Shahbaz Bhatti has done nothing for poor and illiterate Christians: Catholic Association of Pakistan


Karachi: June 28, 2007. Mr. Sardar Iqbal, Secretary General, Catholic Association claims that Shahbaz Bhatti is puppet in hands of Bishop Anthony Lobo and he is not leader of poor, illiterate and down trodden areas.

In a press statement issued here on comments of Pastor John Barkat that Shahbaz Bhatti has done tremendous work for community, Mr. Iqbal deplored Bishop Lobo and Shahbaz Bhatti working and termed it against interests of deserving Christians. Catholic Association was established in 1937, by His Holiness Pope Pius XI, for uplift of Catholic congregation in Pakistan and Mr. Herbert Fernandez was elected President. Catholic Association achieved better coordination among members and clergy and founded many uplift programs for oppressed Christians. CA also put all efforts on Christian Muslim Dialogues in Pakistan but kept its hands away from filthy politics and paper political groups. Mr. Sardar Iqbal only quoted "What disturb us is man of your caliber has not gone in length and breath into the APMA" in response to letter of Pastor John Barkat published in PCP. He adds "All Pakistan Minority Alliance that we should look into the facts rather praising one sky high that is only a puppet in the hands of Bishop Anthony Lobo and others who are funding for all the Press Conferences in luxurious hotels. What are his achievements in the welfare of the public especially those who are illiterate and down trodden areas. If Mr. Shahbaz Bhatti was a man for justice he would have looked in the illegal action taken by the archbishop of Karachi who has illegally demolished the NGO i.e." General Secretary of Catholic Association said "When President of CA, Mr. Fernandez enquired about misused funds of poor Christians on political group from church leaders; they demolished decade old office of Catholic association in vicinity of St. Patrick's Cathedral Karachi to put pressure on Herbert Fernandez to become their puppet but he .refused" Here we are presenting Letter of Catholic Association without any editing as PCP presented letter of Pastor John Barkat: Letter to the Editor Pakistan Christian Post PCC challenge Shahbaz Bhatti While going through the Front Line News in the Pakistan Christian Post: June 17, 2007 wherein PCC Chief challenges Shahbaz Bhatti who claims to be the Chairman of All Pakistan Minorities Alliance and was well praised by Pastor John Barket who stated that Shahbaz Bhatti has done tremendous work for his community, what disturb me is a man of your caliber has not gone in length and breath into the party i.e. All Pakistan Minority Alliance that we should look into the facts rather praising one sky high who is only a puppet in the hands of Bishop Anthony Lobo and others who are funding for all the Press Conferences in luxurious hotels. What are his achievements in the welfare of the public especially those who are illiterate and down trodden areas. If Mr. Bhatti was a man for justice he would have looked in the illegal action taken by the archbishop of Karachi who has illegally demolished the NGO i.e. Catholic Association which was established in the year 1937 by His Holiness Pope Pius XI. Bishop Anthony Lobo and others wanted Mr. Herbert Fernandes to be their puppet by covering their dirty SINS as it had came to the knowledge of the President of Catholic Association that huge foreign aid was misused and distributed among their yes men. When questioned, the Archbishop of Karachi got desperate and used all his means to demolish the oldest NGO. Catholic Association gave many grievances to the Hierarchy including Pope John Paul II hoping he will be looking into the grievances of the laity in Pakistan but alas our pope is busy canonizing Saints instead of looking into the affairs of the Laity who are fighting in the Court for Justice. Where were you then Pastor John Barkat when Bishop Daniel of Church of Pakistan and Archbishop Everest Pinto of Roman Catholic Church were Ex-officio Vice President of the YMCA? Under their very nose the YMCA ground was being sold to a land mafia. What action did these bishops take? Well if you have the time we could blow our trumpet and prove it that what you are claiming that Shahbaz Bhatti is an emerging leader of the Pakistan Minorities where you are only dreaming – reality will come before you. `Yes with the blessings of the bishops, priests, nuns and pastors who have huge bank balances to throw about`. I give below brief History of Catholic Association "The first attempt to start Catholic Association for the Mission of Sindh and Baluchistan , based on principles of Catholic Action as desired by His Holiness Pope Pius XI were made in the month of October 1936, when Rt. Rev Fr. Salesius Lemmens O. F. M. invited several prominent Catholic laymen for a meting in the Parish Library and thus the Catholic Association was established in the year 1937. Initially the Association was known as the Catholic Association of Sindh and Baluchistan In July 1956 due to the Provincial changes in the setup of West Pakistan it was resolved to change the name of the Association to The Catholic Association of Karachi and was registered as per clause 2 of the Memorandum of Association on 9 the May 1970 under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860 no. KAR – 2897 of 1969 – 70. The Association has remained active in all fields from 1937 to 1974 but with the advent of 1975 came a doom, a stage was reached where all meeting were under quorum, with the members protesting its liquidation only as the body has lost its luster and its executives were not in position to safeguard the aims and objects. During the period1975 to 1982 it existed on paper only however in the year 1983Late Cardinal Joseph Cordeiro requested Mr. Herbert Fernandes to become member of the Catholic Association as Mr. Fernandes was heading the biggest Labour Union and he became member and brought new life into it with the election of new executive body to govern its activities headed by Mr. Herbert Fernandes, who have further formed sub-committees for different department which were supervised by different Committee Members and since then it flourished from pillar to post till 14th April 2004. The Catholic Association of Karachi is the voluntary organization, situated in the heart of the city of Karachi within the premises of the St. Patrick`s Cathedral over the past 70 years. The Association has received various letters of appreciations and awards from top dignitaries in Pakistan and abroad (a certificate of Recognition from the United Nations for `Public Relation` by International Public Relation Association at the Golden World Award, Switzerland, from Pope John Paul II, Mother Teresa of India, Sr. Gertrude, and various leading NGO) The Catholic Association is working for the rights and protection of the Christian Community