The Great Deception: by Bishop T Nasir


In October 2007 a group of Muslim 138 scholars from all over the world including Pakistan circulated a document “A Common Word between You and Us”.

The document has been addressed to all the Christian World starting from Pope Banedict XVI to a common Christian. This document puts emphasis on "Neighborly Love" that has been taught by Lord Jesus Christ and they (The Muslim Scholars) claim, is common in Christianity and Islam. This document can be seen on . I am not a "Radical Christian" yet according to my knowledge and experience, the word "Neighborly Love" for a Non-Muslim, does in exist in Islamic ideology. This documents should have been sent to Muslims all over the world in all the languages they understand. Sending this document that has really no meanings for any or all Muslim scholars, small or big, white brown, or black. All they know is to hate and kill all non-Muslims. If 138 Muslim scholars are serious in their recent invitation sent to Christian leadership throughout the world, they must teach their own Muslim brothers and sisters, the "Love" they are talking about. Pakistan is fairly moderate in its dealing with Christian and other non-Muslim neighbor. Even then there are incidences of religion related hate crimes against the Christians and other religious minorities almost every day. We the Christians know the meanings of neighborly love more clearly than Muslims. The Muslim scholars should go to Muslims around the world at grass root level, in their Madrasas (Seminaries) and their mosques. They must preach neighborly love from Mosques and teach this kind of love to common Muslims in their Madrasas (Seminaries). Once they (the Muslims) learn "Neighborly Love" then the Muslim scholars should invite Christians or other religious bodies like Jews, Hindus, Qadianis and all major or minor non-Muslim people in the world and talk about "A Common Word". After reading the contents of the "Deceptive Document" titled "A Common Word Between You and US", I feel that it is an attempt to deceive the Christian world in sugar coated words. This is not the time for Muslim to send "Three Point Message" to Christians that they used to send in early days of Islamic conquest. Then the message used to be, 1. Accept Islam or convert to Islam. 2. If not, then become "Humble Subject" of Muslims and pay "Jazia" (Protection Tax) 3. If the first two offers are not acceptable, then "Let the Sword Decide". Today the Muslims are not strong enough to send such messages, therefore they have sent a message of "Love", a word that Muslims does not believe in. I just want to tell the Christian leadership around the world to be very careful in answering this document or talking to these 138 Muslim scholars. This document has not been prepared because in the hearts and minds of these scholars, LOVE for Christians has erupted all of a sudden. It is an attempt to attack Christian faith under the cover of this so-called "A Common Word Between You and Us". There is absolutely nothing common Us (the Christians) and Them (the Muslims). I know at least two signatories of this document, i.e. Amb. Aref Kamal Muslim Intellectual, Pakistan and Allamah Justice Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmani Vice President, Darul Uloom Karachi, Pakistan. Justice Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmani is bitterly against Christianity and has written a number of books against Christian faith. I have written answers to his books in Urdu and they have been printed in The Monthly Kalam-e-Haq, a monthly Urdu publication of Pakistan. In the end, I would advise the Christian leadership not to trust these 138 scholars. In my very early response to this "Document", I requested these 138 Muslim scholars to "Let Christians build a Church in Saudi Arabia. We can sit in Saudi Arabian Church and sort all the "Common Words". Bishop Timotheus Nair

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