Inderias Dominic Bhatti, a prominent Socio-religious leader launches TMP


Lahore; September 2, 2007. The Christians in Pakistan fully respect Inderias Bhatti on his representation in International conferences to highlight Christian persecution in Pakistan. He extends his area of services from religion to social services also and announced to commission a non-profit organization named "The Minorities Profile-Pakistan" TMP. The TMP shall fill a gap of Christian social services when most of foreign funded Christian organizations are working for vested interests and their leaders are using social funds for their political objectives. In a statement Mr. Bhatti presents preamble of TMP as " The Founder of Pakistan dreamed about Pakistan where the citizens are treated equally regardless of their any social and religious classifications. His on record words on 11th August, 1947 were set aside from years to be the preamble of the Constitution of Pakistan. Thus instead of a secular state it became a "Theo-state". The Bitter Social Realities; Economic Challenges; Hate and prejudices; Conventional Ethics; The threats and violence; oppression from social authorities; exploitations from the political elites; injustices from the landed nobilities; Divisions among minorities communities and a lot of other related issues are the challenges which minorities in Pakistan are facing from decades. This situation thus had brought persecutions, violence, cruelties, exploitations, social injustices and deprivations to the minorities in Pakistan. Furthermore as of our study, exposures, dialogues and experience exposed the divisions among minorities at various levels is either built on personal egos or tactically fabricated through the controlling norms, facts and figure for their vested interests" Mr. Inderias Dominic Bhatti had a history of two decades of his volunteerism in working with minorities' groups' primarily in Punjab and whole Pakistan at large. He had been reflecting and sharing his progressive and reformist vision and approach for the equality, growth and uplift of the Christians particularly and minorities in Pakistan in general from a long time of years. He now has got a group of his co-visionaries who vowed to join hands with her with enthusiasm, commitment, and dedication In his vision, Mr. Bhatti exclaims "The socially, morally and financially independent and self sufficient platform for the minorities in Pakistan for their equality, justice, rights, gain and growth ' He urges such' Initiations an Steps' 1. The social empowerment of the minorities; 2. The reflective consciousness of the minorities; 3. The dialogue for mutual collaborative behaviors and attitude of the minorities; 4. The participatory roles and responses in various issues, challenges, situations, realities and bitter actualities of the minorities; 5. The support and help of the minorities; TMP agenda 1. Minorities' profiles in Pakistan; 2. Minorities' Issues especially of silences; 3. The threats and violence making facts and figures to the minorities in Pakistan; 4. The consultation about the images of minorities in Pakistan with individuals and groups enriched with their work and experience with minorities at various levels; 5. The dialogue with Government, National groups, political parties, Diplomatic missions in Pakistan and UN bodies in Pakistan about their perceptions about the minorities in Pakistan; 6. To draw strategies for the gain and growth of minorities in Pakistan; 7. To acquire social, moral and financial support to initiate the strategies; 8. To manage the funding securities for its sustainability; 9. To ask international community and groups for mutual sharing, inputs, ways and lines of various attainable activism with minorities; Mr. Bhatti can be reached at: Street Address: 94 Saroba Garden, Ferozpur Road, Nishtar Town, Lahore – 54760, PAKISTAN. Postal Address: PO. Box 6127, Lahore Cantt, PAKISTAN Phone: 0092-42-8487287 Email: We appeal all to support Aims and Objects of TMP with prayers and support. 1. To describe the social, economic, cultural, religious and traditional images, realities of the minorities in Pakistan. 2. To have consultations, seminars, forums and dialogues with individuals and groups enriched with their work and experience with minorities at various levels. 3. To Document the minorities data based information. 4. To hold Dialogues and Forums on minorities issues. 5. To consult the minorities' experts for equality, gain and growth of the minorities in Pakistan. 6. To expose the situations, issues and actualities of the minorities. 7. To provide a platform for minorities' representation and voice at various levels. 8. To start a bi-monthly journal on minorities in Pakistan. 9. To plant the Christian role and response among the youth and potential social leadership. 10. To function as a service and resources platform for the minorities in Pakistan. 11. To advocate the silent; weaker; isolated and neglected individuals and groups such as "KAMEES" (The common villages servants) along with minorities support. 12. To lead the above said for their rights, justice and peace.

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