London-1 March 2002 Mr Altaf Hussain, founder and leader of Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) declared that the MQM would nominate a Sindhi-Speaking Sindhi candidate from Karachi and would also ensure his victory with a landslide, if the general electi

Mr Altaf Hussain maintained that the Establishment had created misunderstandings between the permanent citizens of Sindh through its agents within Urdu and Sindhi-speaking Sindhi segments but now with the grace of God and in benediction of the Shah Latif RH, the misunderstandings are diminishing. He further said that God willing, the time is fast approaching when the urdu- speaking Sindhi and Sindhi-speaking Sindhis would be one and the agents of the Establishment would be facing the retribution of the nature. Mr Altaf Hussain continuing his speech said that in the early eighty's, he met Saeen G M Syed several times to end the misunderstanding between Urdu and Sindhi speaking Sindhis and due to that he was accused of being his agent, however he continued his mission and made trips to entire Sindh and as a result, the misunderstanding between the two was gradually coming to an end. Witnessing the union, the Establishment orchestrated the "Hyderabad Massacre" on 30th. September 1988 through Sindhi-speaking agents on its payroll while massacre in Karachi was committed through Urdu-speaking agents, who were in the pockets of the Establishment and that was termed as re-action while it was not a re-action but was conspired by the Establishment. He further added that now the Urdu and Sindhi-speaking Sindhis comprehend the conspiracies of the Establishment and have learnt lessons from the past incidents and realities. And, to compensate that the Mohajirs who live and die in Sindh are prepared to give one and a half loaf to their Sindhi brethren and be content with half to fend themselves to show their love to Sindh. He said that the Urdu speaking Sindhis having realised their past mistakes have now routed all the anti-Sindhi parties. There is a practical necessity for the Sindhi-speaking people to reveal the identity of black sheep among themselves. The culprits pretend to sympathise with Sindh but in fact they are agents of the establishment. They made a hue and cry on Tariq Jawaid's temporary appointment as the Chief Minister of Sindh but remain silent on the appointment of Chief Secretary, Home Secretary, IG and DIG Police from Punjab. He said that it is the responsibility of Sindhi speaking people to identify such enemies of Sindh. Benazir Bhutto is identified from Sindh but she does not have the courage to reveal the names of those responsible for her brother Murtaza Bhutto's blatant murder during her premiership. Mr Altaf Hussain informed the audience that before Murtaza Bhutto went to Pakistan, we talked over the telephone on many occasions and I advised him against going to Pakistan. But he finally decided to go and was brutally murdered. As soon as I heard the tragic news I was the first to contact various companions of Murtaza Bhutto and paid my condolence. Mr Mir Murtaza Bhutto was a very different personality compared to Benazir Bhutto. I saw sincerity, trust worthiness and truthfulness in him. I wish he were alive today so we could jointly work for the rights of Sindh. We would welcome with open arms all those PPP supporters who are not serving the interests of the establishment, Mr Altaf Hussain declared. While appealing to the Sindhi old and young, mothers and sisters he appealed to them that you have tried and tested everyone, you should now try Altaf Hussain. Altaf Hussain and the MQM will never let you down. He said that the land of Shah Latif has always provided sustenance to everyone. But there are a few who are serving the interests of those who are working against Sindh. MQM is not one of those who would become foe to their own benefactor, i.e. Sindh Dharti. And we will prove by our actions that we do what we say. If the forth coming general elections were free, fair and transparent and the Coordination Committee decided to participate in it we will not only nominate a Sindhi speaking candidate from Karachi but he will also be elected with a thumping majority. I shall be happy to lay my life for the freedom of Sindh, he declared. I do not seek position nor power had that been my ambition I would have become a Senator, MNA or and MPA and a minister. I am happy in pursuing my mission with a sense of purpose. People love me and that is my reward greater than any minister ship or even kingdom. You can buy many things with money but money can not buy you love. It is a well-known fact that the establishment and ISI inhumanly tortured and killed my 66 years old brother Nasir Hussain and his 28 years old son Arif Hussein. I bore that shock and Inshallah will continue my struggle as long as I live. I can lay down my life but will never surrender to the establishment nor will I trade the interests of Sindh. Is it not the nature's retribution that those who extra judicially killed thousands of our companions, carried out inhuman torture by gouging eyes and by skinning alive are now being exposed on international media. The ill deeds of ISI are being broadcast worldwide. The interior minister of Pakistan Mr Moeen Haider is trying to clear the name of ISI by suggesting that this is malicious propaganda. If it is not correct than Mr Moeen Haider should at least let the world know about the hands behind the murder of his elder brother in Karachi while he is the minister of interior? Mr Altaf Hussain said that those responsible for the murder of our innocent companions will Inshallah get their just punishment. Finally, Mr Altaf Hussain paid tribute to the MQM Labour Division on their annual convention and congratulated the workers and office bearers on their honest self less struggle.

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