Milap gains limited freedom of bonded Christian children in Pakistani Brick Kiln industry on Independence Day.


Kasur: August 17, 2007. While Christian leaders were trying to prove their loyalty to Benazir Bhutto by organizing two separate rallies in Lahore and spending millions to undermine each other, there was one organization named “Milap”, celebrating

Independence Day of Pakistan" with Christian children working in Brick Kiln Industry of Pakistan. Milap, secured few hours of freedom for these Christian children who are not allowed to leave working places. They start working by daybreak and work till twilight making bricks, moving bricks and hated by Muslim owners till tiresome sleep. Milap, gathered these underprivileged children in small town of Raja Jung in District Kasur of Punjab province and provided them a chance to play action songs and skits. Assist news, reporting one Lahore rally of Christian says" The people were covering their leader like a shield and brought him to stage" When any one see pictures of this rally, he must say' Vow. Christians of Pakistan are really rich people who can afford chairs for participants in a place where Muslim feudal lords and industrialists never afforded chairs for their gatherings" Who provided such funds? May be Muslim leaders of opposition in Punjab Assembly from Pakistan Peoples Party PPP, who were sitting on stage? May be Catholic clergy who was also present on stage? The reports of other Christian rally on same day in other famous park of Lahore was also covered by journalists and widely published but these rallies are not important for Christians, as it was race of rallies between two slaves to prove their obedient humble services to one Muslim political leader. Lets salute, Margaret Piara, who reported event of an hourly freedom of Christian youth working in Brick Kiln Industry of Pakistan in far flung rural area of Pakistan. Here She reports: 60th Independence Day was celebrated with the Brick Kiln at Raja Jung, Kasur. Kasur (Pakistan) The brick kiln children came together from their work to celebrate the independence day of Pakistan. Mr. Bashir the area councilor said that the brick kiln owner does not like the children the elders to be away from their work. But due to the Pakistan day he let them go for the programme for two hours". The children of the brick Kiln became so independent that they can perform so courage sly on the stage. They played action songs, skits. One skit depicted that a mother of an army man will never cry. Her son's dead body was brought home and mother just kissed his forehead and said prepare for the funeral. She said that she had 3 sons and they all became martyrs for the country. This is our honor and this is our pride. It was so nice that with there limited resources how well they perform. Some Children sang solo National song. Some children said in their speeches that made a speeches that we are doing so much but how come we are not doing what the founder of the country said. So much killing is being done in the passing months and years. How much this moth land is thirsty that so much blood she has drunk. The area catechist Ashraf Paul said an inaugural prayer that rulers of the country may continue their efforts for the betterment of our people and of countrymen. This was done by vocal and by singing hymns too. He is the main person at Raja Jung. Who had taken a lot of pain for the people of the place in all areas of life? He had started St. Paul Pre- School which is sported by Milap Org. Milap has also started the sewing center and its still running thank God for that. Mrs. Parveen and Miss Bushra did a very good comparing of the program. Then Mrs. Parveen said, "We are so grateful to Milap Organization that they have taught and encouraged us to hold mike and come on the stage. I have passed my Matric and done nursing but I was always shy to face people but thanks once again to Madam Margaret" Catechist Ashraf Paul said that we are happy to have Milap Director and the Miss Sonia Sadiq, and Rubab Sadiq who accompanied Miss Margaret Piara to Raja Jang. Sonia is a teacher in St. Joseph School, Lahore Cantt and a main Organizer of Milap programs. He continued, "We are thankful to Miss Margaret who started to come here and taught cleanliness to our children and mothers. How much she used to force the children to come to school and learn many things. She only encouraged them that there is no age limit for learning. How she used to bring note books, pencils and others just to keep them going". He ended with the prayer for the Milap Organization. Milap Director Margaret Piara talked to the present audience who were almost 150 women children, young and elderly persons. She said, "I really appreciate the way the children have presented the program". About Independence Day she said that the day should be celebrated everyday this should not be an event of every year in August only. Now it is good that people have started to celebrate the whole month of August. She emphasized very much on the education and skill. She also told the present mothers, brothers and fathers that they should consider the education of girl's important issues. She said you should be proud of your daughters who are performing on the stage. Who may be always had in mind that we are good for nothing? Just to make bricks that is all. No that is not all they have so much hidden talents so let it come out. She explained the meaning and respect of the flag. She said this is how we are recognized that we belong to this country. So we should not throw it anywhere. In the wars when the flag was down that means we lost the war. Let us keep our flag up all the time. Then Mrs. Parveen, Mialp run sewing center, presented a gift from the school and the sewing center. Milap children wing form Lahore sent the Jushan-e-Azadi (independence day) badges for all those who were present there. Some friendship bans and some toys for little ones. A friend donated some medicines and we opened a very small dispensary for the School kids like 1st. Aid should be given there and then. Milap makes the request to people to donate medicines so that these poor people will benefit. In another program at Lahore at Milap's main office the Muslim and Christian children prayed for peace in Pakistan in view of the recent bomb blasts and people who were killed. The reading form the Holy Quran was done by a young boy Muhammad. Ali. Than the reading of the Holy Bible was read by Rubab Sadiq. Pastor Ameen, of the Catholic Reformed Church. Said while sharing the story of the Independence Day that our culture is very rich. From our country lot of things went to the West and we were left behind. He said the country has given us a lot but that did we give to our county. He said that let us pray for our country that there are so much of killing everyday in one way or another. No religion teaches to kill in the name of God. Milap children wing had prepare this program under the guidance of Miss Sonia Sadiq who presented small skits of freedom, sang National songs, some of the children sang solo also. A small Muslim girl Mariam Ijaz sang a holy song (nahit) The Children presented the skit about that they are praying in the mosque and church. They showed that so much checking and all but still there is a bomb blast. So many precious people have died. They said, "We sing we are one. How are we one there is so much discrimination. We are neither one nor free because we can't even pray freely police has to sit out for our security. Are we free NO? Not at all". Miss Anita said that each and every Christian has to be loyal to the country because it our motherland. As we love our mother so we should love our country. As Jesus has commanded us to be loyal and pray for the rulers of our Country. The Director Milap Margaret Piara was happy to see all the Children gathered together for this program. She said that I am glad to see how much talents our Children have. She told the Children and mothers that they should push their children to education. We have to educate in order to find a better place and become better persons in life. We should also keep the Christian Spirit in them so that they will be strong in faith. She said if you are planning for a year, SOW RICE. If you are planning for a decade, PLANT TREE. If you planning for a life time, EDUCATE PEOPLE. With that she finish her talk. Mona Saleem thanked all the guests and also Milap Director for arranging such program all through the year. We don't have so funds to call big personnel and arrange program in the big halls and all but we are hoping that one day Milap will be a big a very big Organization and all there dreams will come true. Thanks once again. Pastor Ameen had the closing prayer where he prayed also for the people who were passed away during this year, with bomb blast and others. Juice and biscuits were provided by Sister Kuasar Inayat, who is a staff nurse at UCH Hospital we are grateful to her. The Children took Juice and biscuits and sang a song for sister Kuasar Dil Dil Pakistan. Margaret Piara

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