comprising of a body of 12 members who are assigned designation, they coordinate with the sub-committee consisting of 12 members each to serve the community at large. It is a must to have a quorum of 5 members to conduct a meeting. Eligibility for membership must be a Christian and not below 18 years of age. Protestant are also permissible to become members of Catholic Association. As per the constitution, the Catholic Association promotes religious, educational, social and general welfare of the Catholic community of Karachi and whole of Pakistan. It is the Association`s duty to safeguard the legitimate rights, liberties and the interest of the community. And lastly to promote measures to raise the economic status of the Catholics in Pakistan by fulfilling the objectives of the Association is the highest priority. The Catholic Association accomplished many welfare and social achievements under the umbrella of Mr. Herbert Fernndes with its dedicated services successfully individually and with team work. Here are some highlights of the welfare activities undertaken by the Association. 1. Distributed sewing machine among the widows. 2. Wheelchair provided to handicapped person in Korangi. 3. Financial help are given to the widows and orphans. 4. Ration supplied to some widows. 5. Schools books provided to several students. 6. Distributed warm clothes in slum areas. 7. Held Christmas Tree Party / Get together to its members and Children. 8. Held Seminars. 9. Provided legal Assistant to the community and many other activities. 10. Provided to various Churches Monstrance, Crucifixes, Censers, Brass Rosaries, Chalices, incense-pot, build water tank at Mariabad, distributed Holy Bibles, spread devotion of Our Lady of Vallinkani by distributing Holy pictures and calendars etc. etc. Catholic Association held Award Ceremonies wherein they awarded souvenirs/ awards to various recipients in different fields of life under the dynamic leadership of the President – Mr. Herbert Fernandes who was also nominated for the Civil Award in the year 1999. Catholic Association flourished from pillar to post." The Catholic Association was running their business smoothly as per the procedure laid down in the Article and Memorandum of Association and since the Catholic Association is a Registered organization and totally run by the laity and doing tremendous work and also holding elections as per the Constitution and provision of the Societies Act of 1860, but nowhere it says election of the Catholic Association was held under the Canon Law in spite of this the Archbishop Evarist Pinto promulgated Ecclesiastical Decree No 01 of 2004 on 10th April 2004, demolished our sub-office on 14th April 2004 and dissolved the association without any legal authority and published articles against the Catholic Association defaming them in the eyes of general public and the eyes of hierarchy, they also publish defamatory statements concerning the Catholic Association in their weekly newspaper i.e. Christian Voice which is being circulated through out the world by taking support of Canon 314, 319 and 318(1) wherein he appointed Fr. Joe D`Mello as Commissioner to take charge of the Catholic Association Office, records and assets with the instruction to submit his report within 6 months which is still awaited. This illegal action is not application to the registered organization. As such we moved to Court in the year 2004 to clear the illegal action taken by Archbishop Evarist Pinto and others. The allegation made in the Decree by the Archbishop were false heard from people who are anti Catholic Association is one side story and he never bother to call the truly elected body nor he issued any warning letter / charge sheet to any of the Office Bearers. In fact the Bishops and priests praised the President for all the good work done. It seems that the Archbishop of Karachi was allergic to the President Mr. Herbert Fernandes and his so called yes men who have misguided him to achieve their goal. As several Roman Catholic Organization under the Patronage of the Archbishop of Karachi have complained that the Catholic Associations doing all the work and we have no choice to work for our organization even so these office bearers who are paid servants have had complained to the Late Cardinal Joseph Cordeiro who stated that Herbert Fernandes and his Executive Committee could work for two hours and achieve their goal who are not paid and are working voluntary, so why can`t you people work who are well fed and paid Under the umbrella of Archbishop of Karachi who is the Patron of various Organization like Catholic Social Service, Caritas, Catholic Relief Centre (existing on paper) Insaf-o- Aman etc. .As these organizations are getting huge foreign aid which is sent for the uplift of our poor community but these funds are pocketed in their own Bank Accounts e.g. the fleecing of Insaf-o-Aman what action has been taken. Family Affairs --- One should look into his own neck and see and you will get the reply (Catholic Social Service) what we want to point out is that no where in the Constitution of the Catholic Association no family members was prohibited to contest the election. Our Archbishop of Karachi has violated the R C Laws by demolishing Catholic Association which is the oldest NGO in Pakistan and also he did not confirm that he is the Patron of the said organization. As he is habitual in selection his yes men in all Association or the Society and even in the Church Committees as he is afraid that the laity will take full accountability of their misdoings. We will ask our beloved Archbishop to take the example of Fr. Louis of Our Lady of Fatima Church Karachi, who gives up to date account of every penny. You should ask your clergy to follow him. Archbishop of Karachi, you are not our master nor we laity are your servants as you are being paid sheltered, given delicious food, cars, medical expenses traveling facilities and what not, then how you are taking accountability of the laity who have built all churches, schools, colleges, associations etc. with due respect we, spiritually have all the respect for the clergy but do not dictate terms to the laity as they are the masters and you are their servant. It is better for one to examine his conscience and speak the truth, under what law you have totally demolish the Catholic Association office which shows how much the Archbishop and his Yes Men were so disturb with its existence. It seems to the effects and services rendered by the Catholic Association which was highly appreciated and recognized by top dignitaries where as his other paid organization were humiliated with the work what Catholic Association is doing as such he has taken this illegal action to please them and not printed our Association name in the Directory Sincerely Sardar Iqbal, General Secretary, CA Saddar, Karachi

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