Danish Masih kidnapped by Muslim c0-workers on charges of blasphemy.


Attock: May 26, 2008. (ROD) Muslim workers of an ammunition factory situated at Gunjwal, the suburb of Attock city, in the conservative North West Frontier Province of Pakistan, allegedly kidnapped their Christian colleague Danish Masih on May 15th,

According to Nazim Masih, a local resident of Christian slum Jacky Bastti and cousin of Danish Masih told ROD during a telephonic conversation that Danish Masih 22, used to work as a welder at the ammo factory Gunjwal. Replying to a question about the kidnapping of Danish Masih, Nazim Masih apprised ROD that three of Danish Masih¢s Muslim colleagues were teasing, annoying and giving derogatory remarks about Christianity for last four days. But Danish Masih remained silent and even did not tell at his home, in order to avoid the confrontation and worsening the situation. Nazim Masih further added that on Thursday, May 15th, Danish Masih got fed up of all that and requested his Muslim fellow workers to abstain form religious discussion during work. Masih went on saying that at this His (Danish¢s) Muslim co-workers got infuriated and approximately 600 ammo factory workers aggrouped within the factory premises and they started shouting Anti-Christianity slogans at the top of their voices. Concerned Nazim Masih added that the angry mob of the Muslim factory workers was also shouting "Kill Danish at the spot where ever you see him". Nazim Masih expressed his concern by saying that hard line Islamic elements are backing the Muslim factory workers and they have submitted an application at Saddar Police Station Attock to register a case against Danish Masih under black Blasphemy Laws of the country. Talking about the disappearance of Danish Masih, Nazim Masih told ROD that on the same day Danish Masih mysteriously disappeared. He expressed his reservations that Muslim workers of the ammo factory have kidnapped and taken Danish Masih to an unknown place and we do not know what they might have done to him. He added that after May 15th we haven¢t seen or heard of him. When ROD inquired about the Danish Maish¢s family and condition of local Christian residents, Nazim Masih said that there are 30 Christian families residing at a Christian slum called Jacky Bastti. He went on saying that Christian residents are terrified and all of them are living in grave danger. He said that we have severe qualms that Muslim fundamentalists might attack us to kill or loot our household valuables at any moment. When ROD fact finding Team contacted Mr Ferhan Mazher, Chief of ¡Rays of Development Organization (ROD) to get further insight into the lamentable episode of the alleged kidnapping of Christian youth and accusation of passing Blasphemous Remarks about Islam. Mazher replied "I strongly condemn the kidnapping of Danish Masih and false accusation of passing Blasphemous Remarks about Islam". He further added that the black Blasphemy laws have become a death warrant for all the Christians and other religious Minorities of Pakistan. Mazher went on saying that Islamic religious extremists and fundamentalists are using these laws as a weapon to persecute, terrorize and victimize the Christians of Pakistan and settle their personal disputes and enmities. Ferhan Mazher avowed that ROD would pursuit for Danish Masih and stand with the victim family to get justice. He demanded from the police high-ups, city administration and especially NWFP¢s provincial government to find Danish Masih protect his family and indemnify Christians of Jacky Bastti from the Islamic fundamentalists.

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