it an idiotic idea. I think if this nameless Pakistani Muslim had read my letter entitled "Minority Politics", then he may not have raised either of these issues in the first place. Probably he is not aware that Christians are not asking for some unconstitutional demand, because the reserve seats were granted to religious minorities in the very first constitution of country. The constitution of 1973, which was approved by most of he mainstrean political parties in the country, gives the provision of reserved seats to religious minorities under the joint electorate ststem. But the military dictator General Mohammad Zia-ul-Haq introduced separate electorate in 1985, and scraped the joint electorate ststem along with the reserve seats. Now since the president of pakistan has decided to restore the joint electorate, then I don't see any logic that why it shouldn't be restored with the reserve seats as granted in the contitution. The Muslim who oppose the reserve seats for religious minorities under joint electorate, should study Pakistan's constitution first; otherwise they would keep opposing the constition of Pakistan, thus making fool of not only themselves, but that of the constitution too. Pakistani Christians are the law abiding citizens of the country, and have every right to demand the provisions granted to them by the constitution of Pakisan. Our nameless Muslim friend has also cimmited a logical fallacy, by saying that Muslims don't get reserve seats in the US senate; therefore Christians in Pakistan shouldn't be given any reserve seats either. He is missing the point that USA is a secular society, and extends equal rights to all its citizens depite their religious or ethnic background. But HELLO! Pakistan is a theocratic state, which discriminate its citizens on the basis of religion. Constitutionally a Christian can't become the president, prime minister, chief minister or the governor of any province in Pakistan. Unofficially Christians can't become the Judges in the Supreme court or the four high courts of Pakistan, and that is why we don't have anyone after Justice Cornelius in the supreme court. No Christian is the deputy commissioner, assistan commissioner, or even the supretendent of Police anywhere in Pakistan. Therefore it is very logical that the religious minorities would demand the reserve seats to secure their rights. If our nameless Pakistani Muslim is ready to support a secular constitution in Pakistan, similar to the one in the USA; then I would be the first to oppose the reserve seat for minorities. Otherwise I would advise him to read a few books on Political Science first, before writing about the constitutional rights of religious minorities in a theocratic state. Our friend has opposed the idea of a "Christian Province", called it idiotic in the Islamic republic of Pakistan. First of all he should be aware that Pakistan was created in 1947 as democratic republic of Pakistan; and its name was changed many years afterwards, under the pressure of the fanatical elements, who had originally opposed the creation of Pakistan. Christians had supported Qaid-e-Azam for the democratic repunbic of Pakistan; and are as much betrayed by the fanatics, as much Qaid-e-Azam himself had been. If demanding a "Christian Province" in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is an idiotic idea, then I would like to know my nameless friend's views about the demand of Pakistan within joint India in 1947. Asif ------------------------------------------------------- 1. ..........Reserve Seats for Christian demanded Salam Alikum: I am an American Muslim of Pakistani origin. I am critical to the demand of Pakistani christians to get "reserve seats". Here in America, Muslims and other minorities do NOT get reserve seats in the senate, so then why should Pakistani chrisitans get reserve seats ? Pakistani christians should take part in mainstream elections and should STOP acting as if they should get special "reserve" treatment. I am also opposed to your demand for "christian province" in Pakistan. Pakistan is an IS-LAMIC REPUBLIC, and do you really think average Pakistani is going to support that idiotic idea ? I don't think so. I wish all the best to Pakistani christians, but I do NOT think they should get any reserve special treatment.

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